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4 month old boy with "scrotal nodule" on vas deferens

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Hi Dr. Sears (I'm a big fan of you and your dad :) ).  


At my son's 4 month well-baby visit, the doctor said he could feel a nodule on the right vas deferens.  His next sentence was "it probably isn't cancer because it feels soft not hard, but let me consult another dr and we'll probably set him up with a consult for an ultrasound."



I have tried to do a bunch of "googling" and I can't figure out what it might be? All the stuff that comes up has to do with vasectomies which my 4 month old has not had ;)


ETA: A nurse called and she is setting up a u/s for him and will get back to me tomorrow about when the apt will be.


Thank you for your time!


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I don't want to guess what he was thinking.  I rarely if ever feel anything in the scrotum besides the testicles. I've never noticed something I thought was a nodule above the testicles.  That's not to say it couldn't be something harmless. Just because I haven't felt one doesn't mean there couldn't be a totally harmless cyst there.  I would have to talk with a peds urologist myself if i felt something like this.  an ultrasound would probably be how it would be investigated. 

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Thanks for your response. So are you saying that if whatever this is, is not on the testicle itself it is sure to be harmless? If it is a "cyst" does anything need to be done? Will it go away on its own?


For a little more information-- I can actually see it.  I didn't notice it before, but today I let him be diaper-less for a little bit and any time he made a loud grunt noise or laughed/coughed I could see the little ball. It moved up and down. It was bigger than a pea and smaller than a marble. It is definitely not attached to the testicle but right above it.


A nurse is supposed to be calling me tomorrow to let me know when our ultrasound will be.


I'm still nervous help.gif

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I'd say it's most likely harmless, but I can't be SURE.  I'd follow your doctor's advice on this

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Well u/s shows it as a 1cm fluid-filled cyst.  We are on a wait/watch/ and see basis right now.  They will feel it again at his 6 mo check up and see if it's changed in size or not.  Very happy to find out it is NOT a tumor!! 


Thanks, dr. sears and i'll be to sure to update if anything changes (in case this helps out anyone else because I seriously could not find anything online about it)

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