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Aura, I am so sorry it was negative hug2.gif  Do you have any plans for trying again? 


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Laggie, my OB keeps the office super cold, but luckily my RE keeps it nice and toasty...if I don't already have my clothes off there I always wish I did :)  Did they do a beta to see what your hcg levels are?  I am glad you get to do a FET so soon!  That's cool you have gender vibes...A little girl would be great!

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rcr - I'm glad you asked that question b/c i'm kinda confused as well!!!! 


auraleigh - I'm so sorry to hear about your BFN!!!hug2.gif  If we lived in the same city we could go get a drink together.  I know it is early but what is next for you?  A FET or some time off?  We are all here for you!!!!


Laggie - Glad to hear all is going smooth with the m/c... if m/c can go smooth...ughhhh!  hug2.gif


lfpalmer- I guess I'm a little confused as well.  It sounds to me as if you are telling us that we can all solve our infertility issues ourselves???  I guess it is a little unclear exactly how we do that?????  Maybe you can clarify a little more.  I'm game in doing pretty much anything and have already been diagnosed w/ thyroid issues, but don't fit the normal Hypo. mode.  So were these changes that you did right before you got pregnant w/ your IVF baby??


april - more meds already?  That is a bummer!!!!!  Hope our U/S and bw go well!! Keep us posted.


bungalowmama - how are you doing? I haven't seen your name for a little while so i wanted to just check in on you!!! Hope all is well.  How are the betas doing? When is the u/s?? So excited for you and your DH!!!


Hi everyone else as well!!!

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Aura I'm so sorry is this your first IVF?.


Laggie I'm glad the m/c is almost over and you get to try again with your snow baby,


rcr what are your plans fertility wise?


Blue I hope everything goes well with your call and you get some answers have you considered recording the conversation?


Congratulations to everyone with great betas


Lfpalmer GO AWAY



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so first ivf is a big fat BFN.  got the call at work and totally lost it... had to ask my boss to leave a few hours early and ran out sobbing. not one of my finer moments.  husband is in philly so i am spending the evening sad and alone. 


i think the worst part right now is that i have to get my period.  i'm so not in the mood for more physical discomfort. 


i spoke briefly with the dr, she suggested next cycle we try half my husband's and half donor sperm.  this way we can try again with husband's but if it doesn't work it will save me time/energy/money and have a backup plan already in the works.  i'm totally okay with it but my husband's pride is wounded.  he agreed it's the best decision but i don't think he's happy.  however since the infertility is on his end, he knew this was an option for down the line... and here we are. 


i knew it wasn't working this time, i think i just didn't want to fully admit it.  my insurance has a lifetime max of $15,000, so considering we had ivf and ICSI and all my meds (with refills), I don't know how much is left over.  I suspect we are pretty close to done.  i'm freaking out just a bit...


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Auraliegh, I don't really remember well your circumstances but we have very severe male factor my first RE said we had less than 10% chance concieving with DH's sperm so after a failed IVF we did a couple of DS IUIs that didn't work, we changed doctors and the new RE said that as long as there are some sperm we could try with DH's sperm. He said that egg quality matters way more than sperm quality, we froze some sperm in advance in case the fresh sample didn't have enough but we never used it, the day of the transfer the embryologist told us how hard it was for them to find usable sperm she said it was one of the worst samples she's ever seen and yet we were successful with my DH's sperm.


Of course everyone's circumstances are different and maybe your doctor has very good reasons for suggesting using half donor sperm but if you are taking that step you could also consider doing a DS IUI way cheaper and "easier".


For now take care many hugs.

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Aura, I'm so sorry aout your BFN and you impending period. redface.gif( hopefully, next time will be your time! I totally get your concern about costs though. My DH and I don't get any coverage for the procedure (we get 80% of the drugs covered) so we elected to join a shared risk program where we pay a bit more but if things don't work out with our first IVF, we don't have to worry about funding for future cycles. But that doesn't help now. I know. I'm so sad for you and DH. And I definitely can see why your DH would feel wounded. redface.gif( but it is definitely for the best.

April, do you have to pay extra for refills? For some reason, we didn't need to pay extra for refills so hopefully, you have that option too!!! Hope your US goes well! Can't wait to hear about all those growing follies.

Laggie, cold.gif haha I'm also always cold!! I had the same experience during the transfer...I had to go into the office for 30 minutes, waiting with my pants off. It is already such an awkward situation and then to be cold as well!! But at least you have some good news and you can start again soon. I hope everything is going well with you and your family too.

I'm on modified bed rest. Haha meaning, I have been relaxing at home. I have been eating pineapple cores and wishing that I had chocolate ice cream. ;o). Anyway, I don't feel any different but it is only 1dpt. 500 days to go (or it feels that way, anyway!)

Big hugs to all!
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Auraleigh - I'm sorry for the BFN. If you did do another cycle, would a TESE be an option? We had to do that for severe MFI.


renavoo - I'm glad your ET went well and that you're able to rest at home in your own bed. That makes such a difference! I hope this is a quick 2ww for you!


