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And here's another Junebug!

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Hi ladies! Wanted to let you all know that we welcomed our baby girl Josie Elizabeth on June 2nd. She was born at 6:30am in 3 pushes after 3 or 4 hours of active labor. She was a whopping 8lbs, 14oz.


Unfortunately she was not born at home due to GBS. The hospital birth was good as far as hospital births go, i.e. I was able to move around, avoided intervention, had my family present, etc. I did however feel rushed by the on call OB. I would have liked to take my time while pushing her out. And we did have to stay an extra day as I birthed her to quickly to get my antibiotics anyway. :rolleyes: But she is perfect and healthy and I am feeling amazing! I didn't have a scratch or any swelling even. The nurses were all completely amazed like they'd never seen a woman give birth naturally without complication.


I am in complete baby bliss right now! Having a newborn is so increadably precious! She is nursing wonderfully and my milk was in within 36 hours of her birth. Her sisters are head over heels in love and they can't keep their hands off of her. :)


I am so excited for all of you ladies! Yay for newborns!!!!!!


A few pics...

8 cnt here. Rushes were getting STRONG at this point



Proud sisters



My sweet Josie! So in love!! :)


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Amazing photos!  You have a lovely family.  Congratulations

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Congratulations! What great pictures and she is soo cute!! love.gif

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Congratulations!  I'm glad the birth went as well as possible.  Welcome Josie and congrats to her big sisters (and you!)!  joy.gif

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wow mama! congrats she's so precious! You look radiant! Sweet big sisters too.joy.gif

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Congrats!  And can I just say you look awesome at 8cm into labour, haha.  I would have never guessed it!

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love.gif so sweet! congratulations! and happy baby moon...

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What a beautiful family!!  Congratulations.  joy.gif

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Oh look at all those beautiful girls! Congrats mama!! Welcome little one joy.gif
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I love those photos!  So glad you were able to have a good birth with an on-call doctor!  Congratulations!  You're amazing!

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You have beautiful little girls! Congrats on your natural birth and on stunning the nurses!

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Beautiful girls!!  Congratulations!joy.gif

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I LOVE the name Josie. What a beautiful family. Congratulations. 

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Congrats on your beautiful little girl! She has a beautiful name too. I love the picture with you and all of your sweet girls. :)

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DDC from July...to say WOW mama you look amazing at 8cms! Awesome! Congrats :)

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Totally DDCC, CONGRATS! What a beautiful family you have. joy.gif

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What a sweet family you have. Congratulations!!!!! :)

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