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Originally Posted by EviesMom View Post

Really? I homeschool, but boarding school for ages 2-5 sounds realllllllly appealling. I hate tantrum-stage. By 5, they are more fun IMO!


I'm good right now, but 10 minutes ago I would have packed my two year old up and wished him well! lol.gif


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i dont mean to sound accusatory, im just genuinely curious, why have children if you want to send them to live some where else at such a young age? i realize young children are a hand full, but didnt you know that when you made the decision to have one? if you cant handle temper tantrums, how about just dont have kids?

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Yes, Shaun, we all know exactly what parenting will be like in advance.  Parenting and life never, ever throw curveballs.  Ever. 


Reasons why I can imagine wanting to send a very young child to boarding school, if money were no object (I acknowledge that, in the situations I'm describing here, money usually is an object):

- Military deployment.

- Parental incarceration. (I recall some former Enron execs doing a lot of tap dancing in plea bargains to make sure their kids always had one parent out of jail.)

- State Department or other work assignment to a region considered unsafe for dependents.

- Any job that requires frequent, unpredictable travel (the "the company has a private jet for your use" kind, as well as the more usual "we need you to go straight to the airport now" variety).

- High-level government employment in an unstable country.  (If you were the deputy prime minister of Zimbabwe, you might prefer your children to be in Switzerland.  I am also pretty sure that Kim Jong-Un was not educated in North Korea.)

- One or both parents requiring intensive, long-term medical treatment.

- Witness protection.  (Some boarding schools have excellent security.)


OP, the only boarding school for early elementary that I know of in the U.S. is Happy Hill Farm.  In your shoes, I'd call their admissions department, ask for info, and ask if they can put you in touch with some families who sent their kids.  Then I'd ask those families where else they looked.  It's not a one-step process, but I think a lot of boarding schools for that age group aren't big into publicity.

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Yes what MeepyCat said.  I attended boarding school with other students whose parents were overseas with military, or international diplomats, or were simply foreign exchange students whose parents wanted them to have an American education/language immersion, etc. 

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St. Thomas Choir School in NYC starts boarding in grade 3:


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This thread is from 2011.

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Huh.  Good catch.

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well, since it's from 2011 and it seems lighthearted at this point, I'd like to say that my kids are 8 and 6 and I am loving this age. However, call me when they are 16 and 14, I might reconsider. :) My parents threatened me with boarding school when I was young, just to scare me into obedience. Then again, about age 14 I was pretty awful. 

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I have to be honest... Maybe I was just really lucky, but with every stage my kids hit, I thought "It can't get better than this!" And yet, it did. They're now 19 & 21, and it REALLY can't get better than this. Though I suspect it will.

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for a few look up elementary boarding and or military school

Good luck

I just started looking for my son and that is was what  I found

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