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Not-so-good U/S results

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Hey there,

We had an U/S a few days ago because my cycles were off and this wasn't a planned pregnancy, so my Dr. wanted an accurate date. I'm 8w6d.  She just called me today to let me know the radiologist who looked at our U/S was concerned.  He found the skull and brain to be malformed.  My Dr seemed very concerned and wants me to see a High Risk Specialist to evaluate the situation further.  She didn't give me any more info to go on. 


This is obviously very difficult news to get, by I'm trying to remain positive.  I want to know if there are any other mamas in this group who have had (with past pregnancies) strange stuff on their ultrasounds, and what that turned out to mean for them.  I'm considering the possibility that this is a techincal or interprative error.  I'm also considering that although the skull may not be developing ideally, that in the end the deformation will be minor or in a perfect world, correctable.  Of course I remain aware that this baby might have severe problems, and/or that the pregnancy may spontaneously abort because of them. 


I was hoping you all could share with me what you know or point me to resources you trust.  I'm fairly mistrustful of Western Medicine in general, so I'm trying to gather all the info I can in advance, including what types of B.S. the doctors often tell people in these situations so that I can know what to ask or what to say.


Sending out good vibes to all your bellies tonight!



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I have never encountered this before but I didnt want to read and not respond. The one thing that I do know is ultrasounds are not 100% and can always be wrong. The baby could be perfectly fine and they just got an odd angle. Lets be honest, at 8 weeks they are still pretty funky looking. On the other hand there could be something to their findings and I think its great you are looking out for info on it now and not just waiting to see what they say. Being proactive is always better. Please keep us posted on this and I am sending perfect baby head vibes to you and your little baby.

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I, too, wanted to say that I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated!

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I have to say I was surprised that they had all of this info for such an early ultrasound! But I'm not exactly an ultrasound expert, so....

Keeping you in my thoughts. I hope all is well, please update us as you learn more.
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Thanks everyone. 


My appointment with the High Risk Specialist is for two weeks from today.  Apparently they'd like to see what the baby looks like at 11 weeks.  So, I've got some time on my hands to fret and research.  Hopefully I'll do more of the latter.


I'll keep you posted.

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Try not to drive yourself to crazy hun. I think its good they are waiting a bit so the baby is bigger and better formed. *hugs*

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thinking of you! 

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Oh I'm so sorry.  The wait is the worst!  Personally I'd so much rather just know so I can cope.  Thinking about you!


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I am so sorry to hear this.  Hopefully everything will be okay, regardless of the outcome.

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Sending peaceful and comforting vibes your way.

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Hi VT, thinking of you.


My advice to you is to try to stay away from as much internet-based research as possible. There is so much untamed fearmongering online and it can drive a girl crazy who is in an ambiguous place.  


Super big hearts for you and your bean. stillheart.gif

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Originally Posted by writinglove View Post

Hi VT, thinking of you.


My advice to you is to try to stay away from as much internet-based research as possible. There is so much untamed fearmongering online and it can drive a girl crazy who is in an ambiguous place.  


Super big hearts for you and your bean. stillheart.gif

I agree with this. I had been told this week i may have a molar pregnancy and/or twins due to high hcg levels and I did way too much research and fretting and everything ended up being fine...it would be good if you could talk to someone calm who can give you a better idea of how accurate their claims are. Try to distract yourself too -funny movies and such, this helped me a lot. thinking of you. the waiting is So hard!


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Just wanted to encourage you.  I've had some pretty inaccurate information given to me at even some of the best doctor offices.  At one point they told me I had Hep C, which is really serious.  I also had an ultrasound technician tell me I had some strange readings at 17 weeks with my 4th baby- when absolutely nothing was wrong.  I've even heard of a lady been told her baby was dead and she delivered a healthy baby a few months later- thank goodness she didn't listen to them. 

With too much knowledge comes great sorrow.  Sometimes it's just best to wait and see.  It's never helped anyone to worry.  Use your instincts and stick to what you believe. 

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Hello all.

Thanks for all your kind words of support and concern.  I wish it was just a fluke on that first U/S, but the second one showed major problems.  As the technician scanned over the baby's body, my husband and I could very clearly see a large black spot in the middle of the skull.  We could also see some strange tissue swirling around the baby's face.  The fetal development specialist informed us that the black spot was where the back of the skull had not formed at all, and the tissue we were seeing was brain tissue, almost all of which was on the outside of the skull.  She indicated that this exposure of the brain tissue to the amniotic fluid alone is and would become even more damaging to the brain.  She hadn't seen a case this severe in a long time.


There are no concrete explinations for why or how this happened.  It's not a folic acid defficiency, we have no family history, I haven't been exposed to radiation, nothing.  But, now that we've had this once, we have a 1 in 100 chance of our next child (should there be one) having a neural tube defect. 


It appears our options are to wait and deliver this baby at full term, have a D&C now, or have a medical induction once I'm 16 weeks (4 weeks from now).  Apparently surviving birth is unlikely due to the trauma to the exposed brain tissue, so stillborns are what they mostly see in these cases, although some have lived up to an hour after being born.  This is considered "incompatible with life" however, and there is nothing they can do to correct the malformation and the damage to the baby's brain.


We haven't decided what to do.  There are some pretty big factors that sway us, but I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable discussing them all here.  It seems like when the topic of whether or how to end a pregnancy comes up, strong opinions usually follow.  I don't really want my personal hell to be up for debate among strangers.  I know almost everyone here on MDC is supportive and sensative, but I'm pretty fragile at this point and I think I need to follow my heart and not get stuck in the cross fire.


That said, I want to be of help to other mamas out there who are faced with anything that resembles this situation.  So, if you want to know more about this, or if you just want to tell me your thoughts privately so they don't spark a debate, please feel free to PM me anytime.  I really appreciate all the good vibes, and I'm going to keep them with me as I try to heal from this disaster.


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I am so sorry.  You are in my prayers.

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A friend of mine had a similar situation a couple years ago. I'm not sure of the details because it was all very overwhelming to take in and I didn't want to hound her for clarification, but basically the doctors determined early in the pregnancy that the baby had a genetic disorder and he wouldn't survive an hour after birth. She ended up going full-term, and shortly after the baby was delivered, he passed away. It was heart-breaking to watch her go through, and she was so strong throughout, but I know that I could not have done what she did. I would never judge a person for the choices they make, and I hope you make the one that's best for you. Be well and take care of yourself on this hard journey.

Also, to end on a positive note, she did end up getting pregnant again shortly after she lost the baby, and she gave birth to a healthy & happy baby boy last November!

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Mama, I'm so very saddened to hear this news.  No matter what you choose to do...you are in my thoughts and have my unending support.


Much love to you.

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dddc. I couldn't read and not respond. Much love and support to you! You are in my thoughts. grouphug.gif

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DDDC also. Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.

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I am very sorry. Remember, whatever decision you make, that is is right one for you and your family. No one else matters.

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