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This is a Due Date Club (Nov 2011 DDC means that it is the due date club for people due in November). DDCC means "Due Date Club Crashing", because if you arent due in the month of the club you are posting in,its polite to let people know that you arent in their ddc. For example, Im in the Feb DDC, not the Nov DDC. So, upon entering this thread I announced DDCC so that people wont be confused as to why Im all of the sudden posting here. Of course, my siggy says Im due in Feb, so I think most people know smile.gif Either way, its polite to let people know you arent in their club before storming in with your opinion because a lot of these women are very familiar with each other and are sharing personal things with other ladies who are in the same pregnancy boat as they are in.

Thanks for letting me know! 


I'll strive to keep out of the DDC's in the future, unless I have something that is useful and very, very unlikely to start a debate. And in that case, I'll make sure to add the DDCC!