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HOW do people afford preschool??

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I am wondering how people afford preschool. What I mean be preschool is from 3-5 or so (IOW maybe including K)


Here is an example a recommended program for 18-36 is $1, 175 a month, going down to $970 for 3-5. 


I am going to have home school just because of money!



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Preschool for my dd this year was $190/month for 3 mornings a week which is the same price it was the year before. Mine's in a local church, as are many of the preschools in the area, and most cost about the same.  Price does go up if you're doing Montessori or something along those lines.

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Our area has Universal PreK ( free for 4 yr olds).


For threes we did two mornings a week church based preschool for 90$ a month.


Your prices seem high, but I imagine everything in HI is pricey! That is a lot-- but it is all day everyday? That makes a difference too.


Here if you want all day every day it is more childcare. Most preschools are either am/pm or 2 or three mornings  a week-- so between 4-20 hours a week.

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That sounds like prices here in the DC area. We did a co-op, that's the only way we were able to do preschool!

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I'm sure it's partially regional. In our area, there certainly are programs that expensive but there are other options too. My eldest only did one year of preschool and only 2 mornings a week. It was through the rec center. They had nothing fancy but I tell you, they had a really great teacher and aide who were so positive and enthusiastic. DD loved it and it only cost us about 600 dollars the schole school year. We moved to a different part of the county and DS went to a private preschool that was housed inside the local community center. He went 2 years (2 days first year and 3 days next year.) We paid more for that one, about 300 a month.


Check community centers and city rec programs. School districts can sometimes have inexpensive preschool options with the added bonus of being in the district early. Co-ops and programs through community colleges and universities can be less expensive. Also consider an adult center. Ours doesn't have preschool but they have tons of preschool aged classes and groups you can take with your child to give them the experience without the high cost.


If you choose not to do preschool, you don't have to homeschool. Preschool is just play and little friends. If you want your kids to experience a little structure before kindergarten, join a couple classes like gym or music.

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Is that for full-time?


I paid about $600/month for 3 day a week, full day (open 6:30am-6pm) preschool for my son.  It was definitely a lot, but at the time it was a better option for us than a cheaper church preschool.


Around here, church preschools are about $200/month, and are about 9 hours a week.  Private preschools are much more expensive, but typically have longer hours.  There is a preschool program through our public school district and is $180-480/month depending on number of hours (6 or 9 week) and parental participation or not.


It's rotten that it's so expensive.

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Preschool and daycare are not the same things, though daycares will often be called preschool. If you want daycare, then yes, it's EXPENSIVE for the 2 and under, and not so cheap for those less than 5. The price you quoted sounds to me like it would be full time care for a child, 5 days a week.


If you want a preschool, very often those are part time, 2-3 days a week. Those run $150-$300 a month where we live. Still not cheap, but affordable. Co-op preschools tend to be on the lower end.


If what you quoted was actual preschool (3 hours a day, 2-3 hours a week), then all I can say is that you live in an insanely expensive part of the country!

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Originally Posted by savannah smiles View Post

Preschool for my dd this year was $190/month for 3 mornings a week which is the same price it was the year before. Mine's in a local church, as are many of the preschools in the area, and most cost about the same.  Price does go up if you're doing Montessori or something along those lines.

That's pretty much what it is here for a private preschool. And the Montessori is more but I think that is 5 days a week. There is a preschool that is run by the school district and I think that is only $90 a month though. And I believe it is income based so some children go for less than that.


The school district is going to start charging for full day kindergarten next year and that will be $190 a month.


I can't imagine paying over $900 a month for preschool! The private elementary schools (Montessori or Catholic) here seem to charge around $500 a month for a full day of school (like 9:00 am to 3:30 pm).


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Uh, I'm not sure that's typical at all. I'm in NYC and ours is about 400/month. It is a co op, but there were a few others not so much more, and one cheaper (YMCA).

We kinda have tiers,it seems. There is a sane parent, creative professionals, good income but very middle class tier that our preschool falls in. Theres also the "we place children in haute couture schools and cater to wall street families blah blah blah" schools. They have a whole insane application process and corresponding cost. They also have staff to schmooze w the haute schools, surreptitiously coach kids for private school tests, and other things I wouldn't want personally. The cost you're quoting is prob either an uber rich family school, or it's s full time daycare w
preschool activities.
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5k a year for 3 days of preschool here. It is a traditional preschool so summers and all school breaks off. 

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3 day a week preschool through the schools is $90 a semester here. They call it learning readiness. Daycare preschool is totally different.
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The awesome coop not too far away costs about $4000/yr here, 3 partial days per week, 10 months. Yay san Diego cost of living! We are probably hsing.
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The costs here vary widely. My kids attended Pre-K (3 and 4) at the same school they attended through 7th grade. The cost was about $300 a month, 5 days a week from 8-3. I am a teacher, so this worked out perfectly for me. Having all three of my kids at the same school for about 5 years was also wonderful!

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I have no clue on just preschool, but the preschool my kids went to was offered through their daycare.  So we paid our normal rate, plus $135 for the year.  I know it's more for just preschool, but I don't know how much.

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Currently my 3 year old is in full time Montessori school from 8:30 - 3:30, 5 days a week and it costs me about $700 a month + materials fee at the beginning of the school year.  I am in the North Texas. Some of the other Daycare that I had looked at were more than that for longer hours and no education at all, just day care. I thought I was doing pretty well! I was home the first 15 months and then went back to work full time and my husband works full time. That is the only way we can afford it!

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I think you have to make it a priority if it is within your financial reach.  For some, it's not a possibility at all, so the option doesn't even exist and is not considered at all.  For others, it's not a financial stretch and tuition is just another way to spend money that is there to be spent.  Most are in the middle and have to decide if it's worth it for their financial situation.

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I second the suggestion for coop preschool.  You could even start your own coop, which would be a rewarding experience. 

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We do it the old fashioned way; grandparents pay for it.


And no, I am not joking it. It is very very common for grandparents to pay for expensive half day preschools. ($1200/month) We wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. At our preschool, even though most of the parents probably could afford it, many still have grandparents who pay.

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We pay $12,000 per year for private preschool.  The school goes to 5th grade.  Before this, DD went to a daycare that was about $400/month for three full days.  This is why I'm only having one kid!

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Hi Bokonon,


I'm in San Diego and have been looking into preschool for my 4 year old twins. My husband has been laid off for about 8 months now. We have been turned away from the preschool programs based on our income. According to them we make too much to qualify for any program. With my income alone we are barely are able to cover our monthly bills let alone pay for preschool. Do you fall under the the SDUSD? Could you give me more information on the preschool program through the district you came across? I just want to make sure I explore every option possible. My kids won't be able to start K until Sep 2012 and I just think that is way too long for them to not be learning everything they should. We have bought some learning materials at home and work with them on the material, but my husband and I feel they are capable of learning at a faster pace and more effiecient way in a preschool setting. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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