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Hey fellow momma's out there! My name is Sarah I'm 27 years old and we are expecting baby number 5 on jan 30th but I deliver late so I'm expecting a feb baby so hope that you'll have me here :) I'm really scared.. I never thought I'd have 5 kids and we struggle financially already but I love my kids and i try my very hardest to give them everything they need and make sure they are happy, healthy and that they feel very loved! we haven't told anyone... my mom knows we struggle and she was very negative when we found out we were pregnant with number 4 so I'm not ready to deal with that yet... I'm sick constantly... anyone else?

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Welcome!  Wow, I hope to have five kids one day, but I'm only on number two with this pregnancy... I've got some work to do. ;-)  Sorry you're feeling so sick.  I feel fine, but it's still really early for me... last time wasn't too bad at all, and I'm hoping for the same this go around.  We shall see...

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Wow, Congrats!

I know its really hard to have a parent who isnt supportive. Have you told her yet?
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no not yet... I feel like such a little kid around her sometimes... so hard to know that It's going to disappoint her... she's great once they are here and towards the end but not so much in the beginning like I don't know how hard it is going to be and I really need her to remind me

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yeah, we are waiting to tell my mom and MIL for those same reasons.
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I just don't tell people and that includes my family even my parents (my mom died but when she was alive) until I am really far along like 5-7 months sometimes longer but I dont see them hardly ever (military family live out of state). My husband and I do not get any help from our families either, no financial,no babysitting NOTHING...but they were always so negative  and never had any congrats to offer or anything it was always like someone had died or they were sorry for me eyesroll.gif . the last time I decided not to tell anyone and I didnt until I was at least 7 months and you know whats funny about that whole thing is everyone acted totally different and when my sister told them and they asked why I didnt tell anyone, she told them exactly what I told them to say "you've never acted happy for us or had anything nice to say any other time so we just decided it wasn't important enough to tell you" and they acted like they didnt understand why I would feel that way. They didnt say anything negative though and  they all acted fine about it after that so I'll do it again @@!  I'm expecting #6 and have only told a couple people.

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Hi Sarah,


I can relate. We aren't secure financially either and are afraid to tell about this pregnancy to one side of the family as well. I think I will wait until I'm well into my second trimester and the riskier time is over. I will be working on our budget to spend less, do more canning and freezing, and crochet + sew instead of buy... The most important thing for me is that this baby is desired by OUR family and no one else really matters because eventually its us who is going to bring it up into this world. Sounds like you are already doing your best and that's all you can do. Kids don't notice little things if they are loved and cared for, if they "belong"...I don't know if you are religious or not, but I believe that if we were granted this little miracle it will be provided for somehow.

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