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So, it's been a while: What fluff are you expecting?

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I am actually having a hard time remembering... but I don't think I'm waiting on all that much.

1 Sellin Threads fitted

1 Recyclebees fitted

2 Nighty Newts

PWP set

And that's it!

ETA: My Daisy Doodles order! With her jam-packed list I should get it in about 4 weeks, lol.

Clearly I need to get shopping, lol...

How about you?
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1 LHC Nemo AIO

What could I be thinking......UNACCEPTABLE!!
Actually, I am saving up PP for a BIG Hanna order~~~ag

I am waiting on several people to open up for customs & then I shall be in fluff NIRVANA once again!!
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2 happy heinys from a mom on here
1 dozen UBCPFs
And I am still waiting to hear back about the order I placed on saturday for my new HHs
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Let's see:

~El Bee
--2 daytime Wooly Bullies in turquoise/blue and blue/purple.
--Baker's dozen hemp french terry diapers

~Too Cute Covers
--snail appliqued soaker (gotta email her to see if she's started yet)

--A soaker panel to sew into one of my wraps.

~Wooly Baby Soaker in blues.

~A Kustom Cool Cat ribbed crotch soaker in light blue.

I like blue.

And I need to figure out what to order from Wonderful Woolies. I'm thinking some sort of SouthWestern/Aztec-ish themed colors. Gotta branch out from the simplicity and tranquility of my bluuuuuues!

~Oooo! I almost forgot: 2 bottombumpers + 18 drool bibs!!!
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i actually have a few things coming this week!

1 Mudpie fitted from JenninSeattle/TP
2 mudpie fitteds and 2 Mudpie PUL AIOs from another board
3 Mudpuddle fitteds and an AIO from the mudpie mama herself , plus 4 used dipes from her baby's stash (a Country Cuttins, 2 Softies and a LHC)

I'm about to order 3 Country Cuttins and if I can swing a few extra dollars, I'd like to get two Manyducks fitteds as well.

I can't wait! It's been a long time since I've had fluffymail.

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Im waiting on a wool soaker!
Ive never had one, so this will be new to me.
Got it on eBay for 20 bucks!
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In the mail :
1 pair of Cushie Tushie Pants
2 Size 2 Cushie Tushie Soakers
1 NB Cushie Tushie Soaker

In progress:
1 NB Posie Patch fitted

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2 Pinhead diapers
2 Buckeye Bottoms organic diapers
4 Ella's Pocket diapers
2 Patchwork Pixie wool covers

and from the TP:
2 Firefly diapers
1 Elbee diaper
1 Kiwi Pie cashmere cover

Amy, I'm with you--more shopping is definitely needed. Most of this stuff should get here sometime this week, which means next week will be a fluffy famine for sure.
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2 SOS from TP
2 SOS from e-bay

Fluffymail order w/ seasonal changes cover - shipped this week!

elbee order - 8 fitteds and 3 wool covers (light green/green, orange/yellow, and turquoise/blue) - just paid on Sunday.
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2 doz ubcpf infant for a friend as a baby gift
2 doz ubcpf premie for me when my next baby comes since Garrett was naughty and potty trained so early just kidding is is nice...can I say that here?
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and from the TP: 2 Firefly diapers
Yes, Kathy! Those Fireflies are on their way to you!

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Oh..I forgot!!!!
I am waiting on a cowboy diaper bag from Tykie Diapers~~~
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Waiting on:
1 Buckeye Bottom diaper
1 Buckeye Bottom cover
5 Nanipoos diapers
2 Patchwork Pixie wool covers
1 wool soaker from ebay
3 nb diaperaps and 3 nb snappiwraps from ebay
WOW bar (Yuzu)
Wet bag from littlelily

Also have on order:
1 Freshies fittwrap
1 Bumhuggers soaker
2 Pickle Pants

Hm, now that I have those all in a list, it looks like a lot ...
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1 spring green soaker from a new gal on ebay (20 bucks here too)
5 plain SOS hemp
1 PWP Stripey WIO (that I'm now worried won't fit)
3 doodlebottom

but I really really really really want some pinheads and a kiwi pie cashmere (that soon will be mine mwhaaaa mwhaaaa mwhaaa)

.....and some beccabottoms and some more sos, and ...... the list goes on...sigh
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oooh - i almost forgot. A custom diaper/wet bag bonanza set (that just what I call it ) from happy tushie
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4 SOS and some preemie pfs from the TP. Not much this week.
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2 Ella's Pockets
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2 Sugarplum Baby's from the TP
My gorgeous new LHC fitted!
BBH wool cover

I think that's it.
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Just a Sellin Threads newborn fitted and some things I ordered through work.
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Originally posted by nicevry
Yes, Kathy! Those Fireflies are on their way to you!
Cool. Thanks, Christine.
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