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dental routine

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If your babe has teeth, what are you doing to care for them?  I was just browsing the toddler forum (I like to prepare myself lol) and came across a thread about tooth decay in a 15 month old!  And from the replies it doesn't seem THAT uncommon.  I'm thinking I should start paying more attention.  I also saw my new dentist yesterday for a problem I'm having and in conversation he mentioned that the water here (I just moved) doesn't have floride in it and I should get drops to put in his bottles.  Does anyone do that?  I feel like the fact that I happened across that thread on the day after I'd spoken with the dentist about DS and had recently become aware of how badly I'm not taking my vitamins (calcium) ... well, let's just say I believe in signs and I'll be taking care of his teeth going forward (and my vitamins). 

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Just adding that as I read through the dental thread (and the 4# pages linked in there) and about Nourishing Traditions I see I'm in over my head as far as "quick research".  There's nothing quick about this one.  BUT apparently fluoride is not so good.  So that's one question answered!

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I have bad Russian teeth so I was always agrressive about my kids teeth. An ounce of prevention save a pound of treatment. If  a little cavity can be fixed by a good dentist in under 15 mins under lauthing gas.....5 large once will requires crowns under general in the hospitla.  It is important to shave baby teeth stay put for proper spacing and reduction in ortho treament later.  Gum health is very important for overall health.


We start seeing a dentist in my family at 12 months with regular teeth cleaning every 6 months. Soda and juice are evil. We did not allow kids to fall asleep with sippy cup or a bottle. Commerically made juice have ton of sugar in them. We all use electric toothburshes. My kids pick their own toothpaste because that promote cooperation if the like the taste.


My older son broke 2 baby teeth in an accident and had narrow jaw. So, while he had few cavities we had to have orthodontic treatment.  My younger son had one crown. He sadly has my teeth enamel wise but on the other side...one crown by age 11 is a lot less dental work than I had by his age.

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Yeah, we've had the flouride debate here a few months ago. Consensus: don't do it!!!


I don;t know, I'm curious too when most people bring their kid to the dentist first time. I certainly wouldn't now, at 12 months. He would NEVER sit still and let someone poke around in his mouth, and the last thing I want is some traumatic experience of holding him down while he screams.


I guess maybe aftter 2 years old, when they can talk more and understand more about what is going on. I would also find a children's dentist who is good with kids.


For now (DS is 12 months and has nine teeth) I brush his teeth every night before bed. I probably should in the morning too but up til now he doesn't get any morning breath yet so I figure he's okay. But after breakfast would probably be a wise time to brush.....


Also, DH's dentist told him that the way little kids get cavity-causing bacteria is from the parents' mouth bacteria, so you shouldn't share spoons, cups, or kiss on the mouth, etc. I think it's impossible to avoid everything like that all the time and they will get those germs sooner or later, so we are careful but not too overly cautious. I also do not give him sugar or anything sweet other than fruit.

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Thanks for the replies! I actually put this in life with a babe because I wanted to see what mommas with kids DSs age were doing. Also, I don't think I've ever seen the topic of teeth come up over there, though I'm not on all the time & could have missed it. My point being if I hadn't seen that topic in toddlers I wouldn't have had any concerns & maybe my son would have bad teeth because I didn't know better. If kids are having significant decay between 1 & 2 years maybe we should discuss more often in ' life with a babe'. Now I'm going to read more from that 40 page thread!

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We try to brush every night after dinner with a baby toothbrush and a xylitol gel (Spry).  DS doesn't let us be thorough about it, although once in a while he will try to do the brushing himself, so cute.  He is not doing many solids but I figure when that picks up we'll try to brush more often.

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Not all dentist are evil restraining jerks. You need to look for a pediatric dentist. Mine has video games, movies and a therapeutic dog. My kids loved going to the dentist from 12 months on.


Also, even if the kid really hates the dentist. "trauma" of being pocked around for 10 min far outweighs the risks of general if the child need 4-5 crown by age 2, or worse, has severe gum disease and need pocket cleaning surgery.


A dentist can actually tell you if something is just starting to go wrong and is not a full cavity yet. There a lot of measures one can take at this point  .

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I start my kids going to the dentist at age 4. I'd take them earlier if there were problems but no one's ever had any issues. I have two teens and an 8 year old, no cavities. One has orthodontia, though. They have never been to a pediatric dentist, they go to the dentist I was already going to. Each child LOVED going for years, until it got old and sucky lol Even now my 8 year old gets totally excited when her reminder comes in the mail. I have horrible teeth, a combination of genetics, poverty when I aged off my dad's insurance, and acquired a fear of dental work, so I have been really, really hard on the kids about keeping their teeth clean. Not in a mean way, but to the point where everyone brushes after each meal, the kid with braces is really good about keeping her clean, and it's worked. At age 4, their first trip to the dentist, none of them had cavities, and none of them have since, and none of them have a fear of the dentist.


Once we were in the waiting room, and this lady was making her kid cry and forcing him to go back by himself and he was screaming and clinging to her. It was his first dentist appointment. I shouldn't have spoken up, I know it, but my heart was breaking bc I'd been there as a child, horrible dental experiences, and so I told her it wouldn't hurt for her to go back with him, it'd teach him it was safe, and she snapped at me that she knew what she was doing after have 2 kids and she's been through it before. I kept thinking, with all 3 of my kids, none of them EVER cried, and the third one wouldn't even let me go back with her. I had to insist on going with her the very first time and she let me bc I promised I wouldn't anymore after that(and I haven't, she doesn't want me to lol). And that lady knew what she was doing?

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