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Brooklyn Birthing Center/Maimonides

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Hey there NYC/NJ mamas,


I hope to get pregnant in the fall and my wonderful midwife does not take my new insurance. I'm excited because the BBC now does take my new insurance plan (I was hoping to birth there with my daughter but had to make other arrangements because of my insurance at the time).


I'm hoping there are mamas here who can give me the nitty gritty on the BBC and Maimonides. I did a search and there are some reviews on here, but they're from at least two years ago, and I'm hoping there is some new feedback.


Thanks to everyone in advance!


Mama of two lovely kiddos

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I dunno if my birth 2 years ago is valuable to you or not but i had an amazing birth at BBC. I did not transfer to Maimonides, so I don't know anything about how the hospital is if you have to transfer. I will say that at BBC I felt there was a really good balance of not being scared to let me have a nice long labor, and not being afraid to transfer care if needed.  I started having non progressing contractions on Thursday evening, eventually a membrane sweep on Saturday and smooth easy birth on Sunday. I was able to have my family there and I was able to take my little peanut home that evening.  It was perfect, I was well supported and felt really cared for. If I hadn't moved I'd be birthing there again.thumbsup.gif

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Thank you so much!


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Maimonides is EXTREMELY busy. It shows. It's not a bad hospital and its stats on vaginal birth are good, but your experience there can be a mixed bag. I've heard good ones, and I've heard "My roommate had visitors all night and no one kicked them out and I got no sleep." I do know a couple of people who did decide not to use the BBC because they didn't want to risk transfer there (one chose not to use them a 2nd time after she did have a transfer).

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Very interesting post! I just spoke with a woman on another message board who used BBC and Maimonides.  She ended up with a cs but was able to hold and nurse baby in the OR.  I have been  looking for a place that would allow me to do that if I needed a cs.  

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Thanks so much for your responses!


I have also heard that Maimonides is extremely busy... not bad, just busy.

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Heres an unfortunate loss story from BBC. I would not want these as my midwives, personally:



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my friend had a kind of rough experience there. they also recently lost a child vylette moon, due, according to vylettes mom, to the negligence of the midwives there.

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I gave birth at BBC in March of 2011 to my 3rd. My midwife also delivered my second baby in 2008 at a hospital. I loved BBC! Only amazing and positive experiences from start to finish and my daughters birth was by far the hardest and longest of all three of my kids. Go figure!
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How were they as far as a mother concerned with avoiding vaccinations and the vitamin k shot? The more I research on those topics the more natural child birth appears to be the smartest choice. Sticking a needle into a precious new bundle of joy sounds insane, especially with substance that have shown some bad side effects.

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