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Question for EC'ers

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My baby will semi-rouse, crawl about and not want to settle back down at least once every night. I put it down to typical baby nighttime behavior and muddle through. Recently though, after having to get up at 2 am myself to use the bathroom, I wondered if it's because he needs to pee. What have been your experiences with your EC babies at night? Do you think it's possible he (and maybe lots of our babies) is rousing because he needs to pee and not settling until he has?


Thank you!

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I wouldn't be surprised... we dont EC but my DS is 9 weeks and doesn't pee through the night. however, he does wake grouchy (and dry) and I just realized this morning that as soon as he pees he's a happy clam! I'm starting to think about taking him to the toilet if he's dry when he wakes!

did you try and offer him the potty mid-night?
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Yes!, This is a common behavior. That's why EC is a great parenting tool. I suallly see babies that unconfortable and moving around. Many times I reconize as an eliminatuon needs. Sometimes, they just to be place in a EC position to get the gas out. I thing that is regular that many people can't rest when they have full bladder.

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My 6 week old wakes from deep sleep and squirms about, then seems quite grumpy as I try to pee her. But often she pees and then is more relaxed. Sounds like the same thing with your son. Maybe you could use this nightly pattern as an opportunity to catch a pee and start EC. I thought night was a funny time to start but the I realized that our nights are very predictable - eat, sleep, pee, eat, sleep, pee...so it made sense.

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Absolutely! I take Julia to the potty quietly without turning on any bright lights - usually just a nightlight. I keep it as calm as possible so she will go back to sleep easily. Calm, dark and boring in the middle of the night.

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Wow, thanks ladies. Got some ideas to chew on now. I guess the next step would be getting a potty for the bedroom since we have no master bathroom. Any particular method for putting the baby on the potty or do I just plunk him down on it like I'd do with a toddler? I mean, he's 10 months old and can sit very well, but probably not if he's half asleep.

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Not sure about a 10 mo, but when my light (14.5 lb) 6 mo DS needs to go, I hold him in a squat position over the sink or toilet and cue. This goes for any time day or night. I have a little potty for him but he likes to kick/stretch his legs out kicking the potty out from under him so we haven't used it.


We don't have a master bath either, but DS will wait until I carry him across the house and get him into position before going.

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I would just take him to pee since you're already up and see how that works for you.  To me EC is all about hits, misses and experimentation. :P



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