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Hi all,


Yesterday I had 3Day ET with 1st grade and 2nd grade embryos.Now I am taking complete bed rest now. But I am get pain right side underneath belly button. Is this common to everyone? or something I am getting ?. It is not too moderate but it is paining me. Please tell me if you know anything.



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Itsme, I had more cramping after my day 3 transfer than my day 5 transfer.  Overall, I think light cramping is pretty normal.


AFM, okay I am now entirely convinced that my nausea is due to the progesterone!  It's worse than the morning sickness I had with DD, so I am not sure how I would handle using it for 11 more weeks!  Ugh.  That's one positive of a fresh cycle is you only need the drugs for a few weeks.  Maybe I'll try to hold of POAS till Monday, I am starting to doubt this cycle nut.gif


Kewpie, I know you did the PIO injections a lot longer with this pregnancy.  Did you have to slowly reduce the amount, or did you just stop one day?



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auraleigh - stay safe!!


BellyBean -Yes he is changing my protocol some this time but I do not know the details.  I am sorry you are not feeling like this is your cycle... I really hope it is!!


ItsMeSri - I never made it that far so I don't know but I hope it is a good thing!!!

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Hello all,

sorry I have not done personals in a bit. Here goes.

April: I am so sorry your embie didn’t make it. You are in my  prayers. Sounds like you have an amazing doctor. If he believes he can do it, put that belief in yourself. Also I hate that you had to hear that from your hubby’s family. My family has been rough on me with questions about why we don’t have a child yet. It is so hard to hear.


Renavoo: Your sense of humor through this is amazing. “I'm getting into the flow (of things...hehe)” You are one strong woman. Bring that FET on. My prayers are with you.


Bellybean: Best wishes for a great beta on Thursday. I poas 9dp3dt and received a positive. I was so scared that I bought four boxes.


 Keria: Congrats on making it to your second trimester!  


Gellybeangrl: The 2ww is painful. You will get through it. Stay busy and it will be over before you know it. (easily said huh)


Aura: I am also in Irene’s path. Stay safe.


Itsmesri: welcome congrats on your retrieval and fertilizations.


Blue, RCR and everyone else: Thinking of you and your journey


AFM: A little scared here. I have had on and off bleeding since Tuesday evening. Nothing substantial enough to fill a pad at this time but enough. I freaked out on Wednesday because I had a small clot. I went into the RE and they said at 5 weeks all they could do was take another beta. My results were great. They went from 108-348 in two days. However, yesterday I had some more blood and decided to go to the ER. They did a sonogram which resulted in seeing a gestational sac only, they said I am too early to really see a fetus, and my beta’s went from 348-1190 in two days. So my numbers look good but I am bleeding. It is almost what the first day of a period looks like. So of course I am freaking out and expecting the worse. What else would I expect after 5 years of TTC. This is my first “real” pregnancy, the chemical never got this far, so I am really concerned. Does anyone have any hope for me. I know that 1/3 of women get spotting in early pregnancy but I just don’t know why besides implantation which obviously would have already happened right? UGH sorry girls.  

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Belly, maybe it's a combination!! Your body is developing progesterone too and you're adding in supplemental progesterone. That could mean that you SHOULD feel more nauseated because of the higher levels of progesterone in your system!! I'm hoping really really hard for you!!!


Itsmesri, cramping after the transfer is normal. I had a little cramping. If it gets worse, call your doctor but otherwise, I hope that you're resting and preparing for your little embie to implant!!


Graf, I hear that bleeding is normal too! There are probably a myriad of reasons that it would happen...don't worry! Things will be fine. It sounds like the hcg numbers are doing what they need to do. Try not to stress (yeah, easier said than done). i hear you should be looking for severe cramping and if you don't feel that, all is good. Big hugs though!! I know it's stressful...first to get pregnant and then worrying about reaching all the milestones through the pregnancy. But you will get there!


Aura, stay safe!!! It's starting to look a little ominous with the rain but still looking ok. the worst of the storm is supposed to get here in the evening probably during the time we're going to sleep and into the next morning.


AFM, a little concerned because AF is a little light (Argh, is nothing easy!?) with a lining of 11.9 prior to trigger, I expected a heavy flow but I pretty much had some clots, a day of moderate bleeding and now, light bleeding. I hope all is ok because I'm supposed to start the birth control pills tomorrow...hmmm I think that MD is also having issues with Irene but I may just try to call to see if they have a nurse on call tomorrow too. Just to be sure. Maybe I can get an US just to make sure that it's ok! How were your periods after an IVF? Aura, I know you said that you had a weird one...what did you mean?


