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Who's doing projects? Can we motivate each other?

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Anyone else have a lot of projects going on at once?  Has anyone seen my motivation?


I ripped up my guest room to paint then got stalled on that project then my basement flooded.  So now I need to:


1.  Do one more coat of stain on a dresser and bookshelf in the guest room.

2.  Finish sanding/repairing the bathroom wall where I ripped down a mirror.

3.  Paint paint paint the guest room: ceiling, walls, closet, bathroom....  And I had the fabulous idea of doing stripes in there.  Joy!


Then the basement flooded so I also need to:


1.  Finish clearing out all the lighter stuff the movers didn't move.  I'm guessing it is all going in my newly organized garage.

2.  Prep/paint down there.  Ceiling and walls.  This is going to take FOREVER.

3.  Decide if "while I'm at it" I want to pain the bathroom down there.


And I'm still dealing with picking out carpet and paint and dealing with the insurance.  Yesterday was an all day service people day and today will be much of the same.


Oh, and now I need to patch the wall and paint in my bedroom where a way annoying alarm panel was removed yesterday.  I'm tempted to put it back up (completely dead and unusable) just to cover the holes.  LOL!


I just don't know where to start.  *sigh*

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a lot of projects going on at once ? YES

up and downs in motivation ? YES


I keep reading posts on this subforum ... and it helps but SO SLOWLY .....


- one corner of the lounge has all the boxes and and bags of random stuff that I need to sort out


- dining room table is 85 % covered with stuff I need to address "urgently" (and has been for the last 3 weeks - at least I finally addressed the pile of stuff on my computer chair, that pile staid there at least for 5 weeks ... I "thought" that using my computer chair would be a good motivator ... not so much in fact, I kept using a very uncomfortable chair when at the computer ...)


- was supposed to have a reflexology therapist coming to my home this morning so I started cleaning up a bit .... that at least, I feel better about (daily tasks, ok; weekly tasks mainly Ok, except dusting which is a real nightmare to me ...) and this morning I a managed to deep clean a very large window (well 3 french windows next to each other in fact) including the wooden frames and the net curtains


in the end the therapist didn't turn up but I went out for that treatment & the aquaintance who was supposed to drop by to copy some short videos from my computer couldn't make it SO it's clean now at least, I had a bit more time to move stuff around ....


BUT only one bin bag has been filled so far

still have to


- enpty everything from the over filled secretary in the entrance, throw half away, and put back in a better order what I need there

- carry on along a wall with 3 other pieces of furniture that are more or less covered with stuff and dust


I think I need a 20 minutes nap to start with ...

(once the children are back from school I'll be crabby if I don't sleep a little ...)


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Curiosity really is a b!tch.


I've added quite a project.  I ripped up a corner of the carpet on the basement steps to see what was under there.  Oh my, it is wood!  Actual wood.  Finally, something the builder did right. 


I'm now ripping out the carpet to stain and add a carpet runner.

Do I do one staircase or two?  That is the current question.

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hoping to spend 2 hours tackling the secretary this morning (if I get to start, it will be snowballing and I'll have to deal with quite a few other piles of stuff ....)

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I have about 10! It's making my head spin just thinking about it. I've been working on my house hardcore for about the last two weeks.... Cleaning some things, re-organizing some things, painting some things..... It just doesn't seem to end! :) But honestly, I'm really enjoying it. I'll have to come back with a real list once I can think my way around all of it. It's really late here(just finished a project!) and my brain is fried. 

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Yay...a place to post some of my projects!! I have lined out and am progressing ever so slowly through several!! Here are some of them...


*Make a summer activities binder--with times, places, cost, etc. for various things...including library story times, special events at the zoo and museum that we are members of, festivals, etc.

*Recipes--getting the keepers organized somehow, going through cookbooks and only keeping 2-3, etc.

*Coupons--sorting through and tossing expired ones

*Master bathroom---SCRUBBING it down, culling out extra toiletries and linens

*Guest bathroom--scrubbing it down, making up a guest basket of toiletries, getting a plastic basin to hide away all the kidlet's tubby stuff under the sink when guests are expected 

*Master closet--more culling of my stuff, trying to convince husband to actually part with things he never wears (always a battle), coming up with my Project 333 stuff

*Hall closet, guest room closet, laundry room--all small projects, but MUST be done

*Garage--clear out all the junk in there--freecycle, goodwill, and craigslist what I can, toss what I can't. Things that need to go to the attic need to go ahead and be put there!!


Those are a few of my current ongoing projects!!

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good news = I started on the secretary

bad news = it's going to take much more than 2 hours ...


at least I also did something else (when looking through a leaflet I was about to toss, where it says to clean the coils at the back of the fridge once a year ....

went to investigate- it's been nearly 3 years with that fridge- there was an open top container for water there that desperately needed emptying + a little scrubbing of it didn't hurt .... + went to get the vaccum cleaner and tried to get most of the dust on the coils ... cleaned behind the fridge and most of the tiles under it )


need to file papers in three different ring binders

the find some details on the net about the place I'm going to tomorrow

should have been asleep for more than 2 hours too ....

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Yes! I'm doing too many at once and am having a challenge focusing on any ONE enough to FINISH something! dizzy.gif


The good news is I *AM* making progress. At the moment, our master bedroom is clean and organized, which is my big accomplishment for today! LOL



~ Laundry is ready to be taken upstairs and put away.

