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Just what is eating healthy?

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There seem to be a lot of conflicting stories about what are the "right" things to eat. Mediterranean, Real Food, & others that contradict each other. Is there an approach you particularly recommend?

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I appreciate your question because there is a lot of confusion about what constitutes a healthy diet. I personally believe that a simple approach to healthy eating is best. To me, it is critical to properly nourish your body by obtaining an abundance of vitamins and minerals from your food to increase your vitality and wellbeing. You can achieve this by eating a variety of clean, whole foods that are not contaminated with chemicals. In addition, make sure that you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, try not to eat a late dinner or snack later in the evening.


Here are my recommendations:

·         Drink plenty of water and eliminate drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, and an excess of sugar such as soda, juice, punch and sports drinks.

·         Eat mainly whole foods in your diet.

·         Minimize or preferably eliminate processed foods from your diet.

·         Eat an abundance of organic or locally grown pesticide-free vegetables and fruit.

·         Eat whole grains including quinoa, brown rice, amaranth and millet.

·         Choose sprouted grain products over the products that contain “flour,” since flours are highly processed. In addition, sprouted grain products are higher in protein and are easier to digest.    

·         Include seaweed in your diet.

·         Include avocadoes in your diet.

·         Increase omega-3 fatty acids in your diet to reduce inflammation. Some good food choices include Wild Alaskan salmon, flax seeds, anchovies and walnuts.

·         Eat a variety of legumes such as lentils, mung beans, and black beans.

·         If you’re not a vegetarian, eat organic meats such as turkey and chicken, and include broth in your diet. I recommend making a roasted chicken, and making a mineral rich broth out of the bones. You can then use the broth to make your grains.


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