Hugs everyone!! Stay safe!


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april, WOW! What a kind dr. you have!  That tells me that he's in it for the right reasons!  You will be in my thoughts as you prepare for next cycle!

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We’ve been without power most of the day, so this will be quick before it goes out again.


itsmesri - I had cramping after both transfers.  Totally normal!  Some spotting is normal too, so don't worry if you see that.


belly - When we got to 11 weeks, we started gradually reducing the amount of progesterone so that we'd be at almost none by the time we hit 12 weeks. I think at full dose, I was at 1.5 ml and the last dose was something like .25 or something at almost zero.  


graf - at 5 weeks, you should only see a sac, so what they told you was absolutely right.  My u/s was at 5w5d and we only saw sacs. My first cycle, I bled off and on until around 7 weeks and then it tapered off until we had the m/c at 11 weeks (the first bleed was unrelated to the m/c and the bleeding with the m/c had a lot of hard cramping along with it).  This cycle, I had a gush of blood at 5.5 weeks and then I bled like a light period for 2 weeks, but it hasn't come back and the babies are fine.  Did they check you for SCH?? Is the blood red or brown?  Is it streaking through mucus or is it only blood?  Are you passing clots as well?  If you have no cramping and no passing clots, I wouldn't worry. Bleeding can be totally normal!  Drink lots of water and rest as much as you can.  This may sound odd, but did you sniff the blood? If it smells like regular blood (metallic) and not like menstrual blood, it's probably your blood, meaning the baby opened a blood vessel while implanting.  When I had my gush of blood, the RE asked me what it smelled like.  When I said, regular blood, he said he would bet it was SCH which is what it turned out to be when they checked me the next day.  The baby opened a blood vessel while implanting and sometimes it comes down as bleeding and sometimes it pools first and then the clot releases and it comes down in a gush like mine did.  If it smells like menstrual blood, I wouldn't worry too much either.  Some women bleed around the time when they would have gotten their periods. Your betas look REALLY good, so I would bet the baby is fine and it will taper off soon.


AFM: Not too much to report.  We're riding out Irene here in NC.  

 Here in NC so far, inland rain totals 15 inches, coastal storm surge 8.5 feet, 20 foot waves, 115 MPH winds, 5 fatalities. Irene is slow moving and isn’t expected to leave NC till tonight. Thankfully for those northward, it’s supposed to weaken from it’s current cat 1 to tropical storm.


I checked the babies on doppler this morning and their HBs are getting REALLY strong.  DH heard them and he said, "Is that the babies?  holy moly!"  They're so active and are starting to wake me up during the night. 4 more days till our anatomy scan.



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hi ladies!  since i have a week to go before i start stims i'm enjoying a rum and coke and laying in pjs on the couch, watching the rain get heavier and heavier...


renavoo-  my AF after the bfn was similar.  very.. for lack of a better word, chunky?  there seemed to be tissue, but not a ton of blood.  i thought it was going to be some epic flow where i'd have to change pads every hour, but it really wasn't like a usual AF at all.  i kept waiting for it to really start and before i knew it, it was over.  so i am thinking you're probably fine, but always good to ask.


belly- i read somewhere that the reason you get nauseated is because the progesterone slows down your digestion, so food leaves your stomach slower.  maybe you can play with the timing of when you eat and when you take the shots?  (or suppositories, or however you take it?)


itsme- i also had cramping from when i first started the stims all the way through until i stopped taking all the hormones.  totally normal.  after the retrieval because they take out so much fluid, your ovaries swell up to compensate so you may be feeling some stretching. 


keria-  you used donor sperm? i'd love to talk to you more about.  like how you chose your donor, was it your only option or did you go 50/50, did you have success straight away from it?  i thought i was the only one here and am so curious!  ps, congrats that it worked!


kewpie- stay dry! we're already flooding in the yard so i have my husband on frequent basement patrols to check the sump pump.  the worst of it here will be from midnight to 8am so i am assuming we will sleep through it. 



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Aura my second IVF  (the one that  worked) was with DH's sperm, my first one was with back up donor sperm and that was a BFN. Then I did a couple of donor sperm IUIs. Picking a donor was a pain in the butt. Mainly because DH is canadian and we live in Venezuela finding someone that looked like him was not easy, we ended up using a bank that imported their samples from California Cryobank, Which ended up being super expensive the cost of four IUIs was the same as 1 IVF, after the 2 failed IUIs we wanted to move on to IVF my RE at the moment refused and wanted to keep doing IUIs. We changed RE's and this new guy was very determined to use DH's sperm he said that sperm quality was not that important. We froze some sperm in advance and gave a fresh sample that day. With our first RE she gave us less than 10% chance of pregnancy with DH sperm. On my first IVF we had picked a donor and we told them to fertilize all with DH's  or all with the donor if DH's sample was not good. We didn't want to risk the chance of getting one kid of each.


