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rcr - nope, i didn't have any levels checked he just said to take 50mg and i'm taking 25mg on the days i remember.  That might be throwing my system off though (see below).  Yay for AF!!!!


renavoo - I hear you about the job stress.  My DH is probably getting a new job too so i'm hoping our IF stuff will be covered even if it was just the meds... that would help a ton.  Hope it works out for the best for both of us.  Fingers crossed.


aura - i would have paid the $35 too.  That seems like nothing compared to everything else.


belly - beta coming soon.  I'm still holding out hope for you even with the BFN hpt's.hug2.gif


april - I wasn't sure b/c DEA is suppose to be good too.  My RE wanted me to take 1200mg of fish oil but i have done that for probably 5 yrs so that isn't new.


AFM - Not sure what is going on, but I've been spotting and AF isn't due until next Thurs the 8th.  Maybe I'm all out of wack from the last IVF cycle b/c that cycle went longer than normal probably b/c of the progesterone, so technically AF would be due this Friday if she would have showed up on time last month.  Who knows or these new supplements are throwing me off.



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It is AF! Yippee!


Belly - my heart is breaking for you. I hope so much that these BFNs are wrong. hug2.gif


I called to RE to report CD1 and asked if I could take DHEA. Waiting for a call back from the nurse, she usually calls after 2:00 pm. I have my drugs waiting at home and I am feeling less ttc-obsessed than I was when we last tried in May.


Blue - hope the DHEA is not messing with your cycle. Do you really think that we are screwing our bodies with all these drugs? I am not one to take a lot of meds - I usually don't even take antibiotics or allergy pills. The fact that these were hormones though is somewhat comforting, I don't know why. Oh, and I take fish oil too, but it is because my mom has Alzheimer's and I am totally paranoid of getting it. Good for the brain.

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Oh, and I have a kinda funny story. I am a professor, and there is a national listserv for all the professors and phd students in my field. A few days ago an old guy who posts a bunch of weird "advice for new faculty" kind of stuff that is usually totally outdated posted a list that included "don't have a child before you get tenure," which set off a firestorm of emails from other people (mostly women). I wanted to reply... yea... ever try doing IVF? Not fun... stuff like that. I wonder if I wouldn't have waited if I would be in this situation (I am 37). One of the most ellequant emails was from a woman who said something about how she hopes professors don't follow that opinion because she would like people teaching our kids to have some kind of basis in reality - normal families - not workaholics who do nothing but publish.

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rcr - what the heck!!!! Why is a man telling the women when to get pregnant or not get pregnant in the first place!!!  Wonder if he has any children to begin with?  The thing about the DHEA that scares me is that the bottle says "do not take if you are pregnant, nursing or are a woman of child bearing age" , so i don't get why a Dr would say to take it, but i have heard that it does help improve egg quality so I'll trust him.  Now you see the reason why I am taking the lower of the 2 doses.  I totally feel that all of these hormones are not good for our bodies, but as you can see I'm still doing it to hopefully get a bundle of joy one day.  I just googled it and supposedly it is a myth that it will cause early menopause, but the cancer risk down the road kinda scares me w/ all of those added hormones.  Who knows what is true and what isn't now a days. If you ask an RE I'm sure they will say it is fine b/c it is their business.  The things we have to do to get that baby!!!

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Blue, my biggest fear is the cancer risk...I mean, seriously, we know that estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer. With each of our cycles, we raise our estrogen levels far beyond what it really should ever be.. Thus, I'm worried. I read the same stuff about menopause too- I think the general argument they make about why it's a myth makes sense so I'm not as worried about early menopause. But really, the cancer risk wigs me out.


RCR, Yah to AF!! And BOO to that stupid guy who told women not to have a child before tenure. what a sexist ass. I work in an industry where having children is also more frowned upon for women because it is thought to limit your ability to work 24/7. (I'm in advertising). However, these days, I see more and more men drawing that line too- one of my male coworkers is literally out the door by 5 almost every day because he wants to go home to his baby. And really, who can blame him?


