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Demodex & immune support

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New dog from a rescue group - approximate 3 year old female whippet mix.  Poor dog is so stressed and has been in/out of shelter situations since April, was spayed by one shelter in May so probably had a heat cycle if not a litter recently.  I'm not too worried about demodex in an adult dog due to her current stress level, and know it will take her a while to settle in, but definitely want to start everything I can to support her immune system while she's healing. 


She came out of the rescue group on Kirkland Lamb & Rice.  I've only ever fed premium commercial diets but would like to get her on something better quality.  The thought of a raw diet makes me somewhat ill (I don't eat meat and really really prefer not to prepare it).  Any "close" diets out there that others have been successful with?  And if you're feeding one of those diets, do you supplement with fatty acids?  I'd also like to get her started on a good fatty acid supplement; can I use mine or does she need something "doggy" specific?


She's on ivermectin daily at the moment (I don't have a current weight on her but am fairly certain that the rescue group has her on too low a dose at this point, so we'll have to deal with that when we see our vets on Tuesday).  Anyone know anything about using Revolution instead of oral ivermectin for demodex?  How effective is it? 



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Revolution can be used for sarcoptic mange not demodectic mange.

Just going for dinner but wanted to chime in with that

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Revolution isn't labeled for demodex treatment, but it's being used successfully off-label.  Most of the demodex treatments (ivermectin, Interceptor) are off-label uses so nothing surprising about that.


Revolution sounds a lot easier than ivermectin (three treatments over a month, as opposed to daily for 2-3 months in some cases for ivomec).  And if she ends up being chronic demodex, I'd rather be using that than oral ivermectin!  Just would like to know a little bit more about it.

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