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For homebirth mamas who have BTDT...

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How far/long did your midwife travel to get to your birth? I just found out there is a midwife near my hometown who recently started attending home births and my doula suggested that I contact her about attending our birth. We moved this past fall and she's about 2 hours from us, plus I'm due in December(we're in South Dakota. Not the most friendly winters here). I'm concerned that the distance and potential for bad weather might be deal-breakers. Thoughts? Experiences?

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Two hours is quite a distance but it can be done.  Do you typically have long or quick labors?  If generally long, it might be worth the risk.


I think the first time it took my MW 45 minutes to get to me and 20 minutes the second time.

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I just heard back from her and she said the distance won't be a problem, she just needs to speak with me and get more info before taking me on as a client. I don't foresee that causing any problems as my last pregnancy was completely free of issues and my last birth went perfectly. I was in labor for 9.5 hours last time and I'm just going to assume that this one will be shorter. I'll probably call her the second I know I'm in labor to make sure she can get here, especially if the weather is bad. I'll also have a doula coming who is a little closer. If she can't do it, then we'll be doing UC because there are no other options where we are except the hospital. There are only 2 midwives in my entire state who attend homebirths and the other one is on the complete opposite side, over 6 hours away. I'm crossing my fingers that things work out.

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When I had my second, the only midwife in my area was about 2 hours away.  I just called as soon as I was sure that I was in labor and she was there in plenty of time.  My entire labor was 8.5 hours down from 23.5 for my first.  My third was 14 hours so I wouldn't be too concerned about her not getting there in time as long as the roads and weather aren't too bad.

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If it were me, I would go for it, but be prepared to UC just in case.  My first was 20 hours and my second only 5. My friends with quicker first labors (like 6 hours) had lightning quick second births. One ended up UCing while her dh was on the phone with the mw and the other couldn't make it to the car (she was supposed to go to the hospital b/c she was only 35 weeks) and gave birth on her couch.  Fortunately in this type of fast birth situation complications are very rare, making the UC simple.

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My last MW was 1.5 hours form me over a mountain pass in good weather and it was spring where we get some of our wildest storms. She took moms a lot farther out then I was, and usually always made it. The funny thing was she was actually in my town when I went into labor, she had 3 births back to back that weekend in my area, and was getting ready to head home when I went into labor.

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My MW was over an hour from me.  Both my homebirth labors were 4.5-5 hrs and she had no trouble making it.

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My last birth was with a CNM who was about an hour away. I thought it would be ok because my previous labors had all been average, 11hrs and 6hrs. I totally got it wrong with #3....labor was only an 1hr and 15min! My midwife made it to my house about 5-10 min after she was out, my husband wound up catching the baby.


If I had to choose again, I would not go with someone that far away.

Thankfully we were both fine,  , but,  but I consider myself very lucky nothing went wrong.

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My midwife was 1.5 hours away and she had plenty of time. Everyone was freaking out all through my pregnancy about the distance but she, my midwife, was totally confident that it would be fine, which it was. I figured she is the one who does this for a living, so trusted her judgement.

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I don't have any btdt experience yet, but I'm also due in Dec (in MN) and have decided that I can only consider midwives within 1/2 -45min away.  I do have fast labors, my last was not quite two hours, so I am also comfortable with birthing alone if she doesn't happen to make it...but I'd like to stack it in favor of her getting here if I can, lol. 

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