However, I also have female coworkers who have 2 or 3 children who work all hours of the day. Personally, i don't think having a child will change the way I perform at work. Honestly, I don't care about climbing the corporate ladder; I'm already a mid level executive and well known to be a hard worker and a great team member. I'm perfectly happy where I am and although there are days that I have to work late and travel, I know that, generally, I'll be able to go home at a decent time and spend my time with my DH. That's what I care about. When a child comes, i don't expect that to change. And I speak to the women who have multiple children and work around the clock- for them, their careers are a priority, which is fine for them. People should accept that others have different paths and needs in life. And to write an advice column spewing his garbage? Argh!!!

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Ugh, cancer. Something new to worry about. I honestly had not even thought of that kind of risk. Is it well documented? I don't even want to begin to google it.

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renavoo- i actually was wrong. i assumed 21 eggs last cycle meant 21 periods i wouldn't be having later... but after research i suppose that's faulty and incorrect.  nevermind! good to know, it's something that had stressed me out.  not the first time i've jumped to conclusions in this process!


belly- just wait for the beta.  hpts are not always correct if the beta numbers are low.  i'm mad i poas every day for a week and gave myself such heartbreak.  mine wound up being a bfn but i wish i could have had those hopeful days back.  this next go around i may  try not to poas.  we will see how strong i am.  it's so hard not to!


rcr- congrats on af!  it's one time you actually DO want it to come. 


afm, our office has no power (still) and had flooded, but they are paranoid that our accounts will go elsewhere if we are MIA, so my coworkers and I sat in a dark, damp office and made calls powered by a very noisy generator.  i was so tense and had such a headache by the end of the day, most likely due to the mold spores in the air.  they can't replace the carpeting until the insurance inspectors come around, so i am scared it will be a while.  in any case, i called my acupuncturist and asked if she could take me today instead of later in the week.  it was glorious! she dry needled my traps to release all the knots there, and then i had the best session.  she even put a "seed" (sticker with a hard bump on it, no idea what it is) behind my left ear because i told her i was having too many vivid dreams from the bcp.  she said all i need to do is massage the bump into my ear before bed and it should allow me to have a good night's sleep.  i'll believe in almost anything at this point, i hope tonight is dream free.

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Rcr, I think the jury is out about the cancer. On the plus side, I know that with estrogen supplementation, the risk for cancer significantly decreases once you've been off the treatment for a while. I think that this is what will happen with us too. other studies have shown no increased risk of cancer with infertility treatments. Honestly, I'm just a hypochondriac...I'm sure everything will be ok.


Aura, I'm happy you had a great session!! I need to go see my acupuncturist and maybe she can do something about my nausea. It's really unbearable sometimes!! And I'm still exhausted. What the heck is going on with my body?! I think it's my body trying to readjust to the lower hormone levels. sigh.



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Just out of curiosity, anyone here doing IVF in MA?

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auraleigh - I hope you have a good nights rest and don't have the vivid dreams.  I can't believe they made you work in those conditions...I would think that would break some OSHA laws?  I hope you don't have to do that too much longer!!


renavoo - yeah you know my view is that people should not feel comfortable commenting on my family size - it is no ones business but mine and my husbands!! (and of course those that are supportive of what ever direction we head) 


blue - your puppy is getting so big!! I can't believe how fast they grow!  Yeah the DHEA is to help with my egg quality, since he is paying for this cycle, I trust what he is asking me to do... 

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Aura - I can't believe you have to work in those conditions, and that they can't even replace the carpet until the insurance people come. You would think that they could just replace it and save some of the old carpet. Sorry, it sounds like a bad situation. My mom had mold in her house - nothing to ignore. She has Alzheimer's now, and my aunt found an article that actually linked mold to Alzheimer's, but she had mold problems in her house for like a decade and didn't take care of it.


So, I got a call back from the nurse about DHEA (she spoke with the doc). They ordered a prescription of it for me. They ordered it from some place in Colorado that is supposed to call today (of course I have class all day so I will probably miss their call). Anyway, I told her that I bought some at the drugstore, and she told me not to take it because it is different. I thought of some of you (blue, you are taking it OTC, right?). She used a word that I never heard before, and I was driving so I couldn't write it down, and now I forget. duh. It started with a C and meant that they have to make the drug when you order it, and it is not just sitting around waiting for people to buy it. Something about stability I think she said. Anyway, I am excited to take it. Hope it isn't too expensive, and that insurance covers it.


Saphrons - I am not anywhere near MA, but I think that MBA (I think her real MDC name is mirriam_bat_aviriam, or something like that), who got preggo with IVF twins a few months ago is from MA. Could be wrong though. You could check old threads.

