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Whenever I open the dryer to get my dry diapers it smells a bit like wet dog!

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The diapers are often still damp as well. It's a coin op dryer and it costs me $1.75 for 60 minutes and $2 for 68 minutes and that amount of time gets them more dry,but sometimes the prefolds need to air dry a couple more hours after,but that's ok.

I wash them in hot water with Claudia's Choice. Anything I should add to the wash or something? It's also coin op and 1 step wash (meaning I dump it all in and walk away until it's done,I have no time or patience to sit and wait for a cycle to start to add stuff).
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Sounds like they aren't getting clean. Do the diapers smell much when dirty?

Bleach could be an easy way to kill some germs,but maybe changing detergents and longer wash cyle would be a more natural way to go.
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Stuck on smell can sometimes be caused by detergent build up. A very hot rinse with a large splash of vinegar helps mine. Some people boil the diapers to take care of it. The still damp issue is the dryer's fault. Either run it again or hang them up to finish drying, don't leave them bunched up or put away damp.

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chel honey I can't do a longer wash with a coin op machine. Could I come to your place and use your machine? Would I add a splash of vinegar to the wash at the same time it starts? That is the only time I can add anything since I can NOT stand in the laundry room and wait and see when it changes to the spin or rinse cycle and if I'm upstairs I won't be able to get down on time to catch the cycle.
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Yeah I was thinking a second wash cycle without detergent, but I can see how that would add up$, though thAt is was I do at home. Maybe Add the vinegar into the fabric detergent dispenser.

I use either prefolds or fitted so can be rougher than those with aio/pockets. Bleach is always my go to with smell issues.

So maybe try an extra rinse to see if it is a build up issue. That way you can just cut back the amount of detergent from then on and go on with life. If still problem do vinegar in rinse, if still get smell use bleach.

Sunning is also good for smell issues.
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Yeah,we don't have a fancy fabric softener thingy to add anything to and I lost my Downey ball that magically opens in the rinse cycle, so the vinegar is added at the start or not at all.

I get frustrated when asking for help with laundry here b/c people don't realize that when you use a shared coin op washer you don't have fancy options like you do at home so I try to include all that info in my first post but people always don't read the whole thing or maybe they forget that info when they reply? I don't know. Maybe I should just never ask laundry questions here?
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You could also try adding RLR to the wash cycle - you just empty the packet into the wash at the beginning of the cycle and it really helps remove buildup and stains.  It's safe for cloth - I typically use it once a month, but it can be used more often.

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What's RLR?
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Hey, I've used lots of laundry rooms and most have dispensers. Which many on here complain about the fabric softeners either messing with diapers or just plain leaving funky scents.
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Originally Posted by MamitaM View Post

What's RLR?

RLR is a powder which is biodegradable - it's easier to say what it isn't - it's not a bleach or detergent.  It basically lifts the dirt/stains out of fabric and suspends it in the water, then rinses it all out.  They say it may require a second rinse to get all the suds out, but I've never had a problem.  Though, I use a front loader at home and not a commercial machine.  It's pretty widely used for cloth diapers and by the looks of the package, has been around for a long time!

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