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Thank you Thank you I just can't believe it, beta is drawn, now I wait for the results, we transferred 2 but whatever it is twins or singleton we'll be thrilled. I probably won't believe it until I'm changing the kids diaper we have waited so long for this.

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Man, thank God I get my updates on my phone b/c I wouldn't get anything done today with all this waiting for betas that is going on today!!!!  Praying for you both  Purple and Keria!!!!!!  Wahooooooooo..... Keep the BFP's coming!!!!!!!!  joy.gif

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Congrats Keria!!!  joy.gif

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Wonderful news, Keria! So happy for you!!  jumpers.gif




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Congratulations Keria!!  energy.gifjumpers.gifbanana.gifbanana.gifbanana.gifbanana.gifbanana.gif (yes, FIVE dancing bananas worth!)



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Oh my gosh!!!  Yippee Keira!!!!!  joy.gif


Taxlady, I hope you are feeling better today hug2.gif


Purple, good luck with your beta, hoping for a BFP today!!!


Inwaiting, the BCP part of the process is soooooo hard!  It seems so counter productive.



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Keria, WAHOOOoooOoooOOOOO!!!!!! joy.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifjoy.gif I'm so so so happy for you!!!!!
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So, BFN for me.greensad.gif

I already knew it but was trying not to think about it. It looks like I may have to wait until August or Sept for the next try, as they close down the embryology lab for the whole month of July to clean it (strict rules and regs). Now I just need to get DH to sign off on trying again. Hope he doesn't change his mind AGAIN. This will allow me the next month or two to enjoy biking around with my DD in our new bike trailer and hopefully lose some weight, go swimming, paint the kitchen, etc. I'm going to be busy to keep my mind off ET.


Keria - Congratulations!!! I am thrilled that you got positive news and am looking forward to hearing your bhcg results. thumb.gif


Thank you ladies for your interest and support! It's nice to have a group of understanding people to cry to when needed, especially because I don't have the support at home. I am trying to hold it together until DD goes to bed, then I am going to have a bubble bath and cry for a while. Maybe I'll go to the liquor store for my favorite bottle of wine tonight. There's also a pan of brownies and some butterscotch ripple ice cream in the fridge with my name on it.whistling.gif

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joy.gifKeria!!  That is so exciting!!  And with Dh's sperm and with everything else that's gone on - truly wonderful news!!



On the other hand, I'm sorry purple piggy.. its a bummer.  How crazy that they close the lab for a month - but what you have planned sounds like a lot of fun.  Swimming and summertime fun!


So I really appreciated the supportive comments and like RCR said, he transferred four to increase the odds that we'd get one.  We had one A-, a B, and early and well, none of my pictures are as pretty as Keria's.  (Not that it's a competition,  but those were gorgeous).  It was just weird.  I didn't expect to hear the word "four".  My beta will be on Tuesday


So who's next? 

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So sorry purple but I;m glad you have more embies to try


Thank you all for the congrats and dancing veggies I got my  beta and it's 25.9 which is pretty good for 10 dpo I'll get another one in a couple of days, my progesterone is 44.9 which is awesome as well.


Taxlady the fact blasts are very different form 8 cell embies so the fact that you have blasts is a very good sign. I read somewhere that some RE's like to transfer lower quality embryos to "help" the good ones I don;t know the theory behind it but who knows. Your beta is soon enough maybe you'll get quads j/k.



Now I need to go change my signature.

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Just stopping by for a quick stalk.


Congrats Kiera and anyone I missed from last thread


Thanks so much for thinking of me blue that's really sweet of you.


Fertility wise I told MIL about what was going on and she really wants to mount a legal chanlleng so I can use dh's sperm.  my dad is getting a retired lawyer to look at the stuff.  realsiticaly I think we have 0 chance of it working so I'm not holding out on it.  I'm planning on an iui with donor sperm in 5-10 months depending on how my greiving is going.  I know its soon but that awful tumor has taken so much from me alreay I don't want to go on waiting.  look where always waiting for a better time got me so far.  Thinking of it gives me something to hope for and I can always push my time table back,


Non fertilty wise I seem to be doing OK.  good days and bad days but mostly just wanting to look to the future.  being madly optomist is a real carater flaw of mine.  Anyway I may stalk again when I feel up to it and good luck all!

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I'm typing half blitzed right now on one and a half glasses of wine, so sorry for any errors. The wine, a bubble bath and half a pan of brownies helped. DH said, "I'm sorry" and patted me on the head when I told him the news. Then he went downstairs and watched TV all night like usual, while I went out to get groceries with sunglasses on. I'm so going to go buy a really really expensive bouquet of flowers for myself tomorrow.


Keria - that's great news - I'll be waiting to hear how the next test goes! Can they "guesstimate" from the numbers whether it's twins or a single or do you have to wait for an ultrasound?