Graf crosing my finger that everything is fine. Kewpie's story is very reassuring.


Belly Can't wait for your BFP tomorrow. Yes we have a doppler I can find both babies very easily now and it's amazing.


Kewpie can't wait to hear about your scan. I'm thinking one of each for you.

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Aura, thank you so much! You made me feel better about it. I'm still going to call them tomorrow but I think that since they are in Maryland, they probably will not be open tomorrow. But i'm going to check anyway. I think, just in case, I'm going to take my BCPs tomorrow night to give me a chance to bleed some more (usually, I take my BCPs in the morning). Did you have a pre BCP ultrasound? If so, was your lining thin again? I'm asking if they want me to maybe get another US sooner than after 2 weeks of my taking BCPs!! Also, I told my nurse that i didn't start my day 1 until Friday but considering how light my AF is, I wonder if I should have told her that I started earlier. It really did seem just like spotting though, with clumps; now i have flow but it's just very light. It actually feels like it has stopped but I still have some cramping. sigh. SO. MUCH. STRESS!!!!


Kewpie, I hope all is well!!! I hope that your power is restored permanently, soon.



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Well, 5dp5dt was a BFN this morning.  I am still holding out a little hope since it was really only 4.5dp5dt since my transfer was at 4pm on Tuesday and I have heard that frosties are a little lower on hcg levels.  But it was definitely snow white, even my sleepy, got out a bed an hour early eyes didn't see a second line :)  I'll probably try again tomorrow, which means I need to run to the dollar store today...


I am starting to wonder what I'll do if it's negative.  I know even "perfect" cycles don't work, but the last 6 months of FET's has been exhausting, and I would have to wait for October for another.  It's not so much another 2 month wait, it's more the old "doing something over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of INSANE!".  I think I would definitely talk to my RE about changing my protocol somehow, maybe stimming a little like Blue.  I don't think he'll go for it, because his clinic is only available the 2 weeks every other month.  But maybe if I assumed the risk of a cancelled cycle due to timing he would let me.  It would be A LOT more expensive cause of the drugs and additionl monitoring, but I think it is something me and DH should talk about.


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renavoo- i was totally the same way!  i had actully started to get it on saturday, but it was so light that i figured sunday would be my day 1, but sunday was also so light... my RE has me come in for a day 3 bw and us because i was jumping right into a new cycle.  i wound up going in on wednesday because i had no idea what the right day was! i think it may have been day 4, but they said it was fine.  i assume my us was totally normal because they didn't even comment on it.  and normally i ask 100 questions but they didn't even mention my lining being something other than what it was supposed to be, so i think it was exactly as it should have been.


keria-  we had to use ICSI with my DH's sperm, and while we had 15 eggs fertilize (out of 19), 12 arrested by day 2 and the other 3 stopped growing inside me.  The drs think it was 100% a sperm issue, probably chromosomal, and two different REs at this practice told us to do 50/50.  we will fertilize them in separate dishes and see which ones grow the best.  DH is holding out that his will work and we can freeze the others for a backup, but my gut says we will put in two donor sperm embryos.

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Belly, it's still early, what test did you use on 10 dpo I got 2 BFPs and 2 BFN on not so sensitive tests.


Aura  did your Dh had a karyotype done?, we did that and microdeletions of the Y chromosome, since both came back normal we felt ok proceeding with Dh's sperm.  Dh's sperm is really bad quality, the embryologist told us it was one of the worst sample she has seen. Honestly I was sure it wasn't going to work.  Anyways I read everywhere that when you hold that sweet little baby you forget  that you used a donor at the end it will be yours and your DH's child.

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Keria: thanks for the reassurance


Renavoo: I appreciate your words.


Kewpie: I will def. question my RE on SCH. I haven't had any blood today but yesterday it was red and enough to fill a piece of toilet paper. There have been very small clots but mostly it has been through the mucus. It is funny you spoke about the smell. It was def. metalic smelling as I remember saying that to myself before I wiped. I have not had any cramps but I guess I haven't really had many syptoms yet either except for bloating and weird aversion to chocolate and fried foods of all things. Sorry for the TMI ladies. I am trying to stay stress free and trying to give it up to God. Tomorrow I have another beta. Hopefully all is well. Thanks so much for the comforting words ladies. I swear I don't know how I went through the last 5 years without this.

