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Possible gum abscess... what to do?

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So I noticed a sore spot on my gum and upon inspection I found a small, round, white, fluid filled protrusion- like a pimple.  I think it's an abscess, but after looking them up on the internet it seems that they occur when there is infection in the tooth/root.  I've been to the dentist in the last 9 months and everything was great.  I had another appointment planned last week that I had to cancel b/c of morning sickness- someone poking around in my mouth wasn't going to work out so well.   Now I'm kicking myself b/c I don't  know what's going  on with my gums.


Any ideas what it could be if it's not from an infected tooth?  One site did mention minor oral trauma as a cause and I do recall accidentally jamming my gum near that area with my toothbrush a couple weeks ago.  But that seems too long ago to be related.  Any suggestions on how to treat it?  It seems like gum abscess usually rupture or need to be drained to clear up, but there are all these dire warnings that the infection is caused by a much more severe problem that needs immediate attention, which includes getting an X-ray.... not really doable right now!


Help!  Thanks!

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I had an abcess on my gum last year. It had nothing to do with infected teeth; it was caused by food getting stuck between the gum and tooth, as I have gum partially covering a wisdom tooth. That's liable to be the cause of yours if it is an abcess.


You'll know it's an abcess by the pain. It gets painful pretty quickly. As it's an infection you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. But in the meantime rinse it with hot, salty water. So don't worry about it being tooth related, as the chances are it's not.

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Thanks Nettlesoup!  The abscess is located well below my teeth- probably half way between where the tooth emerges and the base of my gums- beneath an incisor.  It doesn't seem like caught food could be the cause there as food cannot get caught there.  But perhaps the infection pools from another area?  ugh.  I guess I'll call the dentist on Monday and rinse with mouthwash in the meantime.

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Ah I see, maybe it could be the tooth. Is it painful?

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Irritating more than painful.  I only feel it when I brush it with food or the inside of my lips like when I'm chewing.  I dunno what it is...  I guess I'll have to wait and see when I can get in  with the dentist.

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To be honest, it doesn't sound like an abcess. It's most likely just an ulcer, but don't take my word for it. Abcesses become really painful pretty quickly; I never use painkillers, but had to when I had one!


Hopefully it's just an ulcer; I wouldn't wish an abcess on anyone!

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Hmmm.... what's an gum ulcer?  I'll have to look that up.  I noticed a lot of pain killer references when I was researching abscesses and I was like, huh, this isn't really painful unless I poke at it.  I hope you're right!!!

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I usually get ulcers on the inside of my lips or tongue, so I don't know for sure if you can get them on your gum. But it's most likely something like that. If salt hurts it, it's probably an ulcer.

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Okay, Nettle, I think you're totally right that it's an ulcer.  I just looked it up on Wikipedia and the picture they have is exactly what mine looks like.  Also, it mentions right in the causes, accidental trauma with a toothbrush.  It says they heal at a moderate speed and shouldn't last more than 3 weeks.  So I think I can avoid going to the dentist now!  Thanks again!!!

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That's really good to hear! Glad I could be of help :)

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Sounds like an ulcer or canker sore. I have one on the inside of my bottom lip right now. Ouch! Go to a Walgreens or similar store and buy their "Toothcare first aid" kit. I think DH paid $5 or so for it. They include a bottle of clove oil. Works wonders to numb and heal the area. Just tastes funny until you get used to it. But it helps with the pain more than anything else I've ever tried.

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Thanks Dennie!  I saw that as a suggestion online and wondered if it was worth buying.  But it's really not painful so I'll probably just wait it out and hope that it goes away soon.

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It's fading already!  Yay!  Thanks again for cluing me in so I could avoid the dentist!

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