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The official June 2011 baby pictures thread!

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Now that we're starting to see a few birth announcements, I figured it was time to have a baby pictures thread!!


These are my two teaser images from my birth photographer. I'm SO EXCITED to see the rest!! I cannot wait!

My husband supporting me:



Moment of birth...



Frog baby, a few hours old



My father singing to her when she was about 8 hours old. As soon as he began she woke up and opened her eyes wide, watching him intently the entire time he softly sang to her... making up song lyrics with her name in them. It was so amazing!





And us, freshly postpartum, in the spirit of my maternity portraits. :)





I now have a completed chart! Click here for big, readable version.


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I LOVE your pictures! And you look totally smoking hot in your PP pics! I always look like a jiggly, wrinkled, blobby, scary mess! LOL

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Thank you! :)


I have a few more of baby Zephyra now, these are from day two:



My husband's hand on her



Sucking her fingers








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I absolutely adore your photos!   You look amazing in your postpartum glow and your baby girl is a dear.  


Thank you for sharing luxlove.gif

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sooooo sweet. beautiful ! stillheart.gif

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These pictures are so great!  It makes me so excited to see my little one and helps me to keep my eye on the prize.  Keep 'em coming, Mamas.

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Little Teapot- You are surreal!!jaw.gif

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Thanks all. C'mon mamas, have those babies so we can fill this thread up!!


I kid, I kid... don't rush things. ;)

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baby zao sneezing :)



and chillin




and sleeping on grandma:



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I love these pics of the little squishies!! So adorable!! love.gif
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Love all these pics, can't wait to add my own and see more of our little babies!

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We got our official newborn portraits done today by a fellow photographer friend, and she gave me a sneak peek by the time I drove home!


I am so in love! I can't wait to see the rest when she's all done. love.gif



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oh my!!!! I love these pictures mamas! What a precious time!

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Here are a few from Zoie's first few days :)  Keep all the pictures coming!!








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Yay for baby pictures! I love them all!



Ezrah's first bath ever. I waited until we got home to bathe him instead of having the nurses at the hospital do it. He didn't even cry!




Hannah staring at Ezrah. I'm not sure why my camera is doing the fuzzy look, but I kind of like it for this picture.




Cute sleepy baby


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Love all these pictures, but I gotta say... I'm eyeballing up all your babies, and have a horrible suspicion that at least one baby vest I've knitted isn't going to fit. Darn it.

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presslermom - I LOVE the one of Zoie with her sisters!

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Awwwwwwwww...all so adorable! Making me more anxious to hold my own!

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DDCC from July


Beautiful babies everyone! 


littleteapot- The moment of birth picture you posted made me cry!  That moment is so amazing and that picture captured it perfectly. Simply gorgeous!

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Keegan napping on Mommy smile.gif

The Boys Chilling while I make Breakfast
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