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Aura, I hope you got a better nights sleep.  I also can't believe they have you working in those conditions!!!!  That can't be legal.


Hi to everyone else!


AFM, I feel so defeated.  I have spent the last 36 hours crying and of course that hasn't changed anything.  HPTs are still a BFN and I am not sure where I will go from here.  I am researching different clinics in our area (even though we still have frosties left), different protocols, ect, but honestly I just feel lost.  Yesterday, one of my coworkers announced his wife is expecting (their DD turns 1 next week).  I had to fight my way to the ladies room before crying in front of everyone.  I am happy for him, but my dreams of our family are falling apart, and it was just too much to take.  I called my RE to see if I could come in today for a beta instead of tomorrow, I had a playdate scheduled Thurs. but didn't want to get the bad news in front of everyone and would want to ask some follow up questions that require privacy (no one knows about our journey).  They said Thursday was the absolute soonest I could come in, so I cancelled my playdate.  I wish I had my DH's outlook, he's like "we'll just try again in October"...of course he isn't taking all the drugs, going to the appointments, or anything.  I am sorry for my long pitty party, I'm not in the best place right now.


I hope our board gets some BFPs soon, I need to be reminded that it does work!


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belly - I am SO sorry.  I am hoping so hard for a positive beta for you tomorrow.  Didn't blue take a HPT the day before her beta one time and got a negative but then a positive beta the next day?  I'm hoping that happens for you too!  If it doesn't, we're all here for you. hug2.gif

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Belly - hug2.gif  I'm so sorry my friend.  My heart breaks for you and I totally understand the heartache that comes along with the BFN and feeling like you are at the end of your rope.  You were having such distinct symptoms there for awhile... are they gone now or still around??  Anyways, know that we are all thinking of you and here w/ a listening eye!!!  How many frosties do you still have let?  I forget how many you had to begin w/.  I wonder if doing a fresh cycle would be better for you and since you have so many still frozen they could put you on a lower dose and just try for a few really good eggs... you got your DD with a fresh cycle didn't you?  Just a thought... and i don't think another opinion would be a bad thing if this is the only dr you have seen.


Aura - I hope things are better for you today!! I also can't believe they would make you work in that.  There should be some way to re-rout phone calls to a different place or a temporary cell phone and let you work out of your house or somewhere else.  That is crazy and not good for your health either.


rcr - interesting about the DHEA.  Who knows.  If you remember the word let us know.  I do the same thing.. if i don't write things down then i'll forget.


April - I know she is growing like a weed.  Pretty soon we will have troubles picking her up.  She is 28 lbs now.


Saphrons - I also don't live in MA, but at times wish I did b/c doesn't your state have mandated Infertility coverage????  I saw your post on the other thread about ICSI. We did our last two fresh IVF's w/ ICSI just b/c DH's numbers were kinda on the lower side.  It seems pretty common and i know that if you are over a certain age a lot of RE's will do it no matter what.  I don't know if you have any specific questions, but if so throw them our way.  We would be glad to help. 


renavoo - how are you doing???


I think we need a graduate check in to send some positive vibes our way and to let us know how you all are doing and where you are at in you IVF pregnancy!!!


Also... Tomorrow is Sept 1st, so I think we should start a Fall thread.  Any one out there interested in taking it over???  I'd be glad to help you out if you have any questions.  Let me know.

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Hi everyone,


Belly, I'm so sorry. :o( I'm just so devastated for you. The way I think about it, there is still some hope but I know how I felt with the BFN the last cycle and I think it's good for you to just assume the worst. I know it's difficult to look forward but you will recover and then you'll be raring to go again. I agree with Blue though...maybe it's time to consider a fresh cycle, if the beta is also negative? It may be that the freezing negatively affected your embies and a fresh cycle will give you the best chance for success. Whatever you decide though, we're here for you! Definitely vent to us. As for the play date, I think it's a good idea to cancel. My FIL always says that life is too short to do something you don't want to do. It's time you took care of yourself. I know our DHs are our rocks and really help us through the difficult times but yes, I'm with you...they just can't comprehend how difficult this is for our bodies. I'm constantly concerned about something- are the drugs going to negatively affect us, gaining weight because of the drugs, side effects because of the drugs, and then the sadness that comes from us being unable to have a baby when it seems so easy for other people. But it WILL happen. I just wish I was there to give you a big hug.