~ Dishwashing basin is full of little jars and lids and handcrafting containers to be washed (somehow). I have about an hour to figure this out and get it done and out of the way in order to make dinner...

~ Our backyard is set up for painting (saw horses with cardboard laid out underneath; paint cans and paraphernalia out)...and has been for nearly two weeks. Have I painted a single thing??? Nope, nada, zilch...

~ Our project room looks like a bomb went off in there and has for about a week, but I have spent at least a little while in there every day. I'm aiming to get the table cleared off, so that I can unload the shelving unit (Ikea) onto the table and take the shelving unit apart and paint all the shelves and drawers and cabinet doors, etc. Some pieces are unfinished still and other pieces are the blue that used to be on the wall/trim. Can you say "clashes"???

~ Somewhere in the midst of the last project, I decided to also empty the 3-drawer unit and 3-shelf cabinet onto the table. I got rid of a lot of that stuff, which is why I did it and ultimately cut down on the little painting projects! There is still stuff to find homes for, though...

~ Some of the things I removed from the project room will be gifts and, therefore, belong upstairs in our gift box. I couldn't get to the gift box due to my DD's fashion crafting supplies spread all over the floor in front of the closet, which she had just cleaned up this past weekend. She came home from school and cleaned it up, so I pulled down the gift box and put the items in there and put it back. I happened to look on the shelf next to the gift box and realized our gift bags/boxes/tissue are out of control!!! I walked away for now, but it is lingering in my mind.

~ Also in the office is my desk, which has a pile of stuff on it that doesn't belong there...and it has spilled over to the floor. EEK! DH cleaned his desk out this past weekend and DD cleaned hers, as well. I was busy reorganizing my fun stuff (EOs, carrier oils, butters, containers, etc) in our master bedroom and missed the office cleaning party. LOL

~ I'm going on a scrapbook getaway weekend to the mountains in a few weeks and I need to prep for that. Too big of a project to think about now.

~ I also have two big paper grocery bags in my living room filled with Box Tops for my DD's school. I'm doing a promotion this month and have volunteers helping me, but this part of the job is mine. I need to spot check each baggie and I need to transfer Box Tops to the smallest baggie possible. I also need to find a box that will fit triple the amount I currently have and prep for our next counting party.

~ Also in the living room is DD's old sleeping bag, which I plan to refashion into a few cat beds. Right now, it is draped over a box the kitty loves. We were making sure she would appreciate the sleeping bag before doing the project. She does, so now I have work to do! LOL

~ I also have a massive roll of maps on the floor in the living room right now that came from the project room. My original plan was to create a map wall, but now I want to create a "murphy table" instead. The table will take up a lot of the wall, so I am planning to cull the maps and figure out a plan B for the remaining ones...


Okay, now I have 45 minutes to figure out how to clean some oily, itty bitty vials and lip balm containers and other such stuff...a whole basin full of them! Wish me luck!!!!! flowersforyou.gif

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I got all the teeny tiny bottles and jars and lip balm containers clean!!! I did recycle or throw out a dozen pieces, though. Those that wouldn't come clean went away... LOL I used a bottle brush, old toothbrush, small rag, and scrubby. Sheesh! It ended up taking over an hour to do it!!! They are air-drying now, then I hope to get them all put away tonight.

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All the dishes (project above + dinner) are all put away finally!!!! thumb.gif


We also put our clean clothes away and I have another load going now.

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have started on the ringbinders

plans for today; empty the fridge door and clean the 2 door shelves (there are jars of stuff that I'm not supposed to have anyway, why do I still keep them, it's silly of me ...)

need to get to the post office to & stop by the baker before children are out of school for lunchtime break since youngest has chicken pox so must not touch anyone when out and about ....

=> that's the hard part, get away from the computer .... it's good that it's motivating me but if i spend too much time reading there, not much is accomplished

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I set a timer in the other room for 1 hour and 11 minutes. When it goes off, it won't stop until I turn it off. Computer time is over at that point....


I don't have a specific plan for today, but I'm re-reading my list and deciding soon. I can't see the timer, but I probably have 45 minutes or so left...

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I moved laundry along, then I finally finished clearing off the project table! After wiping and drying the table, I unloaded the shelving unit. I'll wait to take the shelving unit apart and start painting until next Tuesday, though. DD has an early day today and then a four-day weekend from school and we're going out of town for part of that time. So, onto something else....

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This thread has been motivating me! Thank you ChristyMarie! flowersforyou.gif


I am also participating in the Cleaning 1-10 thread and I took someone's 10 minute "challenge" and cleaned up the mess I had made earlier in the day by dumping my school bag out. It had mostly Box Tops related paraphernalia in it. I went ahead and finished that project with DD helping me! I still need to find a box for all these, but I'm using a canvas bag with a zippered top for now. Looks nice and neat now! And, I am ready for our next "counting party"! orngbiggrin.gif

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We went out of town last weekend...for a long weekend. So much fun! And, it rejuvenated me! :)


Counting party was great! Now I need to repeat the tasks from last time in order to be ready for the last counting party this Friday morning.


I unloaded the shelving unit completely and DH helped me take the unit apart and drag everything outside. I've been sanding and priming for two days now!


Last night, I cleaned up my desk. Tonight's plan is to start the scrapbooking project.

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