Taxlady - I can't wait to hear the result tomorrow - I'm keeping my numb drunken fingers crossed for you! (Eyes too - can't help it right now - focusing is getting harder)


Keria -  glad to hear the blood test results were good! When will we know about the second test? Can they guess based on the levels whether you may be carrying twins or a single or do you have to wait until an ultrasound for that?


Silverbird -  I am glad you are getting some support from your family right now - that must mean a lot to you. I am thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. hug2.gif


I am sure I will pull my head out of my butt soon and stop feeling so sorry for myself. Thank you all for your indulgence with my display of self pity. Now I will go and have one last glass of wine and go to bed. I am sure I will look at my toes tomorrow and say, "WTF?"


Never try to paint your toes blood red when you are drunk! 


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Purple - Hope the wine, bubble bath and brownies helped last night and hopefully you don't have a massive headache this morning!!  I know BFN suck and they suck even more after doing an IVF b/c there is so much more time, expectation, and money put into TTC.  Sending you lots of hugs grouphug.gif and positive thoughts to help you through this time.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and pray that DH doesn't "sign off" on trying again.  I forget if you have any more frozen?  I know you joined in kinda later, so I forget the full story about how many you had left.  Thinking of you!!!  hug2.gif


Silver - Good to see your name come up again.hug.gif  It sounds like things might be moving in the right direction w/ possibly getting your DH's sperm.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and pray it all works out.  I know it has to be hard and you don't want to get your hopes too high, but hopefully something will work out and it is great that you have another plan in place w/ possibly using donor sperm when you feel you are ready to fully cross that bridge.  Love your sig and I know you will have a bright future w/ an extra angel watching over you in heaven and I'm sure all he wants is for you to be happy and keep moving on w/ your goals and life. He will always be in your heart and you will carry him everywhere you go. At least that is how I'd feel if I was up there looking down on my own DH.  Take care and keep us posted.  We love stalkers  and you are more of an "ivf sister stalker" to us.


Keria - Great numbers!!!joy.gif  I still don't understand why they had you on so much progesterone last time if this time you are on just a little and your prog. is so good?  Is your next beta tomorrow  (wed)?  Keep us posted.  That should be  a big clue if it could be twins or not?  Did they say anything about when your U/S would be?  Yay!!!!


Belly - Glad to hear that your vacation was good and now that you are on w/ this new cycle.  I hear ya about the bcp's... i didn't have to take them but it just seems so weird to be on bcp when you are trying to get pregnant but the Drs. know what they are doing.  How many do you think you will put back in?


Taxlady - how are you feeling?  Just checking in on you.  Were you on two days of bedrest or no?  How are the frozen meals working out for you?  Did you end up doing that like kewpie did?  I was thinking about that but DH and i are trying to eat healthier and I think it might be hard b/c i'm trying to do some new recipes and don't know how they would freeze.  Hmmmm... we will see.  It sure would be nice not to have the stress of cooking in that tww though.   Anyways, I'm thinking of you!!!!  hug.gif


Laggie & Kewpie - good to see you both.  Any updates with you both?  We need some more good pregnancy vibes on here for sure!!  Hoping we all can get BFP's this summer!


Hi to everyone else out there!!



AFM - not much going on here.  Still working on getting this painting done and we only have like 10 days left before the puppy comes, so it needs to get finished.  That is about all here... next Wed is my hysteroscopy so we will just wait and see.  Got to run.

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Purple hope the wine and chocolate helped that was my bfn therapy well that and heavy lifting

Silver i think of you all the time I wished i had words of wisdom to help.

Blue sorry i saw the question but with all the excitement forgot to answer, i think it's one of those things that different clinics do differently i don't know if the dose was much larger since i was doing 200mg twice a day plus the pio now I'm doing 400 mg 3 times a day but no pio my butt apreciates this my bank account not so much, remember to take advil before your test and i totally understand the feeling of wanting to find something i desperately wanted an explanation to why i lost the baby on my iui but nothing was found.

I took another test today and it's a bit darker even though dh looked at it and said it was the same damn dh not distinguishing all the shades of magenta but after it dried even he could see that. It was darker, can't wait for my next beta tomorrow.

Sorry for typos typing from phone.
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Keria -   Yay, for darker lines!!!!!!!!!joy.gif I'm not sure that I'm aloud to take advil before my test b/c it is outpatient and they knock you out (like general anesthesia in the hospital) and i have to stop all vitamins & asprin/ vit. E/ fish oil like a wk before the test - which reminds me, that would be tomorrow.  Were you aloud to take Advil before your test???  Are you maybe thinking of the hsg test (the dye test maybe) or did you have the scope test as well?  I'll be interested in hearing more about it if you did have it.

