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Scale question

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Hello everyone! I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm starting to plan my UC more seriously. I saw a luggage scale recently that was pretty cheap, but I'm not sure if it's precise enough. It said the error margin is 50g. Is that too much? I'd use it to weight the baby by putting it in a sling, attached to the scale.

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You could always try calibrating it. Use a series of known weights (e.g. bags of rice weighed on your kitchen scale) and check what the luggage scale says for each.


Linear results are good (e.g. always 32g off).


Of course, a 1/10th of a lb isn't too horrible, especially if you use the same scale for the first few measurements to assess growth.

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50g is 1.75 ounces i think (google told me so). i would not at all worry about such a small amount.


Do I need a scale? I plan on going to pediatrician a day or two after baby is born so if I need a birth weight I'll just use that one

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