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Vit K: injection or oral does?

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Hi Mamas,


I'm wondering what all of you have decided to do about the Vit K prophylactic issue? I've said no to the injection because it just doesn't feel right (the poke as well as that quantity of Vit K when there must be some reason babes come in with so little) but am up for doing oral supplementation over the first weeks. I've read that you can either give it to babe OR that mom can take 1 mg a day for a certain length of time. Me taking it makes most sense to me because it seems gradual and more organic... What are your experiences/choices/research findings???



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Subbing to this thread as I'm really interested to see people's responses. Our midwife just discussed this with us and I'm hesistant to do it at all. I feel like I don't know enough about the potential benefits/risks/side effects to make an educated decision yet.
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I planned on doing no Vit K shot with my last baby (my first "crunchy" baby) and supplementing myself.  Then he got stuck and ended up badly bruised.  His whole head looked like a blueberry.  So I ended up telling the nurses to give him the shot.  They asked me several times to make sure I was in the right state of mind (lol) and then gave it to him.

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I didn't do it with first 3 babies but did it with next 2, not the shot- the oral stuff midwives use. I see it arrived (oral vitamin K) in my birth kit. I feel it's not necessary but they push it (for legal reasons with professional midwives???)...........this is the stuff that arrived. http://www.preciousarrows.com/Oral_Vitamin_K_p/44000.htm

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I did it with my first because it was legally mandated in hospitals in the state I gave birth in. I didn't do it with my second. I'm not planning to do it with this baby. My midwife does not routinely carry it. If I were to transfer to the hospital I plan to discuss it with the staff and find out their stance on refusal. If they tend to call CPS I won't fight it, because honestly I have bigger things to worry about if I do end up transferring. I think it cases of birth trauma, the use of it is warranted but I'm not anticipating it.

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I'm curious too. I only hear the reasons TO do it so I'm trying to be more educated about the reasons NOT to do it. Anyone know some good info???

My midwife doesn't carry oral Vit K so I'd have to get it somewhere if I wanted that.
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We were not going to give is to DD, but she appeared to have a big bruise on the back of her head after birth so we decided to do the oral dose (my midwife carries it).  It actually turned out that the mark that looked like a bruise was a red birth mark.  I think I will see if this babe appears to have any bruising after birth and decide then.  I feel that overall it probably is not necessary because babies are born that way most likely for a reason (I don't have any research though)

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Originally Posted by mamahen2coop View Post

I'm curious too. I only hear the reasons TO do it so I'm trying to be more educated about the reasons NOT to do it. Anyone know some good info???

My midwife doesn't carry oral Vit K so I'd have to get it somewhere if I wanted that.

Vit K shot info


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I'm not doing it.  Didn't do it with DS & my midwives don't feel it's necessary.  Maybe it's necessary in a typical medical birth where Pitocin causes violent contractions that crush the baby?  IMO If we needed Vit K at birth, babies would make it before leaving the womb.

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I think I may just end up using the oral dose myself and spare the baby the oral stuff. I agree that most babies are fine without it (unless as article pointed out there were other issues). I eat lots of leafy greens and other K rich foods too.

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I am doing what's the standard here in Austria: three oral doses over the first 4 weeks. I am doing it because of the brain bleed my son died from, even though that was much later and not at all related to the Vit K. I just do not want to miss anything.

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Anybody know what the proper/suggested dosage is for baby (oral Vit K)? I just ordered some, and it was so expensive that we just opted for the smallest amount, which is .5 ounces. Will that be enough? For me to take as a supplement, or for baby? 

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Make sure you're eating lots of good fats if you're going to rely on eating leafy greens for Vit K since it's a fat soluble vitamin.  thumb.gif

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I have not done vit. K with any of my children (all born with midwives in birth centers or at home), but I've said every time that I would if there was a good reason to give it.  And from what my midwives have said - all of them along the way - the only real reason you need to give it is if there is some trauma or bruising during the birth.  Otherwise, it's really not necessary.  Since we've had no trauma or bruising during any of our births, we've never given it.  But I would do the shot if it was needed.  

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Gismobabe: are the oral doses for the baby or yourself? Do you happen to know the amounts of the 3 doses? I've been trying to find out what's available for me here in Norway and it seems the standard is Injection but I found one reference to a 2 mg oral dose for baby that's given soon after the birth followed by 1 mg doses, once a week for 13 weeks....

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I am doing the injection because my normally otherwise laid back ped is insisting on it.  I wasn't going to do either unless the MW suggested it.  She said she only suggests it for prolonged labor, traumatic labor, or if baby has a great deal of head molding or bruising.   I thought that was a good action plan.  She does carry the injection and the oral treatment.   So that was not an issue.

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My midwives are okay with either, but the assistant was telling me that only the initial benefit has been proven and not the long term benefits like with the shot.  We are debating between the oral dose or nothing.  We decided on the shot last minute after birth when they thought they had to intubate my son.

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I"m still debating. I think for sure if there is some indicator- rapid labor, bruising, etc... I'll go with the shot. If not, I'm kind of leaning towards nothing at all. I'm not even entirely sure why it's just kind of my inclination.
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Does anyone know the proper dosing for this?  I bought the one from Precious Arrows mentioned above.  Is it better for me or the baby to take it and how much and how often?




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I just found an awesome pediatric naturopath yesterday (that my insurance actually covers!) for my babe who's soon to be born. Asked her about the Vit K (she's a midwife too) and she said she totally supports her clients doing drops not injection. I bought the drops she uses because I was there and wanted to cross it off my list. It's Scientific Botanicals brand, K-Quinone, K-1. 1 drop=2mg. The dosage she suggests is 3 drops, once a week, for the first 6 weeks. She sneaks the first 3 drops in at the newborn exam after birth. I asked her about me taking it and Babe getting it through breastmilk and she said you can do that but only a small amount that gets through.


My childbirth teacher said that all the vit k drops she's seen given seem to taste awful to newborns (makes sense) and she's not so sure that anything gets in but I trust this Dr and her dosing. The vit is in a olive oil base which couldn't be THAT bad for brand new intestines....

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