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"Down there" issues / questions.

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My boys are currently 4 y 9 m and 3 y 1 m. Both had to be delivered via c/s (despite me TRYING and desperately wanting a natural and unmedicated birth) though I did fully dilate and push with both boys. I breastfed both boys with ds2 weaning about 1 yr ago.


About 6 mo after ds2 was born, I began to feel like my hormones were completely out of whack (I have PCOS (mild) so the only time I ever felt "normal" was during pregnancy). My libido dropped to nothing, I was always at the verge of anger (impatience), memory gone. I felt like I was having symptoms of menopause! I went to a hormone specialist but all she wanted to do was put me on hormones w/o finding the CAUSE. I went to an endocrinologist who said that nothing was "clinically" wrong (though it did seem there may be "some subclinical issues".


I regularly go to my chiro/applied kinesiologist. With his help, I do feel better. We did a detox diet and I have found that I am highly sensitive to peanuts and to gluten - both cause a face "rash"/breakout and stomach pain (not intestinal, stomach).


Now, my current problem - hemorrhoids (I have an rx for cream) that seem to be constant. And, even more problematic for me - outer labial "tears". These tears occurs between the outer/inner labia and seem to happen at random (i.e., not hormonally) and from anything from wiping (gently!) after urination to during sex. I had wondered if it was a yeast problem (I'd had yeast occas (hormonally) during the time I was trying to feel better) and I started to use powder on all parts front to back. The powder does help, but does not prevent. I have not gone back to the doctor (any of them) specifically for this reason (yet) but did bring it up with the hormone specialist. But again, I did NOT want to start hormones if there was any alternative!


So, is there anything you can recommend? Do you have any idea what may be causing these tears?


(if you need any additional info, I'd be happy to provide it!!)


Thank you, in advance, for any help!!


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It sounds to me as though there may be a few things going on, and one of them is likely hormonal, another may be flora imbalance in the vaginal area.  Do you live in an area where you can see a licensed natruopathic physician?  Diagnosis of the cause is really key in this situation - I would look at estrogen/progesterone/testosterone levels, cortisol (adrenal) health, and thyroid levels.  Also getting a wet prep of the vaginal area would be advised.



Dr. Jennifer

Jennifer Karon-Flores, ND | Bambú Clinic 838 SW 1st Ave Ste 330 Portland OR 97204 | 503/274-9360 | www.bambuclinic.com

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Bloodwork from 10/21/2010 (taken on day 30 of 40 day cycle) Oh, and I am 33 yrs old.  I don't know if this will help or not but....here are the numbers.....


Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum                     94.6           nmol/L

                                            17 - 50 yrs   26.1 - 110


DHEA Sulfate                                             191.3         98.8 - 340.0 ug/dL



Testoterone, Serum                                    37              6 - 82 ng/dL

Free Testosterone



Progesterone                                              22.8     ng/mL



Estradiol                                                 194.2       pg/mL



LH                                                           8.3       mIU/mL


FSH                                                        2.5       mIU/L



T3                                                          92           71 - 180 ng/dL


T4, Free                                                 1.00         .82 - 1.77 ng/dL



TSH                                                       .91          .34 - 4.82  iUI/mL



from Diagnos-Techs, Inc.



Adrenal Stress Index

Free Cortisol Rhythm

0600 - 0800         12         Depressed           13 - 24 nM

1100 - 1300           4         Depressed            5 - 10 nM

1600 - 1700          3          Normal                 3 - 8 nM

2200 - 2400          2          Normal                 1 - 4 nM


January (after adrenal testing) was when I began working with my kinesiologist on this specific issue. Did a detox diet and eliminated gluten as well as taking adrenal "vitamin" (liquid drops) and other vitamins (e.g., fish oils, etc). All of that has helped tremendously with many of my other symptoms (and with sleeping (neither of my boys were "sleepers" until very recently!!....5 yrs with NOT enough sleep!!), which has helped with other symptoms).


But, all of that has not helped with the vaginal (between outer/inner labial) tearing/microfissures. For what it's worth, I do eat healthy (very very rarely eat any processed foods, fast foods, soda, etc) and I do exercise (5-7 days per week). I do either shower or change out of my soaked/sweaty clothes after exercising (and put on powder), so i don't think that that part is the cause.

There is one naturopathic physician in our area.


Thank you again for any help!!!








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I would suggest a vaginal wet-prep to look at the flora.  Sometimes there is an imbalance that can cause drying and tearing.  This can be done by a gynecologist or midwife.  Re-doing the adrenal testing may also shed some light - things may have improved somewhat but not all the way.  I often find that adrenal health is linked to vaginal issues.



Dr. Jennifer

Jennifer Karon-Flores, ND | Bambú Clinic 838 SW 1st Ave Ste 330 Portland OR 97204 | 503/274-9360 | www.bambuclinic.com

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