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Whole foods vs. Out of context minerals

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I notice here there's a trend to take vitamins through artificial supplements, drops, tablets, etc. rather than integrated in the foods you eat. Do somebody feel that vitamins, folic acid, minerals, iron, should be ingested through our food and nor out of context?
I've recently read an article about folic acid consumption during pregnancy, which really changed my mind about it. If you want to give it a look is at:

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Most people eat a dead diet of cooked food, meat and dairy, so they probably should take a vitamin. If you eat a living diet of mostly fresh fruit and veggies with some unroasted seeds and nuts, you dont need a vitamin.

BTW, eating a few stalks of uncooked or *very* lightly steamed asparagas gives you plenty of folic acid.
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You have to be really careful when looking at vitamin studies. A drug study on viagra for example, will only use VIAGRA, brand name, standardized dose, etc. A study on a vitamin is *REALLY* difficult to guage unless you specifically look for certain things. What brand of vitamin is used? What chemical formula is used? Is is from a natural or man made source? What is it taken in conjunction with? ( most vitamins have certain co-factors which readily increase their absorption) Is it taken as part of a complex? Take calcium for example, TUMS has millions of pregnant women thinking that they can get all of their calcuim from popping their antacids. But TUMS contain calcuim carbonate, which is crap calcium (pardon my french) from groung up chalk - the same stuff that is in your toothpaste. Unless you are very young and have very high levels of stomach acid, you barely get anything out of it.

Many OTC vitamins are pure garbage. You don't absorb hardly any of it, and you end up with very expensive urine and stools. Some vit's are packed so hard, that they simply do not break down in the body. Others are filled with artificial sweeteners (poison in itself). The human body does not readily assimilate most forms of manmade vitamins.

I do not recommend artificial sources of vitamins. I do suggest that they be taken with food ( for the most part), right before bed (so that they have time to sit in you). It is even better to split the dose if you can. Also, take complexes if they are available - ie B-complex, c-complex, etc. That is how that vit. is found in nature, & for reasons which are still not completely understood, your body assimilates them way more efficiently.

Not that I love Standard Process, but they have some excellent articles on vitamins and how they work.

Also, the previous poster hit on a very important topic, the modern diet is not what it used to be. Our soil is delpeted and full of toxins. We need to get every advantage that we can get.
;-) Miranda
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Vitamins from Whole Food Sources

There are several companies who make vitamins from ONLY whole food sources:

Nature's Plus: makes a multi vitamin AND a pre-natal
Shaklee: great, but expensive and hard to come by unless you know someone who sells them - they have done studies comparing MANY different brands of vitamins and their own - if you know a Shaklee Rep - be sure to ask - they LOVE to talk about it. Very interesting.

I personally take MegaFood Women's Daily Foods Vitamin, Mineral & Herbal formula. It is the first vitamin I have ever taken that does NOT turn my pee bright yellow or orange - I know I am absorbing most of what I swallow. It is Vegetarian formula and 100% whole food. They have a website: http://www.megafood.com if you want to check it out.

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Thanks everbody for answering.

There are several companies who make vitamins from ONLY whole food sources:

But aren't they still isolated and not integrated in the real food you eat?
Though I also get the point of Miranda and AmandasMom, regarding modern diet and depleted soils.

Thanks again, Ivana
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Yes, eating wholesome foods, properly prepared, is best. Don't forget that, in moderation, meat, especially from a wide variety of wild and pasture fed/organic sources, is an integral part of a healty diet. If you don't eat meat, at least consider eating raw dairy products.

Ok, flame me now.
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No flames

Hi Hera, Cool name, btw.
I do eat meat like once a week. I live in the country of the meat (Argentina), so cow's meat is usually from organic sources. Not the same for the chickens (yuk!) Fish is also quite good, so far.
I try to escape from raw dairy, because it makes me sick. However, I use dairy to cook more than what i would like to... But cheese and cream tastes so good in some foods that i don't know how could i replace them and still gain in flavour
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