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TB skin testing

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Just a word to the wise....I've been wresting with this whole skin test for tb they told me was mandatory this last year.  After doing considerable research, I wanted to let everyone know who thinks there is a certain sanctity about your body and who thinks that it's wrong for the government to forcibly inject anything into your body, that the law--the statute which requires all children entering school for the first time, and seventh graders to have the tb skin test (that the school district is always quoting), doesn't exist!  The law was repealed I believe in 2004.  If you look under the state statute webpage (not the www.touchngo.com one), but the actual updated http://www.legis.state.ak.us/basis/folio.asp that you can look up under the court system, you will not find anything about a required tb test.  You will find plenty on vaccinations and what's required if you don't vaccinate, but not one word on tb testing.  The administrative code is still in effect, but unless there's a statute (the actual law) to back the code (how they enforce the law) they can't legally make you do it for your child to attend school.  We are being fed a line!  Don't buy it.  Some company is making a ton of money off the manufacturing of the protein tests and another company is making even more money for producing the six month round of antibiotics they force you to take when your test results are "positive".  It's amazing how many people are allergic to the protein (surprise, surprise) but since they can't tell the difference between an allergic reaction and an actual positive result, your kid gets the "benefit" of the doubt!  Make everyone aware!  There is no law!  Even OSHA requires that an exemption be provided for tb testing and the hep b vaccine if people don't want to take either.  They will tell you all day long its the law, you don't need to cite them any webpages or give them any information, just tell them to provide you the statute that says it's mandatory.  They have the burden of proof.


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I didn't even know schools were doing tb testing routinely (we are HSers)

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At my work they switched to blood test.  I am pro-TB test in public school and work . TB sucks and is not easy to treat. It kills. The blood test is very easy.

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And I am against conspiracy-theories.


Many kids do not like blood test. It is possible that skin test is cheaper than blood test and this is why school districts do it this way.


If you think TB test is bad, think how bad it is to take pretty serious pills, plus B vitamins for 9 months if kids in your school  were exposed to active TB.  Those pillls can have pretty bad side effects.


So, yeh, I am pro testing and prevention. If you do not like a skin test, you can always ask your doctor for a blood test.

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Originally Posted by miriam View Post

I have asked nurses about the Mantoux skin test and I have never met one who knew enough about the test to tell me anything about it. 




So why is it the mommy/housewife person knows more than the professional in the white robe?

hmmmm...as an RN it's not my scope to know all the ins and outs of the medications I'm administering.  If you would like better information on the TB test, instead of criticizing nurses, ask for a pharmacist.  That's within their scope.  I think you're being unfair and hard on nurses.  As for TB testing, everyone where I work is tested annually, including myself.  It's actually a pretty benign test and I know of no one who has had a negative reaction.


As for this conspiracy theory that drug companies are raking it in because of the six months of treatment.  TB is serious.  It's a disease that was supposed to be eradicated by now but has resurged.  It can kill you, and the treatment is long and brutal.  If you get a + PPD you don't get treated for TB automatically - you will be tested, forced to cough up some sputum, and that will be grown out to see if there is any mycobacterium in it.  You will get an x-ray.  I have worked with people who have ended up with a diagnosis of active TB so it's out there in the community.  


To each their own.  I do agree with prevention and being educated about one's risk factors.  If your school has an immigrant population, a homeless kid population, anyone whose parent has been in jail, families living in crowded conditions, those are all risk factors.  

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