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keria- we didn't.  they didn't suggest it.  but dh has type 1 diabetes and retrograde ejaculation so from the start they warned us that we may want to use donor sperm so as not to pass down anything.  other than not having an exact physical resemblance, i'm okay with our child not having those genes.  type 1 diabetes runs rampant in his side of the family.  it just seems to me that if 15 eggs fertilized and then died off so quickly, something is seriously wrong. 

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I am beginning my IVF journey. I will be on DHEA for two months to increase my chances and also to buy time for getting my thyroid regulated. Our current plan is to have egg retrieval in late October/Early November. Reasons for IVF: Endometriosis; Diminished Ovarian Reserve; Hashimoto's

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graf214 - praying that it is normal and everythig is fine with the baby!  I am glad it sounds like it is slowing/stopping 


deborahbgkelly -Welcome.gif  while I wish you didn't have to go down this path, congrats on taking the steps!! I hope you only need one cycle!!


AFM - I got my period today - and I can't remember the last time I was kind of happy for that!!  So, I guess we start back on our BCP's on Tuesday.  


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Belly, it's so early yet! I don't think that you should put any credence in the test. Give it a couple of more days. I know that these last few days are the worst though. haha It's like losing those last five pounds...Fingers crossed for the BFP!!!


Graf, let us know how it goes. i have a feeling that it's just normal early pregnancy bleeding...at least I'm hoping that is it with all my heart!! I hope that your conversation with the doctor helps you feel at ease too!


Aura, i think you and your DH are amazing. You guys have your priorities so straight. I would be the same way...if it ever came down to needing a donor egg, I'd do it in a second (well, after we get past the cost, that is!) because it's not the DNA that matters!


Deborah, welcome to this forum!! I know you'll find the women here amazing. I'm happy to see you on here!


AFM, ugh, nausea on bcps. just started today. I called the nurse today to get insights on the lack of bleeding (my period has already stopped for the most part!) and she said that the hormones have probably just wreaked havoc but i don't think she sounds sure. i also have an email out to my actual nurse so let's see what she says. Aura, you have given me hope though so I feel much better. I can't believe I have nausea though...I was on BCPs for  7 freaking years!! and now, because i've been off for 2 years, all the symptoms start all over again. oh well, pepto bismol is now my best friend again.


I'm excited that I have an appointment with a gyn on Friday (weird, I know). I had to find a new one because my 1st RE was my gyn and I didn't want to go to her anymore because i didn't trust what she was doing with my fertility treatment. I just started calling around again because I wanted to be sure everything was on the up and up for my FET- I have HPV and needed a LEEP. Because of that, i am high risk and therefore need to get a PAP every 6 months. It has actually been a year so I'm sadly, really excited to get this and hopefully, everything will go well. I'll be devastated if something comes back badly!! I guess maybe i can wait but I don't want to take the risk of progression- happily, my last PAP post LEEP surgery came back normal so my fingers are crossed that it does again. And, it's odd that i'm happy, I know...but every gyn I called had a waiting list and they weren't available for months!! This gyn wasn't available until the end of Sept but that would have been impossible because i would need to be on estrace and they don't recommend having anything inserted before the PAP. so now, my timing is perfect. Sorry, this was a little off topic!


Manhattan escaped most damage from Hurricane Irene but I know that other parts of NY and the East Coast really sustained damage. My thoughts are with anyone that is still recovering (and your family members too!) I hope everyone is doing well!






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belly, it's SO early.  Test again in a few days.

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Kewpie - Love the new profile pic!! Too cute!!!


Renavoo - Hope your pap goes smooth!!  Glad you survived the storm and didn't have too much trouble.


Deborah - Welcome!! Sorry we are meeting here, but I hope that you find our group to be a great group of ladies who have each others backs and totally understand IVF and what we all are going through.  Would you like me to add you to the first page list?  I am also taking DHEA but the over the counter kind.  Is that what yours is?  Are you also on Thyroid meds or no?


Graf - thinking of you and hoping all is okay!  Glad to hear the bleeding is getting better.  Keep us posted!!


Belly - keep your head up, it's still pretty early!!!!  Sending lots of sticky vibes...goodvibes.gif


ItsMe - how are you feeling today?  I hope better. I know after my ET I felt like crap, but it got better as the days went on.


rcr - how are you doing???  Are you still on a break or when does the next IUI start?



AFM - Am I the only one that wonders if taking all of these meds will throw us into early menopause or affect us badly down the road?????  Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but it makes you wonder.  Sorry, I don't mean to be the "Debbie Downer" just asking.

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