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I did have a hysteroscopy but i was awake and no anesthesia it was very painful for me but other people say it didn' t hurt that much , i wish i was given the option of getting knocked out, basically it's a camera in the uterus looking for abnormal growths and stuff any questions ask away.
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Keira, I think my beta with my daughter was around 60 on 12dpo, so my guess is a singleton...BUT it's almost impossible to say so early!  So excited for you!  Keep us posted :)


Blue, that puppy is really sneaking up on us!  Can't believe she is almost home with you guys!


Silver, I think about you a lot too.  I hope your MIL can help you get DH's sperm!!!  Please check in with us when you can, it's nice to "see" you around.


Taxlady, you have me on pins and needles!  How is everything going?


Purple, I really hope you are feeling better and your DH let's you try again soon!


AFM, I started worrying today that maybe I ovulated while on the supression (estrogen).  That's what cancelled my cycle in April, but last time I didn't start the pills on day 1 because my OB wouldn't clear me for the cycle, but then changed his mind after my post-op check up (day 5).  Anyway, I called my RE in a little panic and asked if I could come in for a progesterone check before my u/s on Friday.  It's another $200, but I just need to make sure my cycle is "good" before risking 2 of my best blasts and the $1500.  If it's "okay" then I wont wonder if that was the reason I got a BFN.  Does that make sense?  And if I have to do another cycle I wont worry then... 


I really really hope everything is okay and this cycle is a go, I just can't bare the thought of waiting till August to try again (my RE only does FET every other month). 


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Just wanted to delurk really quickly to say CONGRATS to Keria


And Taxlady...you know how much I am rooting for you.  praying.gif  I hope you have some good news.

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Thank you Maurine is so good to see you.


Belly it makes total sense to me better safe than sorry but hopefully everything is great and you guys can go ahead how many snow babies do you have left?


I think it's a singleton too DH thinks it's twins, we'll  see, honestly the thought of parenting newborn twins and still keep our business running makes me panic,  but if it's twins I'm sure we'll make it work luckily my parents we'll help us if we need them.


Is it tomorrow yet? I've never been so eager to get  blood drawn.

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Oh Silver, you're optimism is wonderful. I'm so glad you've checked in with us and I would let everyone help you along.  Sounds like you have some supportive people around you, but your strength is something I admire.  


Blue - 10 days until the puppy!!  EEEAAAKKKK!  That is so exciting,  plus painting, plus moving along with IF.  I'm impressed, plus, you find time to come over here and support each and every one of us!  XXOO


Belly - I completely think you're doing the right thing to check to make sure because each of those embies are precious, BUT I hope to God you get to go for it this time.. you've been such a patient lady.  It's YOUR turn!!  


Maruine - ARE YOU READY?!?!  Only what?  2 months until you're greeted by your baby boy!!  EEEAAKKK!!  I know you're rooting for me, thank you, you are a very special person.  


Keria - YEA! For darker lines!!  I can't wait to see those numbers tomorrow, I'm really excited for you.  It's just so wonderful, I keep saying, after all that rigamarol with the lab saying there was only 1 sperm, noo wait, a few sperm, no.. WOW.. it worked!!  And thanks for your information on my blasts, I didn't realize they were different.  But you helped ease my nerves a bit.  


And PURPLE.. MY GIRL.. I hope you enjoyed your wine AND tomorrow, YEAH, get yourself that expensive bouquet that your DH meant to buy for you when he was patting you on the head.  DH's.. Umm.. what's the saying.. can't live with em, but we love them anyway?  Out here where I live, it's not uncommon to wear your sunglasses grocery shopping.. I mean, how else would you disguise yourself from the paparazzi??   The other day I saw Lisa Rinna at Trader Joe's and I was like, even sunglasses are not going to disguise those lips.  ENJOY your wine in the meantime. You've got quite a few more embies, if I remember correctly.  


AFM?  The main doctor is old school and likes 24 hours of bedrest, the newer two doctors think the new way without bedrest.  However, my MIL and FIL recommended 3 days.. so since my FIL is also my boss I took him up on it.  I stayed put on Sunday and Monday.. pretty much.  I made some meals, but I am no where as good as Kewpie, DH kept me fed very well.  And my MIL came over on Sunday with two bags of delicious gluten free treats.. I haven't had a cupcake in almost two years!!  (and they were totally delicious) Today, I enjoyed some time with mom and sister and nephew.  My parent's sort of live here, but right now my dad works in Paris, so it's really nice to have her around for this round.  Tomorrow, I'm back to work.  I don't feel ANYTHING...so the waiting continues.. 8 days until my beta.... hopefully work goes fast and I'm almost inclined to POAS on Father's Day.. except that we're hosting Father's Day which includes a golf tournament and a trophy.  I would really like it if my DH wins the trophy and gets a BFP... I will never be able to top that as a Father's Day gift to him.  (a girl and her dreams.. you know?)

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