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Moms of twins please help!

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I got this email from our local twins club:

My twins our 8 month's old and still do not sleep through the night. They are still taking bottles and I don't know how to stop the routine of when they whine at night, feeding them. I've read that at this point they don't need to have the bottles and to let them cry it out, but I just can't do it, it breaks my heart. I bring them into the bed with us as well, just so we can get extra sleep (which sometimes is still not possible). Please help on how to get them into the crib and to stay there all night with NO bottles!!! Many thanks!
I am pressed for time (I have orders for my wahm biz I have to complete) and need a coherent answer by tomorrow. I don't know this woman (but I think the anti-CIO and cosleeping are good signs), but I KNOW the Ezzo/Ferber mamas are going to email in droves so I need persuasive stuff!!!

Let me know if I have permission to cut and paste your posts in an email to her!
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I am replying because I, too, would be worried about her being inundated with Ezzo/Ferber (the other day a woman at a baby group I go to was singing the praises of Babywise . However, my 15 month olds have slept through on the same night only twice so I'm not sure I am going to have a good answer for her.

Since we are still co-sleeping I'm not sure how to get them into a crib, but when it came to night weaning, we waited until 12 months and did it cold turkey. When they woke to nurse/get a bottle (my girls got both) I would instead walk/snuggle/rub their backs, etc. After a few nights they no longer were expecting to eat and were sleeping for much longer periods (from waking every two hours to waking about every four hours). Now, three months after the weaning, they are very close to sleeping through the night. They get up usually once per night (unless teething or something) and then it is just for a little bit of comfort, then back to sleep.

You are welcome to cut and send any part of my post, but upon looking it over, I'm not sure I'm much help. I hope she can find some loving answers.

Alisa, mama to Ella and Isabel, 15 months
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Here are some links you may want to forward her from Dr. Gordon's site.

This one is on Ezzo:


This one is called "Getting Wise to Babywise":


This one has unsubstantiated medical statements in Babywise:


Here are some great excerpts from his book "Good Nights". You may want to recommend to her that she buy this book:


Edited to add:

I read on either the Gentle Discipline or the Nighttime Parenting board here at MDC a post where someone wanted links for articles against CIO. I'll try to find that for you and post it too.
Also, I read about a year ago that the AAP had released a statement saying that infants up to 1-year-old can wake during the night because they are truly hungry and that there isn't a magic age where they aren't hungry at night and should be sleeping through the night.
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Here's a Harvard study AGAINST CIO you may want to send her:


If the link doesn't work just copy and paste it...it works that way.
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I called them the "Baby Wise Nazi" at my church, haha!

I must admit, though, that I let my firstborn CIO, and oh, the blessed sleep! Though he is a little sassy, backtalking, know-it-all now; maybe that started it... =O) (You know I love him, right??)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing it better this time around with my twins, due 9-14-04. I patted my daycare babies' backs and hummed softly to get them to sleep, so I know it works. (If I had let THEM cry it out, the others would've woken up and then I would be the one to cry...)

=O) Savannah
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Hi! I'm new here, and I'm so glad to see other moms of multiples here.

I have 8 month old twins also. They sleep really well, but they do wake in the middle of the night on occasion (which seems to be more often than not lately).

Your friend sounds like she is not open to cosleeping? Since we put our babies down at 7pm they start out in the crib but if they wake we bring them to bed with us and they fall right back asleep.

She wanted to know what to do other than feeding them? Well, I have heard that some people will give them a bottle of water instead of breastmilk or formula when they wake at night. I guess the theory is that the baby will think, "well what is this, why am I waking for just water" and will not bother to keep waking for water. I don't know if it works but this definitely sound more humane than CIO if you ask me. Perhaps you could suggest it to her.

Good luck and I hope you can convince her not to let her babies CIO.
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my babies will be one in a couple weeks
they sure don't sleep through the night
my husband has started taking one of them
to bed w/ him and my 2 year old, she sleeps longer
if she's not next to me
i keep the other one in bed w/ me
and i think he only wakes up once
(i guess i know i'm getting more sleep now
since i can't really remember)

w/ my oldest dd, i didn't night wean her
until 18 mos.
i would get up w/ her, give her water
or a snack (crackers, banana, whatever)
it took about a week before she stopped waking up

my second dd night weaned at about 10-12 mos.
(i was pregnant)
my husband just took over nighttime routine
she still usually wakes up at least once
and needs to be comforted back to sleep

sometimes, when i've decided the babies DON'T
need to nurse anymore
--like they've woken up 3X in 3 hours, which they do sometimes
i just refuse
and let them CIO, but not alone
i pat their backs, cuddle, my dh will take one
and we just outlast them
sometimes i get too tired of being a 24hr snack bar
but i know that this time will pass so quickly
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my ten month olds still dont sleep thru the nite. most of the time they just want a pacifier and i can go right back to sleep. sometimes i bring one back to bed with me. sometimes in the morning i dont even remember getting up but my husband will tell me i got up several times. whatever keeps my sugardoodles happy.
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oh, if the pacfiers dont do it, i figure they must be hungry and i get a bottle. but its rare.
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Hey, Laralou...whatever happened here? Did you reply? Did you get a reply back from her? I'd love to hear an update.
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