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home birthers?

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Just wondering how many of us there are!


I'm excited to be planning my VBAC home birth. I spent 8 months preparing for a home birth last time, and when my DD was breech -- all my plans went out the window! So I'm not a first-time mom, but I will be a first-time vaginal birther, and I'm hoping to do it here at home. I'm nervous and thrilled about it. :)

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I sincerly hope to be one! I had DS with a natural-birth friendly doc and the most natural-birth friendly hospital in the area and I was still disappointed with certain things. So if there is any way possible I will be staying right at home thankyouverymuch! (To the point where if we can't find a midwife to attend I'd consider UC.)

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Add me to the list! :) I had a natural birth with DS2 at a freestanding birth center, a medicated hospital birth with many interventions and complications with DS1. Baby #3 will be at home for SURE unless some unexpected event arises. I have an awesome home birth midwife, although I am using a different MW from DS2 to this baby, she has helped me through my losses and I couldn't imagine seeing anyone else. 

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wave.gif Me! My first son was born in the hospital. During my first pregnancy, I thought the "slightly left of center" approach was best. Even though I thought I had surrounded myself with like-minded people (progressive hospital, natural-birth friendly OB with midwife on staff, Bradley birth classes), I still ended up with a completely unnecessary induction at 41 weeks. 


I don't blame the OB office, they were just following "protocol." I actually give the Dr. a lot of credit--I'm certain that with a different doctor, I would have wound up with a c-section. My DS was born perfect and healthy, but the ordeal was long and hard and had a serious impact on my body. I had a lot of regrets about the whole experience.


The next time around, I ditched the "What to Expect" books, turned off "A Baby Story," and found myself an amazing homebirth midwife. I had a wonderful second birth at home.


Having experienced both scenarios, homebirth is, without a doubt, the way for me.

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We will be birthing at home. Our first homebirth went really well, and I cannot imagine going to a hospital (for a normal birth) after that experience. We just met our midwife for the first time tonight and we really liked her!

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Definitely!  I loved our homebirth with our son, and can't imagine it anywhere else.  Birth in your shack and you'll never go back!

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Planning my first home birth although this is my third baby. I am over the moon excited about it all.

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Me too! I had DD at home, this will be my 2nd and I'm not even considering any other option. Birthing at home is just so natural, beautiful, and to be surrounded only by loving supportive people of your choosing is just priceless. namaste.gif

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I think so.  In the NL you always start at home, and then you can stay OR go to the hospital.  I will choose to stay home unless I NEED to go to the hospital, which has happened to a friend of mine.  Other friends have birthed happily at home, and others have chosen to go to hospital as soon as they could.

Essentially, all births start at home here, and you can choose where to land up.  I would love to stay home :)

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We're planning a UC so, obviously, it's gonna be at home for me too! :)

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UC = ...?  unassisted childbirth?  Still getting used to acronyms!

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I will hopefully have a homebirth....I had a hospital birth for my DD and althought the dr and nurses were really nice, there were still a few things I didn't like that happened and I really believe that they did happen because I was in a hospital...So I'm really crossing my fingers for a homebirth this time!!

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I will also be having a homebirth. My last was in a free standing birth center, so, this is a little new to me. Even though the birth center offers no more protection in case of a problem, I still found it more comforting. Not sure why. I assume that will all change after I birth my baby at home. (:

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Yay! Just got a response from a team of midwives that I've been accepted into their care! It is very difficult to get a midwife where we live - basically you contact them all and hope you get in with someone. The group I got in with was at least one of my second choice, and who knows, I might yet hear from my #1 choice.

Anyway, I'm very happy right now since that means we're one step closer to our HB!!! joy.gif

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We are planning another homebirth.  My previous MW is not practicing, but one of her apprentices (who was at my first birth and attended a lot of my prenatals) is now practicing and we are going to use her.  She came over for dinner on Wednesday and it turns out she now works with my former MWs old partner and another MW who was also an apprentice with my former MW.  I am so excited to already know my whole birth team!  

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I've been planning for an HBAC since last summer. LOL. We just had to make a baby first. I'm so excited! 

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UC = ...?  unassisted childbirth?  Still getting used to acronyms!

Yes, you got that right :)  I think I started loosely preparing for it when I was still pregnant with my first... I only heard about UC a month before my EDD and felt like I wouldn't have enough time to get ready for it! Now I'm very excited about it!


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I'm planning on homebirth.   


odinsmommy- i'm glad you say you've been planning yours since last year. just had to make a baby first! 


I feel like i've been "learning" about homebirth for over a year now- it is truly what I want and am planning on.

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Oh yes! I've been attachment parenting since DS was born. We roomed-in at the hospital, and he was pretty much in my arms the entire time we were in the hospital. He only went into the bassinet for diaper changes and checks by the nurse. Anytime they took him away from me the first 24 hours, he had temp problems but would always do perfect snuggled next to me. 


Then, over his first year (quite traumatic with a vaccine injury), I realized that birthing at home and with a midwife would be best for my family (especially my very attached toddler who still does the all day and all night buffet) and myself. So, I made an appointment with a midwife for my well-woman exam and discussed whether or not I would be a good candidate for a VBAC/HBAC. I've spent loads and loads of time researching and learning, mainly in order to help my DH and my mother understand and support the choice to homebirth. I've made friends with some local homebirthers, and I'm doing as much as I can to make sure that my body will be prepared to birth at home by taking care of myself (exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic care). 


I feel so much better about this pregnancy and birth already than I ever felt with my DS's pregnancy. 

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I'm planning on homebirth.   


odinsmommy- i'm glad you say you've been planning yours since last year. just had to make a baby first! 


I feel like i've been "learning" about homebirth for over a year now- it is truly what I want and am planning on.


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I am hoping for a homebirth but this is my first so I'm a bit unsure about it. DP just read Ina May Gaskin's chapter on Sphincter Law and that convinced him! We have a midwife appointment on Thursday so I guess we'll go from there.

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