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Originally Posted by squeakymom View Post

Ladies,I started this original thread. I didn't mean to "stir the pot". We have done a ton of research and we know they are putting dangerous stuff in the vax's. We aren't stupid and we will fight for the right health care for our son. Personally I haven't been the same since the Hep vax 's I got in the 1990's for my job. We just want to be proud of our research and knowledge and keep our son healthly and well socialized and not shunned. We have  our reservations about all the conventional parenting and we aren't liking the results in the children we see, so we are doing things differently. In VA we may have fewer rights than other areas of the US or other countries. I have issue with "informed consent" if we are informed and we DON'T consent and you force us, what kind of medical care is that?


My main question is were to find other children that aren't vaccinated OR activities that we can attend that don't require a vax history sheet before admission.  I just signed up for a AP MeetUp parents group. Perhaps they will be more welcoming than conventional groups.

I'm not in VA, but there is the Little Gym where they have different programs for kids starting at 4 months and up, all through the year.  The Little Gym where I am doesn't require vaccine history at all.  I'm assuming none of them in any other locations would either. They're all throughout the country with a bunch in VA.  My 3-year-old loves it! Check it out.  Maybe there is one near you that you can take your child. 




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Nobody ever asks us...  We have one unvaccinated child and two children who were selectively vaxed.  We all go anywhere we want.  It's never been a topic of conversation, whether it be with other parents or with organizations.  


For your child's age, la leche league and API groups are typically pretty welcoming.  But seriously, I meet parents at the park and go wherever I feel like with my children and noone ever asks.  Unless it's a place where you have to leave your child (like a preschool setting), there have never once, in the 7 years I've been a parent, been a form to fill out about vaccines...not for playgroups, kindermusik, gymnastics, martial arts, church, vacation bible school, sunday school, museums, zoos, parks, library story times, etc.

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Schools and preschools have asked me - no one else ever has.


If you are asked, and you really want them to attend, ask if there is an exemption form.  If they so no, do a little research.  Many people (including staff) do not realise there are forms one can submit in lieu of vaccination record.



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The first time this has come up outside of school/doctor was when I signed-up 5yo dd for a day camp. Their forms stated that their immunization requirements are the same as the local school district--which (via the state) allows all exemptions. I just signed dd up for K so I just wrote what school she would be attending and that was it. My ds is 7yo and it has never come up for him outside of school/doctor.

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I do vaccinate my kids, and no one ever asks this question. The only people who ask are the school, and daycare.
They ask because if there was an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease in that school/daycare public health can by law keep your unvaccinated child out of school to keep your child from being exposed, and most likely you wouldn't want them there anyways.  I have never been asked for vaccine records at  a daycamp, soccer, music class,swimming lessons, library group, etc. They do not really have any need for your child's medical information, and if they did start asking for that, there are all sorts of laws around storage and use of medical information that they would have to comply with. That is a much bigger hassle than those types of organizations want or need to do.  At least in Canada, but probably the US hassimilar laws on the collection of health information.


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Originally Posted by knitknit View Post


Please don't lie. If other parents only want their children playing with other vaxed children, that is their prerogative. Own your choice not to vax and accept the social consequences.



Originally Posted by knitknit View Post

I never said I shielded my kid from unvaxed kids. Where did I say that? I said that some parents (and playgroups) want to avoid unvaxed kids. There are social consequences to not vaxing and one should be prepared to accept them. 

Yes, I have seen the "I'm not Vaccinating' board.

In my country vaccines are compulsory for public school attendance. One can get a medical waiver but no religious or philosophical waiver. Non vaxxers by choice must go to private school. So yes, I can send my child to a school with a highly vaccinated population. 



Are you and every adult your kids come in contact with fully vaccinated? Babysitters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, etc?

What are the social consequences of adults who are not vaccinated? There are none. You call us lazy and negligent? Actually, that's what I think of any parent who blindly takes a newborn baby into a doctor's office and let's them get injected with toxic chemicals, fetus and animal tissues and God knows what else without doing proper research. I'll take whatever you can throw at me, because I am proud of the decisions I have made to protect my children, and I will never allow the government, big pharma, or their pushers (AKA doctors) tell me what is best for my child, especially when they're all getting rich from it. Enjoy your fictitious little bubble.



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We are HSers and the only time I was ever asked was at the health club child care. I got the crazy lady look from them and left but later the manager of the club called me to apologize and told me it was fine, apparently she was no vax too. 

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Well I have a story that should make you feel a bit better.


I'm in the selective and delayed camp, and currently getting over an incredibly mild case of shingles. My almost 2 year old hasn't had chicken pox yet, and as the timing is bad, had I known, I wouldn't have let her kiss the "ouchie" on my tummy. Too late now. What I discovered was shingles I had thought was merely several bug bites. Anyways, my friends run the gamut of no vax ever to 100% on schedule, and none of my actual friends have given me crap about my vaccine choice (the internet, on the other hand...). I've discussed the fact that we might be coming down with chicken pox in the next two weeks with the relevant people, and people have been great about it.


For instance, tomorrow is my regular game day, and the hosts fully vaccinate. Their baby hasn't had varivax yet, and they have no problem with us coming over (earliest DD could be contagious is Tuesday, I'm not contagious anymore) provided my daughter doesn't glom their baby. My next door neighbor, a very mainstream woman, has just said "oh, I hope you feel better soon!" The only people who've been overly cautious are my friends who don't vax at all, but it would be really bad timing for their kid to get the chicken pox, so I understand.


Either way, alternative schedule, possible VPD in the next two weeks, and people are fine with that.


Also, heads up, shingles can be very very mild.

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