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Advice needed on postive affirmations and journaling

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Hi Friends :-)


I am looking to improve some areas of my life (hehe please reference my other post in this forum for deets) and have purchased some self help books. In the past I have used some affirmations, visualization meditations and law of attraction. But only in small doses.


With positive affirmations – I have been writing them down each evening in my journal. I just sort of write whatever comes into my mind and the topics vary a lot. To be honest I have a lot of areas to focus on: improving my marriage (big area of immediate need), increasing income/prosperity, improvement at my job, and improving myself: increased self confidence, being assertive, great communication, feeling strong, capable, loved, and improving self care like weight loss and exercising…


That said, is it best to just mix all these desires/affirmations together in one writing session or should I focus on 1-2 at a time? Do you have a select few affirmations you continually use or do you mix up the wording?


And I seem to have 3 different notebooks/journals going now LOL One is where I have been writing about my spiritual path, with artwork in a lovely journal. I’ve added some affirmations and gratitude entries there. The others are just notebooks with a mix of free writing, complaints, ideas (ack even to do lists), exercises/notes from books I am reading and my affirmations.


Should I have a dedicated journal just for affirmations? Is this something one would keep or is it just a place to write stuff and recycle it when you are done?


What do others do? Thanks for the feedback :-)





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Good for you, I think this is a great thing to focus on. I usually focus on one thing per day, whatever subject is in the forefront of my thoughts. If I'm not working over anything in my head, I have a few standard affirmations that I fall back on.


What books are you reading?

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I hit the used book store and bought some classics:


Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Creative Visualizations by Shakti Gawain (used to own this must have passed it on)

Feal the Fear… and do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Ask and it is Given by Abraham/Hicks


And on order new from Amazon.com (thanks to a gift card I received at work), currently shipping to me:


The Assertiveness Workbook by Randy Patterson

When I say no, I feel Guilty by Manual Smith

Healing your Emotional Self by Beverly Engel


It is difficult to not delve into ALL the books at once, but I quickly realized I could not really focus on the content if I did. I am reading the Feal the Fear one first. I am also listening to an audiobook by Abraham/Hicks when driving in my car – my MIL leant it to me. I also watched my copy of The Secret, because it is very inspiring and motivating if I need a little jump start.


I plan on delving into one of the Assertiveness books next. That is an area I need improvement in, in a big way. The Universe has been pretty clear about that lately!


The main thing I have been struggling with is thinking if I do not focus on my angry thoughts (mostly aimed at DH) then I am discounting and unvalidating those feelings. Just brushing them aside as I feel he does. BUT while listening to Abraham/Hicks CD (called The Vortex, about relationships) it is very clear that what I focus on, I call to me. And even if the relationship has many challenging aspects, I need to focus on the good parts to bring more of them. The ultimate in positive reinforcement I guess.


Thanks bunches!



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Those all sound like great books. I worked through the Heal Your Life workbook and really liked it. Louise Hay also has a book that comes with an affirmation CD that I love. The book is called Experiencing Your Good Now: Learning to Use Affirmations. I love listening to the CD in the car. 

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