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Fillings for "Sticky Spots"

Poll Results: Would you let dentist drill & fill "sticky" spots?

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  • 33% (2)
    Not right now - I'd try some other things and ask for re-evaluation in a few months.
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    Nope. I'd go back for a check up when due and only allow drill / fill for "full" cavities.
  • 16% (1)
    Nope. I'd only allow fillings if there was pain / another "noticeable" problem.
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    Other (please explain).
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So my DD is almost 4. I had her at a children's dentist who advised me that she needed two small fillings on two of her front teeth (one on each tooth). She also said that DD had some brown "pre-decay" spots that if I were to put DD under GA for treatment, she would go ahead and drill and fill, but if I wanted to treat her in the office for the two cavities, she would leave those spots alone and just watch them.


About maybe 4 weeks after that, I had DD at a different children's dentist (wasn't happy with previous dentist due to some issues with her treatment recommendations for my 5 YO DS). The new dentist says the first two cavities need filled. Then she goes on to say there are three more spots that need filled. She says they are "sticky spots". Then there are two more spots she sees that may or may not be cavities at this point, and they will use some sort of laser thing to determine if there is indeed weakening of the enamel in those spots. If the laser reads 20 or higher, they want to drill and fill those spots. The laser thing was giving readings out when not even in DDs mouth and beeping like crazy - it didn't really seem that reliable. Finally, a different hygienist came in and got the thing to allegedly read, and got a 36 for one and an 80 for the other.


So. Now the new dentist wants to do 7 fillings, which is over $1000 in dental work :-(


It's not really the money I am concerned with (we have dental insurance), but it really seems excessive to me.


I'm not sure which opinion I like least - the suggestion to drill and fill "pre-decay" spots, or the opinion that these spots are actually full-out cavities.


I am of the belief that once a spot is drilled / filled, that's the end of the line - the tooth can't do any healing there. The work is stressful and possibly a bit traumatic for a 4 YO, not to mention expensive. If it's necessary, I can deal with the cost, but this just feels like too much.


I also understand preventative care and the mainstream dental opinion that if you don't fill cavities, decay will get worse, spread, etc. But I personally believe that "sticky" spots can be remineralized / healed.


So I've been working on a tooth healing procedure for DD.


My original plan was to work on remineralization for 3 - 6 months, take DD in at that point, then request they re-evaluate at that point and drill / fill whatever seems to need it at that point. Either the teeth will be better in that time, or they won't. 


But now I am second-guessing myself and feeling like maybe I should just let the dentist fill what she wants to fill...IDK. I mean, what if the remineralization doesn't do any good? I don't think her teeth will be in any emergency state if I wait the six months, as I am monitoring her, she's having no pain, I don't see any more spots / worsening of existing spots, etc. But for some reason it's really bothering me.


Do you think fillings are necessary or a good idea for "sticky" spots? What have you done in a position like this? Please help me evaluate this with a bit more of a level head! (Thanks so much if you read this far...)

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Re-mineralization first is always a good bet if you LO is in no pain.  Most sticky spots can be treated on your own and honestly some DDS' can use a air abrasion (like a mini sandblaster) and not have to drill and fill at all. 


Never hurts to try the minerals first. 

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I'm new to all this. What type of mineral do you use to heal your teeth? I wish I'd learned this a few years ago. My child's teeth have already been filled and crowned. :(

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Originally Posted by Xantho View Post

Re-mineralization first is always a good bet if you LO is in no pain.

Yeah that! (but I will add that if you don't plan on doing anything, then you should get treatment)
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Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 View Post

Yeah that! (but I will add that if you don't plan on doing anything, then you should get treatment)

Oh, we definitely already have a plan in place! I switched to ToothSoap instead of toothpaste. After brushing, we do a round of cell salts. Then, we do either pascalite clay application or m.i. paste application (we alternate nights). I just don't know if that will be enough or not :-(


Also, we drink raw milk from grass-fed cows and eat a good bit of Kerrygold butter. But we've been doing that since before the "sticky spots" showed up.


I also got some xylitol that I was planning to give DD twice a day, plus some Spry gum. I just haven't been able to get that routine going yet, but we are going to work on it! Also, I have been thinking of doing daily raw egg smoothies with raw milk and coconut oil, but so far haven't gotten to that yet either.


I've tried in the past to get the kids to do FCLO and HVBO, but I've not been able to get them to take these. Any other recommendations?

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How is you LO with gluten and also are you supping with vit D? If you are going to supp with CLO, then you will need to do alot or simply supp with Vit D.
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Well, we have been on a nearly gluten-free diet, and she developed the "sticky" spots after we started that. I think gluten had a lot to do with my 5 yo DS's tooth decay issues, but doesn't seem to align as well with DD's issues. I have been supplementing with vit D, but not as regularly as I should. I'll definitely work on being more consistent with that!

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I've been reading a lot on tooth decay lately, and came up to the conclusion that modern detection technologies are very sensitive, and therefore dentists are eager to fill every spot that they see. Teeth go through natural demineralisation / remineralisation cycles, and filling 'sticky spot's is a pretty drastic measure! I used to have a dentist who always monitored my own spots, and I never needed to fill them, they healed on their own, without any particular treatments (this was in adulthood, on my adult teeth).


I posted below that we were very successful with arresting cavities with xylitol--mostly rinsing, supplemented with gum and candy when we are out (after each meal or snack), and I'd certainly go this route, and other possible routes before filling sicky spots (for goodness sake!) on baby teeth. We also used stannous flouride, and I'm not super happy about it, but pediatric dental care in this province is so attrocious, that I chose what was the lesser of two evils for my emotionally sensitive / anxious child. My kids have been on xylitol for 9 weeks, and on stannous fluoride gel for 6 weeks so far.


Good luck!


ETA: they also take vitamin D, and CLO. And from my research, I think xylitol should be having more effect than fluoride, but I was simply desperate and decided to try both at this point. I would not have used flouride with a child younger than 6, as they need to spit it out and refrain from eating or drinking for 30 min after we brush with the gel.

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The first time we went to the dentist, some of DD's teeth were sticky. They said they were going to watch them. I didn't know anything about remineralization at that point, but I just paid close attention to brushing that area with her natural toothpaste, and at the next appointment they were fine!

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