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Good thoughts/ payers/ energy request *Update*

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I just wanted to ask for some good thoughts/prayers/ju-ju/whatever you'd like to send our way tomorrow morning. I haven't felt like talking about it much, but we found that I have severe polyhydramnios (http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/polyhydr.html for anyone interested) which could be nothing serious, but could also mean something is wrong with LO- his kidneys or esophagus or something else. I went through all the dark twisty thoughts and am feeling optimistic now, since he is growing at the right rate, is very active, gets the hiccups frequently, etc, but it's been really scary and I've felt guilty, like I did something wrong. Doesn't help that DF is out of town on business. Anyway, we have the ultrasound to check baby tomorrow morning, so we'll have some more answers at that point.


Thank you mamas!



Thank you all for your good thoughts! Everything looks perfect with Baby Malcolm as far as they can tell. He is head down and was moving around enough (from stomach to back) that they were able to look at all his organs, and everything they can check with an ultrasound was perfect. They even saw him swallow, so that's really wonderful. There's always the slight chance it's something they can't see, but they're really optimistic. There also hasn't been any fluid increase, which is really positive. We go in for another ultrasound in a few weeks just to check on everything, but from what they can tell he's a perfect baby with lots of room to swim around. I'm really glad that everything looks healthy and he's happy in there /understatement.


And look how beautiful he is! He has the exact same lips and chin as my daughter.


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hug.gifgoodvibes.gif I'll be thinking about you mareseatoats.  Sounds like baby is doing well.thumb.gif

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Sending good vibes your way, for you & your LO! hug2.gif

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grouphug.gif I am thinking about you and your little family. I hope that tomorrow's ultrasound is reassuring. goodvibes.gif

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Sending good thoughts for you!  Hope the ultrasound relieves some worries for you :D

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Thinking of you!

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Good vibes to you and LO!

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Oh mama. That is scary. Lots of prayers and healthy vibes coming your way. Please keep us posted.
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You will be in my thoughts and prayers - hope all goes well! 

Just know that my sister had the same thing, but gave birth to a very healthy baby boy. 

Keep us posted! 

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My sister had that also with her 4th baby, but everything was fine with babe. No problems at all! Hope you get good news too!
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Thinking about you this morning, hoping your ultrasound gives you lots of relief and eases your mind that everything is going well.

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It really does seem in almost all cases it's not actually a problem.... just a variation of normal. Given that 1/100 pregnancies experience it (which is A LOT) it's not a rare issue. But anything that means more tests and possible negative consequences (even if very unlikely) is scary.

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will be thinking of you and your little one and hope all is well.

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Yay! So glad things look good. biggrinbounce.gif

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Aww, he's gorgeous!  So glad all is looking good!

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Fantastic picture!  Glad everything looks good.

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Aw.  That is so great!

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Love it! So glad everything is well and baby Malcolm has room to swim this summer ;)

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YAY! So glad to hear your great news! I can only imagine how relieved you are!


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