Aura, how is the office space!? I hope that they have it fixed up a little. Can't you telecommute? i definitely agree with the girls here...that seems like unfit work conditions and therefore, they could possibly be sued if you get sick!!! And it's just an awful time for you to have to worry about that since you're going to be starting stims soon! Did you end up getting a good night's sleep?


AFM, Sooooo bored. just on BCPs for another 2.5 weeks so nothing is happening. I'm trying to just throw myself in work and other things. I am also hoarding meds...haha with DH's insurance, I can get free refills on my drugs so I decided that since DH is interviewing for another job and that may mean a change in insurance, I'm going to get as much of the drugs as I can, in case I need to do another fresh cycle. On Friday, I will be having menopur, gonal F and ganirelix delivered to my apt. A part of me feels guilty about it but if we need it, it may mean a savings of thousands of dollars. And if we don't need it, then hopefully, someone on this site will need the drugs!




RCR, it sounds like they are giving you compounded DHEA? If I have to do another fresh cycle, I may ask them about compounded DHEA too, since it seems like many REs believe in it. I wouldn't be worried about taking it...don't they have the same warnings about using progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy too? And we all have to use it for most of the first trimester when we get pregnant.




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By the way, Blue, I'd be happy to set up the thread. I've never done it before so I don't know how to do it but I assume it's just start the new thread and transfer the information from the front over? And update as needed?



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Renavoo- Yep, you got it!!!  That is all it is!  Just yell if you have any questions.  You can just copy the Summer first page, paste and then edit it.  If it doesn't work, let me know.  Thanks so much.  I think I've done the last two threads, so I'd like to share the fun with someone else!!!  winky.gif

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I'm so sorry Belly, my heart is breaking for you, I was so hoping this was your month. How many embies do you have left?


I''m sending you all tons of positive thoughts.

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Originally Posted by blueyezz4 View Post

I think we need a graduate check in to send some positive vibes our way and to let us know how you all are doing and where you are at in you IVF pregnancy!!!

wave.gifblowkiss.gif Hi you guys! I check on you pretty much daily, and I am rooting for all of you so hard! Belly, I want to chime in and say I'm really sorry about all the BFN. I'm not giving up hope yet for the blood test, but I know how terrible those early BFNs are. hug.gif

Anika is almost 7 weeks old. She's starting to get more alert and to interact more, which is so cute. Her reflux is a little better, though I feel like her medication might be giving her diarrhea. She's started to smile at us which is amazing. I was watching Tangled at 3am the other night and started bawling when she gets reunited with her parents: I know how lucky we are. I so hope that you all get your BFP soon, because nobody has more love for their future babies than you ladies do. I think of you TONS (even you guys who don't know me...I hope that's not weird). goodvibes.gif and love.gif
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Oh Belly - I am so sorry. I understand the pain of a BFN, and with such a perfect cycle. We are all here for you. After my last big defeat (BFNs after IVF and three medicated IUIs), taking a break for a while has helped so much. Maybe just take a step back for a little while. IF stuff is so draining on the body and emotionally. I am so sorry. I wish I were near you to bring over a bottle of nice wine and cry with you over all of this.


Renavoo/Blue - yea, compounded DHEA. That is the C word that I forgot. The pharmacy just called and it is on its way today. She explained that it is different because it is made fresh, with no preservatives or additives or time for it to go bad. It was $30 for a bottle of 30 days worth, which is about the same price as what I bought in the store (anybody want that, btw? - I would be happy to send it in the mail if you can use it - it is unopened) . Anyway, I am excited to try it. Something new always gets me hopeful. It is 75 mg in one pill, but she said to cut them in half and take on half in the morning and one half in the evening. I am supposed to stop when I take the HGC injection because of the risk to a potential baby.


Rena - thanks for doing the new thread. I didn't volunteer because, well, I am not doing IVF, just sticking around because I can't drag myself away from you all :) If these two last IUIs don't work I will volunteer for the winter thread, because we will be back to IVF then.


AFM - My appointment is tomorrow. Yippee. Crossing my fingers for low FSH.


Tear - hi! wow, 7 weeks! Thanks for checking in. Why is she on medication? How is breastfeeding, are you a pro yet?



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