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Help re kefir

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A friend introduced about a year ago and I found it in the fridge the other day.  It has been sitting in cows milk for about 5 months and I want to get into kefir making again.  Deciding to do something I did this:


Firstly I rinsed it with water and put milk in I suspect too much as it was sour not like kefir.  I threw it out.  I tired again and left it on the bench for about 5 days.   Is there hope for my kefir?


What should I be doing I cant remember.

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Well, you might try reviving it, but I suspect after 5 months sitting in the same milk, its probably not going to work. If it were me, I'd give it 5 days or so and then toss it. I would put it in about a cup of milk in the morning, and let it sit for 24 hours, strain it and put another cup of milk in with the grains, and then let that sit for 24 hours, repeating this for the week. If it worked, AWESOME. If not, I'd find some new grains! Good luck!

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I would recommend exactly what forestrymom recommends. You may be able to revive it but I wouldn't waste too much milk on it.



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Rinsing them with water is not the best hting, as you end up introducing foreign stuff and upsetting the good beasties.
Try feeding them every 12-24 hours for a week or so as recommended above. No need to use too much milk at first.
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OK trying this...guess no harm.  I was quite stipid to leave them so long I just had a busy time


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OK day 3 and the milk appears slighty thicker.  (Not curdled) they look ok as far as I can see, they have pustules of slimey stuff.  Thanks for your help.



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