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nighttime nausea

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Ugh. I'm dealing with an unpleasant symptom: nausea before bed. It's weird. Last time I was pregnant, I had all-day nausea starting around week 6, ending around week 13. Was figuring on something similar this time (though I know each one's different). 


So far, though, I've had nausea for about a week -- only at night. I know protein helped me feel better before, so I wondered if I was running low at the end of the day (between breastfeeding and being pregnant, makes sense, right?) But then why wouldn't I be waking up nauseated?


Anyway, not really worried or anything. Just complaining! And wondering if anyone else has experienced the same.



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I sometimes get nauseous when I am overly tired.  Maybe that is part of the reason it is so strong at night? 



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that was me last night!  tired and nauseous (i think i overdid it on my run) and unhappy trying to get to sleep...

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Same thing is happening with me. I woke up in the middle of the night so incredibly nauseous. I never feel sick in the morning (although I felt a very quick wave of it this morning but I think I was just overly hungry) but right around 2pm to 6pm I feel terribly nauseous. Then throughout the night as well. Its really odd! Not sure why. 

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