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Best way to wear Ergo?

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Hello there. I was wondering the best way to wear the Ergo so that your back doesn't hurt. I have the sport version, and was wondering if it's best to wear the belt part higher (above hips) or lower (on the hips). My baby is 8 months and weighs around 19 lbs. Thanks!

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The best way is whatever feels best to you.  If the ergo is new to you, try wearing it both ways to see which is best for your body.

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Don't wear it around your hips though. Wherever it goes, it really should be above the ilium. You can  see why with an easy demonstration. Put your hand on your waist resting onto your hip bone. Push and try to slide your hand down and see how that feels. Then, put your hand on your hip, cupping your hipbone. Now try sliding your hand down.


Ignore the above if you have a particular sort of back problem where pressure on the hips aggravates things. Just be aware that you won't be able to babywear for any real length of time.


Also, in general, getting the waist strap as tight as possible is better, and the shoulder straps tight so the baby's up near you.


The goal is to get all the weight onto your hips and off your shoulders and back--unless of course you can't handle weight on your hips.


Actually if you can't handle weight on your hips, I've just learned that podegis can be worn without anything around your waist, so if you've got a light baby and strong shoulders, that might be an option.

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