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Baby makayla is here!

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Had our second baby girl last evening at 7:28pm. She was just over 38 weeks and weighed in at 7 lbs 1. The short story was that my labor was about 5 hours. I got to the hospital completeband ready to push! The car ridebto the hospital was no picnic...lol
It was 28 minutes from the time I arrived at L&D and having the baby! It was an awesome birth. No tearing! I feel great today andbshe is nursing well!
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Congrats!  Enjoy your babymoon.  Sounds like you had a wonderful birthing experience 

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Congratulations!  joy.gif

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Congratulations! Sounds like a great short birth. I hope I can time my hospital entrance as well as you did!

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wow! how cool 28 minutes!! CONGRATS!

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Fantastic!  Congratulations!

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Congratulations mama! I hope my hospital delivery goes as swift :)  

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love.gif congrats !

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Congratulations!! thumb.gif

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Woohooo!!!  Congratulations on your new little one and your short birth!!

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Congrats, mama!! Welcome baby!!
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Congratulations! Welcome little one!

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Yay!  That sounds wonderful! Welcome sweet baby!

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I love all these quick birth stories since that's what I'm hoping for this time around. Congratulations!

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