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To be fair, I'm a L&D nurse. So there's my bias.


I think my favorite thing about my three hospital births was the unlimited hot water.  I spent HOURS in the shower with each of my births. HOURS. My hot water at home lasts about 30 minutes and then I'm out of luck until it fills back up, so having unlimited hot water was wonderful for getting through labor. I also like not having to clean up or cook or worry about birth noises.  I actually really liked the day in the hospital after my last was born. My dh went home to the two older kids and brought them to visit, but then left again for a while and I had four or five hours of the baby all to myself. No sharing, nobody but us. It was wonderful and I'm looking forward to that time with this one already - just me and my new baby.


I also really like that should I need it there's an OR and anesthesiologist down the hall and a NICU next door. Most of the time those are completely unneeded and arguably overused, but I appreciate the security of having them available. I seriously considered a homebirth last time and interviewed one of my favorite local midwives this time, but in the end I am having another natural hospital birth and I feel really good and positive about it.

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I had a great natural hospital birth experience last time and am looking forward to it again soon.  I appreciated the kind nurses and frequent kudos and supportive statements.  After the birth I loved the chimes that they played throughout the hospital when we moved to PP, very emotional moment for us.  As others said the food, cleaning up (more than just the initial blood, I was bleeding for a couple days) and lots of ice packs were great too.  


In our case we had to stay an entire week as our daughter was admitted to Pediatrics for severe jaundice.  Already being at the hospital (and them letting us room in with her as a result) was a great positive.  Although I hope that this baby doesn't have jaundice, at least we'll be prepared.


Oh, and one funny one was our DD did one of those across the room explosive poops (10 feet IIRC), that happen only 1-2x when they are tiny tiny.  I was glad that I didn't have to clean that up! ;)

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Originally Posted by Alenushka View Post

1. Unlimited hot water

2. Not having to clean up anything

3. Warm blankets from the blanket warmer

4. Unlimited gowns , so I felt clean at all times

5. Nurse helping me with shower.

6. My very nice LC

7. Non judgmental attitude about pain control.

8. Cold compresses for my forehead. As  many as I needed

9. Bag with self care supplies.

10. My room was pretty and quieter than my home.

The warm blankets were my favorite thing about my hospital birth!  We had a home birth with my second and I had dryer heated blankets, but it wasn't the same. 

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