Thanks everyone for the congrats and checking on me. I just feel kinda awkward posting here now so I've been stalking to check on everyone. My beta today at 19dpo was 1585. Feeling good, just nauseous 24/7 which is reassuring. My spotting stopped by last Friday, but the cramping has continued. Last night some severe swelling started in my legs and and feet. My RE said it's due to my ovaries still being enlarged and my naturally rising HCG levels causing them to create a fluid imbalance. I'm up 7 pounds from the swelling which is all over my body this point. I feel like a pink shiny lobster. Going to call back tomorrow since it seems to be getting worse.

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Auraleigh~ So sorry about the BFN...hug2.gif


Renavoo~ Hope that you enjoy your modified bed rest...smile.gif! Enjoy your pineapple and chocolate ice cream.


Blue~ How ya doing?


Belly~ How are you? How are the stims going? What day are you on...6?


Laggie~Sorry about the m/c...hug2.gif. I am so hot natured...I love when I go in there and it is nice a chilly, but I haven't had to wait 30 min either. Sorry that you got frozen. I hope that you feel better soon.

I missed LFPalmer, but I guess it wasn't important.


AFM~ I am on stim day 5. My headaches and neck pain are better, but I took two aleve last night. I know that I shouldn't have, but I couldn't even take the pressure of laying my head down on the pillow, let alone sleep. So far today...24 hrs later and two shots later the headache and  neck pain are still staying at bay. I hope I didn't mess anything up by taking the aleve, but I had to do something the pain had been with me for 4 days at that point. So tomorrow I go in for bloodwork and u/s...and I'll find out how many follies they see. I don't feel bloated or any twitching or twinging so I hope that they are growing in there.








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aura - I'm so sorry hug2.gif

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Auraleigh - so sorry about the BFN. I agree though, if you're going to use donor sperm you might not need IVF, IUI is cheap(ish) and easy. The 50/50 thing is confusing to me, I think it would torture me to not really know the child's paternity. It does seem strange though, if your eggs did fertilize and grow, that he thinks different sperm would be better.


DP's sperm is really poor quality but our RE seems to think that once the egg is fertilised with ICSI, the sperm's job is done. He thinks the miscarriage was because of my old eggs irked.gif.


gelly - I was told to stick with Tylenol (acetaminophen) during my IVF. I had a lot of lupron headaches.


I was talking to friend today who told me her Dr. said to wait 3 cycles after a miscarriage because otherwise you're more likely to miscarry again. I'll have to research and see if that's true.


My Dr. today said to just let my uterus take it easy for the next month. I had to ask him what he meant by that? Like get a little lawn chair for it and a margarita? He said just to keep him away from it... no procedures!

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Aura-I am so sorry!! Its never easy getting that news I didnt think I would take it as hard as I did my bfn but I hope you find comfort and a way to find strength to do it again!!

Blue- my fluid level was the same but he said that my level should start to go down this coming week. He uped my fluids to 48oz from 30oz. Which was wonderful because the 30oz of gatorade was torture!!! I have a ultrasound next thursday right before we leave on vacation. He said we should at least see a sac by then or he will be worried. I hope you are doing well and able to keep ur mind off from things!

Laggie- im still so sorry for ur loss but am happy you are going to have another cycle!! I hope the wait doesnt seem like forever!!
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auraleigh  - hug2.gif  I am sorry this was not your cycle and praying for you to find peace with where you are and making such difficult future decisions. I can only imagine that it is a tough decision to go with donor sperm but I think it is great that your hubby will talk about it.  I am not sure mine would entertain even a conversation about donor sperm.  

 renavoo - we do :( but I am not complaining because while the copays are not cheap we are blessed to have some coverage.  Enjoy your modified bed rest!!


bungalowmama  - nauseous is a good thing (even though I am sure it doesn't feel like it) and while I understand that it might feel awkard posting, you are one of us and we are excited for you.  I have come to terms with the fact that this is my path and a baby to anyone (even if they didn't try) is truly amazing and a blessing.  I hope that you have an uneventful pregnancy (but I have a feeling there are more then one in there).


gellybeangrl - we are on the same day - I started my stimms on Sunday.  I have had a headache off and on and thought I had turned the corner until this morning.  I woke up with one and want to do nothing but go back to bed... I have about 10 hours before that can happen!!  When do you have your next b/w u/s?

Laggie - I love the mental picture that came to mind as I am reading " Like get a little lawn chair for it and a margarita? " I hope you are taking care of yourself, I hope the worst is behind you!!


