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Alternatives to Milk?

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I am looking for ideas for alternatives for milk.  Specifically, to put in my coffee.  I use coffeemate currently, and I think I am coming close to not being able to drink it anymore because I think I might be reaching my level for tolerating that much corn syrup in the morning.  (kind of joking..... but, the corn syrupy sweet is just getting to me)


I used to use soy milk for my coffee, but DS#3 is allergic so we are soy free since he came along. 




My first son is PA/TNA so almond milk is out.  And, there is one coconut milk that is out because of cross contamination.  Plus, that coconut milk in the cans, that I've used for making pumpkin pie, really does a number on my stomach. 


Rice milk DOES NOT work in coffee.  Doesn't mix in, and is really bad.


And, we are all lactose intolerant, so we don't do dairy. 


I've thought of hemp milk, but, not to joke around, we also have grass and weed allergies, severely, so I don't know if there are cross reactivity issues. 


SO..... any ideas?  I, sadly, just want something I can put in my darn coffee.  It is my one last anything I get in the morning, and I am at a loss. 

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have you looked at all the coconut milks? there's So Delicious, and there's Pure Silk, and I think there might be another one as well. Are they all cross contaminated with tree nuts (technically coconut is now classified as a tree nut anyway).

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we use the so delicious coconut milk, its the only thing that has worked for us, and like you we have tried and thought of everything. They probably have a website that you could find a contact number toask them any questions you might have.


It really tastes wonderful and is a great alternative for baking and cooking.

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I recently found some Flax Milk at Walmart.  My DD, allergic to dairy and nuts, likes it (probably because I got the vanilla version which is sweeter).  It is thicker than rice milk. 

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I tried to do a bit of searching around to check out the so delicious and pure silk..... it looks like the pure silk might be a "made in the same facility" product with almonds, and that the so delicious might be a "made on shared equipment" with soy and almonds.  So, I will have to call and see. 


As I was trying to find a place to get something clearer on so delicious, I happened to get to a page with hemp milk in the "similar products" box down below it.  Very interesting.... here is the link : 




It refers to hemp in the ingredients as Hemp Nut.....


..... would this be a nut in the same way that coconut is a nut?  Not really a nut, but now the FDA says it is?  Or is it a nut like a tree nut, or nut like a peanut......  a drupe or a legume? 


I never really thought about hemp as something other than fibrous enough to make clothing, but now I wonder.


Will have to look up flax milk.  I didn't know they made milk out of flax.  I always think of it as a seed that is good for fiber content. 



Just adding this link: http://www.sodeliciousdairyfree.com/health/health.shtml


It is for the so delicious products.  It looks like it is shared facility/equipment with the caveat being washing processes. 



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Are you nursing? is that why you can't have milk? 


Have you tried Whole Foods for alternatives? They have so many things that I never would have thought to look for, it might be worth it to go check them out. Good luck! I don't drink coffee but wouldn't want to have to give it up if I enjoyed it.

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Sorry, just saw that you are lactose intolerant. 

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I would give hempmilk a try. I like the unsweetened vanilla in my coffee (and cereal or whatever.) I have environmental allergies, and I haven't noticed any issues with drinking it.
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There is also oat milk.  Haven't tried it (allergic) and it might be sweetened with rice syrup (also allergic).  Everything is it seems, and I find coconut just indigestible!  Hempmilk is tasty but I couldn't digest that, either, and it curdled (!!!!) when I added cocoa.  Good luck, I know how you feel....

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I am nursing, but, yeah... lactose intolerant, which is why I don't do milk.  Though, I also wouldn't do it because the baby is lactose intolerant too.  And, we've tried that Lactaid milk.  It doesn't work for us.  


I still have questions about hemp, but, if it looks like there aren't any allergy issues, like cross reactivity or anything, I'll have to see if I can find it to try.  


I'll have to look up oat milk too....... I've never heard of it.  


It is kind of amazing how many "milks" there are out there!  

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Just a note- babies are *rarely* lactose intolerant. (If your baby was lactose intolerant, you wouldn't be able to breastfeed, because your breastmilk contains lactose.) It's more likely a milk allergy or intolerance. Also, if lactaid milk doesn't work for you, then you may have an allergy/intolerance as well, as opposed to lactose intolerance.
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I should clarify, my baby is 2 1/2.  I keep calling him the baby..... he is the youngest..... I'm sure when he is a teenager he'll really start to have problems!


But, when he turns 3 he'll get more extensive allergy testing.  He was tested just for soy, milk, and one other thing (which is escaping my brain right now..... was up all night with the *baby*..... so.... I'm fuzzy right now)..... anyway.... he was allergic to soy, not to milk.  


There are clear issues with milk.  To a varying degree, which don't test as a food allergy, in our family, with everyone.  So, we don't do milk.  My DH and one son can use lactaid and be fine.  Myself, lactaid just delays the inevitable.  And, another son, depending on the form of the dairy has different issues.  And, the *baby* also has his own issues when he eats dairy.


Anyway, my point, I do call us all lactose intolerant, because in some ways, it is the quickest, easiest thing, without going into a whole paragraph.  We already have a paragraph for food allergies.  And practically speaking, just in real life for us, I typically avoid trying to talk about it all to avoid the horrified looks..... so, we are multiple food allergies and lactose intolerant.  


Sometimes I forget there are times when I could expound and not have it held against me.... my kids.... or viewed as something alien.

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Link to pacific foods allergy info..... they do oat milk.....  http://www.pacificfoods.com/get-to-know-us/faqs/processing-allergen-questions


But, I did find one page with an oat milk recipe.  Has anyone made oat milk?  Does it turn out like the store bought stuff?  It seems like you make what is essentially oatmeal, and strain it.  Doing that would be much cheaper than buying something I would think.  I don't know if it would work in coffee though.  Too watery?

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Hemp milk is great! I was under the impression that hemp is a seed and not a nut but I could be totally wrong on that.

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