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is this morning sickness?

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I'm on my third pregnancy but have never experienced morning sickness.  Today I feel off.  Like a combination of being hungry, yet a bit nauseous and nothing sounds remotely appetizing.  I think if I eat, the odd feeling in the pit of my stomach will go away, yet I cannot think of one thing that I would be willing to eat and the idea of some things makes me even more nauseous.  I have a kitchen full of food and I don't want any of it! 


I had some food aversions the other times (but specific ones, not just food in general) and would get slightly nauseous if I didn't eat regularly, but this time it is different.


My other pregnancies I snacked on home made trail mix and nuts, but I'm not wanting those this time.  I love eggs, but the smell of them bothers me.  I can do fruit, but it doesn't do much to satiate my appetite.  I had yogurt for breakfast but I don't feel like eating more of it now.  I could actually go for a grilled steak I think, but the ones we have are frozen, so not an option for right now.  If you felt like this, any suggestions of what you did feel ok eating?  We're grain-free so crackers and the like are not an option. 

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It sounds like I felt throughout my first trimester, with severe bouts of actual nausea thrown in. So yes, I would say it is morning sickness. Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

As for what I could eat... I am not a good example, the only things I could get down were starchy, refined carbs. Things like regular waffles with a sliced banana. I hope others will be able to give you healthier advice.

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Yep, that's morning sickness.  Ah, lovely isn't it?  The trick (for most women) is to eat what will go down and stay down.  Don't worry about what it is, just do it.  I find that if I try and eat something other than want I want it just doesn't work.  I'll still be hungry or still be nauseous or both.  If you want that steak, make it happen.  Soon you'll find some "comfort foods" that tend to work more often than others.  Stock the house with those so you aren't searching the house constantly and opting not to eat b/c nothing sounds good.  The latter usually results in dry heaving for me!  


There are, of course, some foods that can help quell nausea (for some) like ginger (tea, candy, ginger ale, etc.), lemon in water, other carbonated drinks (even coke!), small and frequent meals, protein, B6, etc.  Other things that can work are eating something small before you even get out of bed, eating continuously before you even really get hungry, eating before bed, staying very well hydrated (like a gallon of water a day), staying well rested, Sea Bands, taking your prenatal vitamins at night, and acupuncture.


Good luck... I know just how  not fun it is! 

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Sounds exactly like mine was. My "safe" food was french fries. Something about it being all carbs and grease I think soothed my stomach. Anything fruit would turn my stomach so fast and so bad I would end up moaning on the couch. Heavy carbs = good, for me. 

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Yes, french fries for me, too.  And mac and cheese.

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I've had ketchup chips and chocolate milk a few times when I felt like that. I've been drinking orange juice like crazy this pregnancy! And I love cheese now... I wouldn't usually have it all on it's own, but last week I don't think a single slice of havarti made it all the way into a sandwich. Is oatmeal a grain? It is, isn't it? I've always found it settling to my stomach. I bought pepperoni sticks last week for the kids lunches, and I snuck a few of those, too.

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Oh my gosh, I forgot about that. I went through probably 3 bags of ketchup chips from week 6-8, snacking every night because they made my stomach feel better. I tried dill pickle, and they didn't do anything, but the ketchup was sooo good!


I had my first glass of chocolate milk in weeks yesterday though. I kept wanting it, but I would go to pour myself a glass and just know it wasn't going to go over well. Same with cheese.  I'm with you on the pepperoni sticks though- for me it was/is beef jerky. Such an odd craving/soother. 

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Originally Posted by Mrs.aLifeofReilly View Post

  I think if I eat, the odd feeling in the pit of my stomach will go away

This is exactly the feeling I'm having today...never had nausea with my first but today for the first time this is how I felt, but after eating I still had that feeling in the pit of my stomach...hope it goes away, I'm only 4 wks...

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I have had morning (all-day actually) sickness thru my whole pregnancy. I'm almost 38 weeks and still taking diclectin every day. I have found that apples are the best thing to help my nausea. Before I got on the diclectin I would eat an apple immediately when I woke up and usually that allowed me to eat something more filling shortly after; toast, cereal, another apple, or yogurt and granola. On really bad days when the apple just came right back up, I was happy that at least apples aren't terrible to throw up! wink1.gif

I hope you find something tolerable. I had a lot of aversions my first trimester.
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not pregnant but i am so glad to see how other people describe this... it was one of the reasons i gained so much weight in the beginning, eating heavy foods or carb/greasy foods helped and just having my stomach filled helped mentally. so strange!

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