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questions re: choosing a legal guardian

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Would you/did you choose a legal guardian for your kids in case of parental death who lived in a different country than you?


We are in the process of sorting out our will, etc and I am really torn. My sister and BIL live in Scotland (we are in Canada) and are my first choice by far to be DD's legal guardian. My gut really strongly feels that they would be the best people. The chance of them moving here is little to none. Haven't asked them yet. Not sure what the logistics of that would be in unlikely event that they would need to fill that role. Not sure how 'fair' it is to ask that of them.


Is this totally unreasonable or doable? Should I start thinking about a second-choice option to ask?

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I'm in a similar position to you. I live in Spain, my sister and parents live in NZ and my brother lives in the UK. I have already asked my brother and SIL if they would be DS legal guardian. We haven't lived in Spain for very long, so we wouldn't ask anyone here, however when we were living in the US we did consider asking very good friends of ours in the event that my brother refused as that was where DS was born and where had made out home.


I have a sneaking feeling that we should really make a spanish will now.

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I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one seriously considering this! We do have family here (well not in the same city as us but still in Canada) but I really think my sister would be best. I think my biggest hesitation is around the upheaval for DD moving countries soon after losing her parents. I mean I know this is highly unlikely to happen but I do want to be prepared.


What would the logistics be? Assuming sister and BIL say yes. Sister comes here for a few months (we get enough life insurance to cover her costs) and ease the adjustment?

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