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Chicago Pride-Fest Meetup

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Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone would want to meet up on Saturday, June 25 to go to PrideFest in Boystown? I think it'll be more low-key than the actual parade on Sunday, so we'll be able to talk and get to know each other in real life.

DP and I are planning to get there at about 1:30, and we'd love to meet up with anyone in the area! I was thinking that a good meeting place might be at the Corus Bank parking lot (it's behind the Marshalls and all that mess) at the southwest corner of Halsted and Belmont.

Let me know if you're interested--I think it'd be a lot of fun to explore the festival and get to know each other in real life!
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This could be fun. Any idea how kid friendly it is? We have a very active 3 year old.

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Yay! A taker! smile.gif

I think it's about as kid-friendly as any of the other street-fests. I'd say bring him and if it's too much you can always bail and find a quiet side-street for a little bit. There's music and street-vendors and whatnot.

Come on, now, the rest of you. I know you're out there.
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We're in!!!

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Hey Isa...I think we are in. I've lived in Chicago and around Chicago and I have never been able to make Pridefest in Chicago.




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We're in, too!  DD will be at camp, but DP and I will come.  If it is crazy hot, I might not make it for long, but I'd really love to meet you all (and to see you and your DP again, Isa). 


Looking forward to it!

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We might be up for it... we are planning on being in Chicago then. :) I'll ask the wifey.

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do I get to come, too!!!?  I'm single and only in the reconnaissance phase of parenting.  I'll have to dodge out about 3 because my 8 and 10 year old roommates are performing at the metro for the finale to their girls rock camp.

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This sounds like lots of fun.  We won't make town til later that night but I hope y'all have a great time.

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Jenn--of course come! Hell, I hung out on this board for MONTHS before we started trying. The more the merrier!
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This sounds like fun!!  I just (as in literally just this moment) joined the community but my wife and I met Isa this weekend IRL.  I'm due Aug 7th so if it gets too much we might not be able to hang for too long but we would love to meet some cool people. 

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Hi Rayne! Nice to see you on the internets! (well, these parts of the internets...) Hop on in over at Queer and Pregnant, too, if you're so inclined--they're really nice over there!

Also, I'm glad it looks like we'll have a whole little group! smile.gif
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ugh... I'm so sad we have to miss out! we have a wedding to attend so it's a no go for us. hopefully the next meet up will work out better for us. innocent.gif
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We'll be there :)

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MrsPP - Yay!  I think I read your blog for a little bit. I'm totally excited to get to meet some folks and enjoy pride fest!

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Is anyone going to the parade the next day?! We are getting into chicago saturday evening sometime and will be watching the Parade Sunday. Anyone wanna get together and watch with us?!

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Okay, we're in. :)

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my roommates' concert just got moved to sunday afternoon instead, so I'll be able to hang around at pride fest longer, yay!


smiling sara - i might go to the parade.  i usually hang out with a girlfriend and whatever friends are around, but i don't have one of those this year and a lot of friends are in that tricky post break-up gray area, especially for big group things.  i think i could have fun with the right people.


how come we didn't get a group of people together for midsommer fest!?  there were so many families there and lots of music.  next year, i'll try to initiate a gathering.

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I PMed people--if anyone else wants to meet us, we'd love to see you there!
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Hello everyone...it was great to meet you all IRL! We had a blast...eventhough we got lost at first and I was a bit flustered when we finally did meet up with you all. I wish that we lived closer and we could meet up with you all more often and get to know you all better. Hope that the rest of the PrideFest was good and that you didn't get rained on.




aka~Lela and (Irene)

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