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I love that idea!  SO asked me what I was going to do with the placenta.  I told him I didn't know, because I wanted to plant a tree with it, but we don't have a yard to plant it in.  :(  He wasn't too keen on the idea of keeping it in the freezer.  I think you just solved the dilemma!  :D

Our Bradley class instructor told us one of her placentas was in her freezer and my husband and I were kinda grossed out.  We ended up having ours in our freezer for about a year lol.gif.  Having a baby gives you a new ideas about things like that. 


Wanted to add... it was incredible taking a "tour" of our placenta after our LO was born.  It was amazing to see.  Then into the freezer!


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Hi, Jaimee. We are in the same ddc! Anyway, Ijust wanted to commiserate, we have no idea where we will be birthing but it probably won't be our own home or even space. It will probably be someone elses home or a extended stay hotel room because they have kitchens. We have no idea and it is so stressful! I totally understand feeling sad it won't be your own special place.

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My last baby was born in a house we were renting. I also felt sad about having to leave. We bought a house during my pregnancy and waited months for closing... we ended up moving in when DS2 was just 3 months old. I understand how difficult it can be to know you have to leave a place you gave birth and how attached you can feel to that place after such a big event.


I know that it probably sounds weird but that was the main reason I wanted to birth in my bed. I had a pool that I labored in but I really, really, really wanted him to be born in our bed. I guess it was because we were moving but I'm pretty attached to my bed and I knew we were taking it with us. I just attached the memories of him being born to the bed and not to the house. Worked for me. :) I was a little sad when we left our old house but I loved our new home so much that it was okay! I can't wait to give birth in OUR home this time but it will still be in our bed. LOL! 

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Thanks ladies!  We did sign a lease for a rental house, which we'll be living in for at least a year.  I'm feeling pretty excited about it now that it's settled.  It has a giant pinkish tub in the master bathroom.  Dh joked that it's the color of placenta- perfect for the birth.  The house is spacious, updated, and clean and feels like it will be quite nice.  It's really helped knowing where we'll be.  One step at a time I guess.  smile.gif


5892095881_abc84d8479.jpg  The "Placenta Tub"  lol.gif

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WOW!  Great tub!  Good for you.  Awesome.

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That tub is perfect! We had a big wonderful tub at our last house and it was PERFECT for birthing in.


My DS was born in a home we were renting, and we moved when he was 5 months old. We decided if we were throwing away money on rent every month, it may as well be as little money as possible, so we're in a teeny apartment. And now I'm expecting #3. Honestly, I hate it here. I can't even imagine giving birth in this apartment, and if I let myself think about it too much it gets in the way of enjoying my pregnancy. It was kind of emotional to move, but knowing it was a rental and not really "home" helped me not ever become too attached to the house in the first place.


I totally understand your need to hold onto something. We've lived in 5 states in 7 years - I hate moving all the time. And I know we're likely still 2 houses away from being settled somewhere long term. I wish that we were in a place that was ours, that we could see ourselves in for years and years and raise our family in one place, but that just isn't the case, and we have to do the best we can.

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I had a water birth in rental apartment 6 months ago. We are just getting ready to move to another rental. We won't be able to buy a house for a couple years. I was just talking to DH today that the only sad thing about leaving this place is the fact that DD was born here. We still have her placenta in the freezer and we decided to bury it in a beautiful park in the mountains, so we can always take her there and tell her about it. 

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I'm giving birth in a rental house this fall. I didn't think much of it until a few days ago and it hit me, "Wow, I'm going to have to leave this house someday." But my mom had to leave the house where she had me and then the house where she had my next three siblings and she did OK so I figure I will too. (She is still in the house where the youngest three were born. Yes, I'm the oldest of 7!) I ride by the house where I was born quite often. I showed it to DH and now every time we go by he mentions it before I do, "Hey, baby [insert his nickname for me here] was born here!!" So it's sad we can't be in that place but we can ride by and remember (not that I remember...but my parents can) and that's pretty cool. I am a very sentimental person so I plan to have DH take tons of pictures and I hope we don't have to leave for at least a few more years. :)

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I recently drove past the apt. where DD1 was born -- and yeah, I felt a pretty strong attachment to that tiny, gross place. Some great memories happened there.


Before DD2 was born, we moved into a rental that I knew would be temporary, and came to terms with the idea that we'd move and leave our "birthing house" behind. I decided to plan her placenta at my parents house (a couple of hours away) because it was more permanent.  Little did I know that I would go on to have 2 more babies in this house... it really is a birthing house -- my MW has assisted with 5 births here!  And let me tell you, it is an old, somewhat run-down, double-wide with the original carpeting and paneled walls.  Needless to say, it feels like home!


We're going to be moving sometime next year, and as eager as I am to have our own place (like where we can paint the walls and put in a real garden), I will be sad to leave the place where 3 of our kiddos were born.

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I gave birth to my twins in a temporary rental home we had rented just for the birth (since I traveled to another state to have a twin hbac).  Honestly, I was more attached to the idea of giving my babies the best possible entrance into the world than I was with where it happened.  I would have loved for it to be in a home we'd all be in forever, but that just wasn't an option.  The fun part-- every time we happen to be in the area where we went for the birth (it was 2 hours from where we were living at the time and a good 4ish hours from where we live now), we stop by the little house and tell the kids the stories of the month we spent there!

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