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Appropriate Fee for a "for friends" doula/photographer?

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I think we found a doula. Yay!


Before even announcing our pregnancy, I told DH that this person would be wonderful at it, she's had two homebirths, and two other natural births, she's got a great personality, we click, she's feisty, and she takes amazing photos. I'm very interested in having birth photography done, almost moreso than I am concerned with having a doula for relaxation/pain support. (I've practiced as a doula myself before, so I know the basics, as does DH). I want someone who will be able to kind of do both-- mostly take photos, but be capable of putting down the camera and helping a bit if needed. She was the first person who came to mind, and she has recently doulaed/photographed for a few of her friends. 


I posted on FB today that I was needing to start looking for doulas, and she responded right away and said she would love to be our doula. It was like fate, since she was whom I had pinpointed initially. 


Now, she hasn't mentioned fees or being paid at all, and I'm not sure she will, but I'd like to offer her something, I'm just having a hard time coming up with -what-. I know her because I babysat for her half a dozen times when her youngest two were about 4mo and 2 years. It all spanned about two months, and then I haven't seen them in about a year, because they moved further away from me, and closer to another babysitter they use. We aren't friends, acquaintances really, and I really look up to her. As a photographer, she is also a hobby photog, has done weddings and newborn shots for friends, and a few "commercial" gigs for local small time art shows etc. 


All the well known doulas in our area charge between $550-$600. 


Where would you start thinking would be an appropriate amount in this case? 

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My birth photog is $400, including a box set of images and a disk with rights to print. My doula is a close friend. I'll be her first birth after training, so she'll be getting a restaurant gift card of some sort. I would just flat ask her about her pricing and what it includes on the photography end.

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Honestly I would start by asking her.  She might assume you know what she charges since your friends have used her or she might not know how to broach that subject.  I would start by contacting her to see what she charges and start there.  If her rate is too low in your mind then you can pay her a bonus after the birth if you feel like her services were worth it.  

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Sorry, confusing story. None of my friends have used her... she's only doulaed for her own friends. I don't think she has ever charged before, as they were all quite close friends of hers. It's not a career of hers, just an interest. I'll definately talk to her once we get a chance to sit down, I'm just trying to figure out ahead of time what seems "normal"

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Oh sorry, I misunderstood.  I would say that whatever the normal fee is for a new doula would be what you should pay her.  It is important to remember that someone does not have to be trained or certified to work as a doula, and in some communities people don't do either and in some communities everyone does it.  So if I was you I would start in my mind with what a new doula makes (maybe a little more since she is doing two roles) and then I would talk with her :)  Good luck.

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I have just started my business as a doula and birth photographer ( Vancouver) I am charging between $800 and $600 sliding scale. So far I have been paid $500, $700 and $800. I hope to be able to go up to $1000 once I am more established. 


I hope this helps.

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I would doula for my friends for free, honestly, and just feel honoured that I was included. If they're more of an acquaintance than a friend, I would probably charge my usual fee. I would start by having a discussion with her about it to see what her expectations are.

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