AFM - I had my b/w and u/s this morning.  It was strange because last night while getting ready to go to bed I told my husband that my left side felt more active then my right... and I was correct.  There are only about 5 eggs on my right side and my left has more like 10.  There were only two that were measuring around 14 so they were not seeing the size the want.  I am scheduled to go back on Monday but pending the b/w results they might push that to Tuesday.... which means I will have to order even more meds. My lining was I think 10.5?  Not sure exactly but she said it looked good. I am just ready for this part to be over and have the eggs retrieved (I am sure then I will say I am ready for that to be over too).... I think today I am just feeling the impact of all the hormones they have me on. 

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Laggie and Aura - My RE thinks that our poor fertilization with our last IVF, and my M/C is because of my old eggs too. My RE said that if you have low fertilization, than it is usually a problem with the eggs, not the sperm. We did ICSI to combat the problems with DHs sperm, so apparently my old eggs are the problem, not him. Aura - I am curious why your RE thinks that sperm is the problem? I have always kinda wondered if sperm was partially our fault, even though the RE blames our problems on my eggs (according to her, my eggs are acting older than my age, and I am 37).


Sorry for not too many personals, I am still trying to get to know everybody and what is going on with all of you after my long break.


Keira/AFM - I just had a video conference with the RE on Tuesday, and we agreed that the plan was to do some more medicated IUIs - 3 more, and then do IVF again with my own eggs and DHs sperm, but with a different protocol than last time. I just ordered my meds for my next IUI cycle yesterday. I am still waiting to get AF. After my hyst/lap, I thought that AF would arrive the next day after that, but apparently she removed all of the lining when she removed the polyp, so there was no blood to shed. So I called the nurse a few days after that because I was kinda freaking out that I missed AF, and she told me that the hyst/lap was kinda my AF, and that I should get another one in about am month. I have a few more weeks to go. Actually, I am not tracking my fertility because I have been enjoying my break from worrying about TTC so much, I am not sure when AF will arrive. Anyway, as soon as she does, it is on to my 4th IUI with injectables. I really hope one of these IUIs will work, because I am terrified of "wasting" one of my IVF cycles with my own eggs and having it not work again. I have a limit of 4 for my insurance. If my second one does not work, we will be doing donor eggs.


So, when the pharmacy called to tell me that they were sending my meds, they told me that the RE had only ordered 6 days of follistim, and 4 days of menipur, which is exactly the amount of drugs that I had been using for the last two IUI cycles. I like them to send me more though, because I am medication hoarder ROTFLMAO.gif. So I asked the pharmacy to hold off on sending them until I call the RE and ask for more. She ended up changing my order to 8 days of follistim and a few more days of menipur, plus some extra gannirelix! I only pay a flat co-pay, so it doesn't matter how many meds I get it is the same price, so I am saving them for in case DH looses his job (and our insurance), because his job is so shakey right now we worry that he could loose his job any day. Right now I have four 300 doses of follistim and I am not sure how much of the others. I figure if I don't use it, I can always give it to somebody who doesn't have insurance.


Bungalow - I love visits from graduates. Don't worry about posting here. Heck, I still post here and I am not even doing IVF now.


Blue - how ya doing?


Rena - glad to hear you got to go home. We are 3 hours away from the RE and we always go home. I never even thought much about it. We stay in a hotel the night before we have to do something early there, but always go home afterward.

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laggie - after my m/c, the doc had me have 2 cycles before starting.  It really *felt* more like 1 though, cause when I started bleeding for the second cycle, we started the BCPs and they started monitoring my lining and then we started stims immediately after that.  As far as m/c statistics go, I have no idea.  I just know that I'm 16 weeks and counting with no problems other than my SCH which cleared up by 8 weeks. I hope the time goes quickly for you. The time waiting was torture for me.  I remember just wanting to GET GOING ALREADY! (hugs)

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bungalowmama - I understand your feeling weird.  I do feel weird too giving updates, but there just isnt another thread that I really feel at home in.  I remember when I was going through my cycles, I loved hearing updates from Tear and others cause it gave hope that it would work for me too someday.  I hope everyone else feels the same way and feel our support for them as well.  Plus, the IVF journey doesn't end with a BFP IMO.

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april - I couldn't wait for the retrieval either.  I felt so big and heavy and uncomfortable up until then.  (hugs)

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Aura: I am so sorry about your BFN. I really wish I knew what to say to make you feel better. Over the past few months, when anyone would say something that they thought was comforting, I always became angry or much more depressed. So I will leave it with that.


Blue: Could you let me know the history of this thread? Am I someplace I should not be? Are all welcome here?


AFM: One week from today I will know. Not feeling anything yet. greensad.gif Not too hopeful though as they only transferred to 4 cell embies. Spoke to the embryologist today who said my other two embies would not be candidates for freezing as they did not make it past the 6 cell stage after five days. I feel a little sad about losing them. I know that after this, if I don't get a BFP, I won't be able to try a fresh cycle until next summer. (I'm a school teacher and cannot take that amount of time off). Blah!

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Graf. - of course you are welcome! Sorry I never said it. I was gone for about 6 weeks, and a bunch of new people joined, so I haven't been very active here. Plus, I am not doing ivf right now.
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