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Naming a photography business

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DH and I have been raking our brains with no luck at all! I need other opinions at this point.

We do photography together and its starting to take off more and we want to take it more seriously. The problem is I had originally set up a site for just him and everything is set up with a name that fits him. Nate Paul Images. (his first and middle name) Now that we're doing it together it just doesn't fit, it doesn't represent both of us. Our last name doesn't really flow well at all for a business name. Anyone have ideas to throw out there? We are a married couple doing photography together. Have 3 kids, live in Northern MN. When I take portraits I prefer life photography vs studio... don't know what else might help. Any creative minds what to help?
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Capturing Life Images

Life Photography

Northern Lights Photography

Your Nicknames; __________&___________ Images or Photography

About You Photography

Life Images

Jos And Mac Photography (or some other form of your kids name)


That is all I can think of off the top of my head.


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Thankyou! I really like Life Images Photography but its already taken. Darn!
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Hubby and I have been pro photographers for over 10 years now.  Please do make sure the name is easy to spell, makes sense and has an easy to remember web addy.  First time around no one could spell ours.  Changed the name, now everyone forgets the hyphen in the web addy.  Sigh.  I too feel the same, funny thing is that people are always drawn to studio stuff.  Ho-hum.  We do both, but I find there is more life to natural light.  So here goes:


Shades of Light Photography

Natural Images  Photography

Pure Image Photography

Essence Photography

Reflections Photography

Natural Reflections Photography

Life in the Shadows Photography

Shadows of Life Photography

Life & Light Photography

Lights of Life Photography

In the Shadows Photography


I suppose to give a more accurate name for you, I would need to know WHAT it is about photography that inspires you.  What it is that makes you special.


Hope that helps.  Oh, btw, you have to use Photography too, or you get calls thinking you are a photo lab.   Ours is Beyond Images Photography.

Good luck!!  Take your time and find a good one.



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Lastname+tography? It works with last names ending in t... I used my whole name and Imaging for my photography and imaging business. It was very very hard to be creative! my last name is scott and wanted to use Scottography but it had already been taken :(( Good luck!

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