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Who has gotten them?


I had them done Monday at 21dpo and they came back 2,188 hCg and 22 progesterone. I got my second draw today but no results yet of course.


I'm a little worried about the progesterone but the nurse wasn't. I see the doc on Tuesday and hope I'm okay until then. Does that sounds low?? I'm still breastfeeding.

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if the progesterone wasn't good, wouldn't they try to get you to supplement?  apparently there's a wide range..  12-20 in the first 5 weeks is normal..  hug2.gif  let us know how the results come back from your second draw! 

(i did have only one done, i think i am earlier than you and my hcg was less than 500 which worried ME.. but the prog for me was 22.7 which relieved me a bit.. the good high progesterone means an ectopic is much less likely-- i opted not to do a second draw to see if it was doubling since we're doing an early u/s). 

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My progesterone was 21 when my HCG was 1428..my doctor wasn't worried.  In fact the reason I had the beta's at all was because they wanted me to supplement progesterone because of previous losses but I wasn't comfortable supplementing until I knew what my body was doing on its own.  I had a second HCG but they didn't even do a second progesterone because they said it looked good.  So I'd say yours sounds fine too..  :)

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Thanks! Makes me feel better.


I just got my second set of betas back and it went from 2.188 at 20dpo to 3,305 at 22dpo. That's a doubling time of 80hrs. I thought 48hrs was best but upon reading more it looks like after a level of 1,200 rates doubling slow to 72-96hrs on average. Did anyone else's not double at 48hrs once they got to this level??

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