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Timing for baby #3

Poll Results: What is the best timing for baby #3?

  • 75% (3)
    Have baby now, wait two years, and then start midwifery school
  • 0% (0)
    Have baby right after completing midwifery school
  • 25% (1)
    Have baby a year or two after midwifery school, after getting some experience
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So... I'm trying to figure out the best time to have baby #3. I'm planning on attending a three year midwifery program soon. I still have about 20 credits of pre-reqs to complete before I can apply, and if I go straight through, I'll be able to apply for the fall 2013 school year. 


But, we want to have another baby soon too! I'm just not sure when the best time will be.... what do you all think? I'll be 26 this month, and I would rather be done having all my children before I am 35. Also, I really prefer to stay home with my kids for the first two years, so I'd have to take at least that much time off before I went back to school or work.

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The life of a midwife and midwife in training seems so challenging that I think it would be quite difficult to handle it with a newborn.  I also would think it would be hard to get back into it after waiting a few years, regardless of getting a little bit of experience.  It seems to me that the best option would be to wait all together to complete school so that you can really focus on it and getting the experience you need after #3 is old enough to be left with alternative caregivers day or not for extended periods of time  and you have had the chance to recover from all the sleep deprivation a little one brings.

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I'm in a very similar situation, though for us it's number two. I think I'm going to delay my "formal" midwifery training until our second (if we have another) is well established--probably around two years of age--though I am hoping to take a local intro midwifery course this winter and work toward apprenticeship/finding a preceptor down the road, because I don't think I would be able to handle being a full time apprentice/student midwife with a small nursling without going crazy (though I know some women handle it all).

Good luck!
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