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Have you seen this new machine?

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I came across this link today . . . just wondered what everyone's thoughts were :)


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I have mixed feelings about this. I know that some women have to formula feed for their own reasons. And those women certainly do deserve products to help make it more convenient. I know if I had to change to formula right now, I would see it as a huge inconvenience, and I would definitely want this product to help me out,


However, I think that products like these are making it just way too easy to never attempt to nurse in the first place. I have only one friend who actually nursed her child for more than a month. Of all my friends with babies and kids, they all formula fed, and almost all of them formula fed for selfish reasons (fear of pain, not being willing to get help from an LC with latching, not wanting to spend the time nursing can take, etc).


People are already falsely convinced that formula is the more convenient way to feed, and this just adds to that problem. Yeah, breastmilk may be the perfect temperature, but this handy machine makes the formula the perfect temperature too! Focusing on the ease of using this in formula feeding really detracts from the very important nutritional differences between formula and breast milk. Those differences were the biggest part of my decision to nurse, and I feel it should be that way for everyone.


Unless you have good reason not to nurse (like my close friend who is sad she cant nurse because she has to take bipolar and other meds that just arent safe for her baby) then I believe that the choice should be based on what is best for your baby. Isnt that what our lives are about now? Making the right choices for our kids? When you become a parent, your life is no longer just about you. Why would you ever want to give your child less than the best if at all possible?


Because look! There's this handy dandy little bottle brewer!

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There's a thread about this several posts down as well. smile.gif
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