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Nighttime diapering for $20? Hemp prefolds?

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I need a nighttime diapering solution because my prefolds are too small on the baby to use a doubler with.  I'm looking for something for under $20 to use with the cover (Kissaluvs wool) and doublers we already have (Punkin Butt).  I wash every 3 days so I need something for 3 nights.  


I found some Babykicks hemp prefolds on Abby's Lane that cost $20 for three and am considering going with that.  What do you think of hemp prefolds for night time?  They seem like they'd be comfy for the baby - they're stretchy right?  


Do you have any other ideas?  



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im not familiar with hemp or wool, but we use some standard pockets (coolababy) with a prefold and an extra liner and we never have issues with leaks or irritation. we go 8 hours between changes often.

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I think your plan sounds great! If you want to spend even less, you might be able to size up into some new cotton prefolds, which may solve some of your problems (possibility for snappi, room for doubler inside the prefold?, absorbency?) at a lower per-diaper cost. Hemp is fabulous, though, and I adore the absorbent and soft doubler I have from Babykicks.


I have tried several pockets and stuffable AIOs with various insert combinations and honestly have found the simple pairing of a snappied GMD or Indian prefold plus a hemp doubler or two (Hempbabies are $3) to be the most effective. Used with a wool cover or a Thirsties Duo wrap we have no leaks and my DDs skin stays happy. I have added fleece liners ($5 for a Bummis 5-pack) when DD has been extra-sensitive due to teething. 



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The problem with hemp prefolds is that they eventually become un-Snappiable.  They absorb great, but under wool, you'll need a Snappi.  I would just get some larger prefolds and use 1 large and 1 small (lay the small flat inside the large) and Snappi them on.  We did that for a long time and it worked great.

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