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Young mom and activist Jena Troutman has decided to call off plans to gather signatures in Santa Monica to put a version of the MGM bill on the ballot for November 2012.


"You've got to do what's right for the city that you're in and I think that I could do something much better that's more representative of what we want locally, to inform parents that the procedure is not recommended by the ... Academy of Pediatrics," Troutman said.


Many individuals and religious leaders had criticized the fact that the proposed bill contained only medical exemptions and no religious exemptions. Actually, many had accused Troutman of overt discrimination and mischaracterized the bill as a ban preventing both circumcision for legitimate medical need and adults choosing circumcision for themselves.



No doubt part of Troutman's decision was an unprofessional, snarky "editorial" by the newspaper's alleged professional staff.